Album review invade, vol. 2 by third culture worship


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Album review invade, vol. 2 by third culture worship

  1. 1. The Underground Your Alternative Christian Voice Album review: 'Invade, Vol. 2' by Third Culture Worship The thing I don't like about most albums is that they are usually a mixed bag. You get the songs that are obviously hit material and you get the not-so hits. It's actually rare to find an album that is void of weak moments. Well, as a late Christmas, early new year present, I present to you "Invade Vol. 2" by Third Culture Worship. This independently released worship project defies everything negative you've heard about independent artists or Christian music. The album is filled with gems, nice production, brilliant song-writing, and supernal 1 / 4
  2. 2. The Underground Your Alternative Christian Voice arrangements. 2 / 4
  3. 3. The Underground Your Alternative Christian Voice The diversity of the band is evident in its music. Founded by Vaughn Thompson, Jr and Irene Marin Thompson of San Jose, Calif., Third Culture Worship is a worship band comprised of musicians from various ethnic backgrounds. They are united around the aim of blending their traditions to create a unique musical experience. Third Culture Worship introduces the worship project with "You Deserve," a lively track featuring 80's superstar, Sheila E. Since Sheila E is known for playing percussion, one might assume that the instrumentation on the song would overshadow the vocals, but they don't. It was refreshing to hear the vocals while appreciating the instrumentation in this number. William McDowell assists Vaughn Thompson on "You Are Exhaulted / Son Of God/ I Surrender All" on this utterly mind-blowing powerful worship medley. The atmospheric presence of the Holy Spirit is prevalent and a lot of eyes will find it difficult to stay dry. Both worship crooners, Vaughn and William soar vocally from the beginning to the end. Irene Thompson sings with so much vocal tenderness on the album title track, "Invade." It lives up to the expectation placed on title tracks. Thompson's vocals are reminiscent of Hillsong-era Darlene Zschech. The lyrical content of the song matches the theme of the album; it's an invitation for God to come and fill hearts and churches. The overflow of "Invade" is felt in the during its reprise--with a series of repetitive worship lines they carried the audience along into an atmosphere attractive enough for the presence of God to invade. "We wait for you we wait for you Our God we wait for you" they sing and clap. With clapping, trumpets and drums, Third Culture Worship acknowledges that God is "Better Than Life." The Israel Houghton song was executed in a an excellent manner. Steve Crawford steps in on the second verse to join in this groovy, choir-spiced tune. Afterwards, they sing a "Throwback Medley" -- some older tunes that are hard-wired into the system of many Christians and Church goers -- "This Is The Day" and "There is power." When Irene performs "You Love Me Still" her voice melds with the profound lyrics to create absolute serenity and sincerity. The piano, cello and guitar-laced ballad is everything beautiful about soulful worship music. There goes the chance of listening to the album and walking away with a dry eye. 3 / 4
  4. 4. The Underground Your Alternative Christian Voice Though Third Culture Worship admit the difficulties and problems, doubts, and tears we face on "Emmanuel," the band also reminds us that God is with us and will always be with us. The song ends in a spontaneous cover of "I Need Thee." "How Great Is Love" attempts to shed some light on of the greatness of God's love, while "Faithfulness" is a beautiful rendition of "Great Is Thy faithfulness." "Send Us Forth" seals the album with a pop/rock vibe that is affirmative. This album is amazing. I was blown away listening to "Invade, Vol. 2." On most live records, the instrumentation drowns out the vocals and the vocalists struggle to match the instrumentation. This is not so on "Invade." The record almost doesn't sound live because it features near- perfect vocals, tempo, breath control and synchronization of instrumentation. If you are looking for some good live worship music featuring to start off your new year the right way, I highly recommend this album. Powered by TCPDF ( 4 / 4