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  • 1. Social media has become anintegral part of modern societyImage by: dhester
  • 2. In 2008 Facebookbecame the mostpopular socialnetworking site,surpassing MySpace,and continues to grow
  • 3. Within 24 hours, 1,200Harvard studentshad signed upImage by: University of St. Thomas
  • 4. Facebook has 18 millionCanadian monthly users,12 million go on everydayImage by: Tomms
  • 5. The social network isnow at 1.06 billionmonthly active users.Image by: Kanuck3
  • 6. People who spend a lot of time scrollingon Facebook are more socially isolatedand more frequently depressed thanthose who do not.Image by: Jimmy McIntrye
  • 7. I’ve been surprised atwhat a real impactFacebook has onromantic relationships
  • 8. Those that displayed theirsignificant other in theirprofile picture and werelisted as “in a relationship”were more likely to staytogetherImage by: Irelandprincess
  • 9. People feel more pressure from friendsand family to stay together when theyhave their partner in profile pictureImage by: Kenny Teo
  • 10. Envy can proliferateon social networks andbecome even moreintense in the case ofpassive users.Image by: Asian Killinger
  • 11. The "looking-glass self" is apsychological concept thatsuggests we develop oursense of self based on theperceptions of those weinteract withImage by: Jamie.184
  • 12. Selfies are aboutseeing reassuranceand making astatement aboutyour selfImage by: Christopher J.Morley
  • 13. Loneliness anddesperation for attentionare crucial ingredientsImage by: Arafinwe
  • 14. Comments on yourpicture stronglyimpact yourperceived physical,social, andprofessionalattractivenessImage by: Ambrosiana Pictures
  • 15. 380 million photosare uploaded toFacbeook everydayImage by: Jeff Palacios
  • 16. Facebook has become asocial network thatsoften too complicated,too riskyImage by: Nvansprotsen
  • 17. Mark Zuckerberg boughtthe photo-sharing appInstagram for $1 billiondollarsImage by: Richard Carter
  • 18. Image by: ThenbmanFor tweens and teens,Instagram is the opposite ofFacebook:Simple, seeminglysecret, and fun.
  • 19. 100 million activeusersImage by: Rogers
  • 20. 93% of people stillshare pictures onFacbeookImage by: Deafburglar
  • 21. People still like the privacysettings on Facbeook betterthan instagramImage by: Jazzbreeholmes
  • 22. Facebook stilloutperformed itscompetitionImage by: Javan123
  • 23. CreditsAll images are licensed under the CreativeCommons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0agreement and sourced from flickr
  • 24. Work CitedSources• http://www. Mark Zuckerberg buy the photo-sharing app Instagram-•••••••••••
  • 25. By: Alexandria Joknic