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Volleyball App

  1. 1. By Alexis Zajac
  2. 2.     This volleyball App will provide information to volleyball players, coaches, and parents about various aspects of volleyball It is an App with information about volleyball It allows you to learn about the sport, positions, volleyball terms, club teams, and more You can find this App on the App store for Android or Apple
  3. 3.   This App focuses on learning about volleyball It provides information about the sport, positions, terms, joining a club team, camps, clinics, and feeder programs
  4. 4.  This App will help people who want to play volleyball, current volleyball players, coaches, parents, and other people interested in learning about volleyball
  5. 5.    Many people want to play volleyball but there are not a lot of feeder programs for it Since there are not as many feeder programs as other sports freshman trying out for the team often have never played volleyball before If people knew about possible camps, clinics, programs, and teams they could attend before tryouts they would be more likely to make a team
  6. 6.   I started playing volleyball as a sophomore after quitting cheerleading and had a difficult time with finding camps and clinics then making a team I eventually found really effective camps but I did not find them until I was a junior which significantly affected me
  7. 7.   The ultimate goal of this App is to help future and current volleyball players learn the best ways to improve It will help them learn what camps and clinics to go to, where they can play, and club teams they could join
  8. 8.      Glossary of Volleyball terms Volleyball Positions Club Teams in your area Camps and Clinics in your area Ways to improve at volleyball!
  9. 9.   Fonts: Kozuka Gothic Pro H (headings and title), Arial (body) Colors: Light Blue, Navy Blue, and White
  10. 10.  People playing Volleyball in the Olympics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64p1SRb UbFY
  11. 11.    http://iml.jou.ufl.edu/projects/Fall08/Devine /positions.html http://volleyball.about.com/od/volleyball101 /p/PositionHub.htm Video about volleyball positions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3znU7su Cx0
  12. 12.    http://volleyball.epicsports.com/volleyballglossary.html http://volleyball.about.com/od/glossary/ http://volleyball.isport.com/volleyballguides/volleyball-glossary
  13. 13.    http://www.vbclinics.com/ http://www.infosports.com/camp/vc_in.htm http://camplocator.us/
  14. 14.   http://volleyball.isport.com/volleyballguides/how-to-choose-a-volleyball-club http://www.volleyballengland.org/club_finder
  15. 15.  This App is very simple to use you just click on the tab you want information about and read the information provided or go to the links
  16. 16.  The tasks involved in this App are clicking on the links and reading or watching videos about volleyball
  17. 17.  I will propose this App to people who want to play volleyball, current volleyball players, volleyball coaches, and volleyball parents
  18. 18.   This App pertains to any countries that volleyball in a gym is played in Anyone interested in playing volleyball could use this App but information about club teams, camps, and clinics only pertains to people living in the United States
  19. 19.           http://volleyball.isport.com/volleyball-guides/how-to-choosea-volleyball-club http://www.volleyballengland.org/club_finder http://www.vbclinics.com/ http://www.infosports.com/camp/vc_in.htm http://camplocator.us/ http://volleyball.epicsports.com/volleyball-glossary.html http://volleyball.about.com/od/glossary/ http://volleyball.isport.com/volleyball-guides/volleyballglossary http://iml.jou.ufl.edu/projects/Fall08/Devine/positions.html http://volleyball.about.com/od/volleyball101/p/PositionHub.ht m Video about volleyball positions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3znU7suCx0