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Successful businesses outsource their social media management to

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  1. 1. PO Box 3402 | Fredericksburg, VA 22402 | Office 877-710-6016 | Fax 240-965-3034 | Email: Fast Tweets™ Smart Business Owners Outsource their Social Media Management to Pricing begins at only $21.99/mo 4 Social Network Special: $79.99/mo (Standard Plan) Twitter has become an important platform for online communication and conversation. Considered microblogging, users post messages, called tweets, of no more than 140 characters. People post messages about what they are feeling and doing, and other people follow their every word. Businesses need to make sure that they are visible on Twitter. Companies that do not respond quickly to comments on their business or brand could find there are negative ramifications. From a customer’s standpoint, if you do not respond to a customer’s tweet, it is looked upon as is if you do not care about your customers. You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising, but if you don’t respond to your customer’s comments or problems on Twitter, it will be as if you spent nothing on advertising. Sears is one of the most successful companies on Twitter. Their Twitter name is @SearsDeals. They respond to every comment made on their company and customers appreciate their great customer service. Remember, when a person posts a tweet about a company, ALL of their followers can see that tweet. So, it’s important to respond promptly. But how can a business find the time to manage their Twitter account? Most businesses do not have the time, nor do they want to hire a new employee to handle this task.
  2. 2. Businesses hire our company because we specialize in business Twitter and Facebook account management and Social Media marketing. SECTION A – Fast Tweets™ Program - Twitter Management • Twitter Account Management – will maintain your Twitter account which includes: o Securing and seeking followers for your account o Posting updates (tweets) to your account. Updates are explained in more detail in Section B of this document. o Responding quickly to any Twitter user who has sent you a Direct Message or mentioned you in their tweets o Providing you with our “Fast Tweets Marketing Tips” so you will understand how we will assist you in marketing your business on Twitter. These tips can be applied to other social networking programs that you use. Please see Section C for this information. o Receiving weekly reports of the activity on your account. This will include the amount of new followers and the history of direct messages and mentions that you have received. • Twitter Definitions Followers – These are the Twitter accounts that are following your updates (tweets). We will send each of your new followers a welcome message from you the day they become your new follower. Following – These are the Twitter accounts you are following. Updates (also called Tweets) – These are the messages that we will post for all of your followers to see. Section II of this report will explain the format of the tweets we will post for you. We want you to email us the tweets you would like us to post for you weekly and you can send these tweets to . Direct Messages – These are the tweets that someone has sent to you. Many times these are “thank you for following me” tweets from other Twitter users. Other times, these are tweets sent to you for more information about your product or services. We will scan over these messages daily and respond to them. Mentions - These are the messages from others who have listed your Twitter user name in their tweet. If the tweet begins with @YourTwitterUserName, then the message is directed to you. If your Twitter user name is in the middle of their tweet, then that Twitter user is mentioning you, not directing the tweet at you. Either way, both of these tweets will appear in the section of your Twitter account called @YourTwitterUserName. (It is very good to have someone send you a direct message or mention you in your tweet. All of their followers will be able to click on your Twitter user name and follow you as well this way. As you review your updates you will see that we have done this for your followers.)
  3. 3. SECTION B – Updates and New Followers • Updates – Updates are the messages or tweets that we will post to your account. These will be seen by all of your followers and will appear in the Twitter timeline on your Twitter account home page. These will also be seen by followers of your followers. o Updates should be posted daily, but no less than 3 each week. o Updates can be no longer than 140 characters and can include a link to an article or website to show the information that you want to share. o The updates should be interesting, fresh and exciting, so that your followers will continue to read your updates daily. o Please email a list of updates you would like us to run that week for you to this email address: . We can run up to 10 tweets a day for you. You may send us the list of updates in a regular email, or as an attachment as long as it is in one of these formats: doc, csv, xls, or pdf. • New Followers – Every new follower of yours will receive a greeting tweet the same day they begin following you. This is important Twitter etiquette and it must be done in the proper way without seeming overbearing. We don’t promote your services in this greeting tweet. One example will be: “I am happy to have met you. Have a great day!” If you would like to change this please email the new greeting tweet to . SECTION C – Testimonials I really love the fan page and twitter postings. The focus on job fairs (especially in this economy!), volunteering, supporting the troops, going green, local activities and just a have a great weekend note from the staff is EXACTLY the type of information I was hoping for. You are doing an AWESOME job...thank you!!! @LakesideVA on Twitter C.Trust You may view some of our current Fast Tweets™ Twitter clients at:
  4. 4. SECTION D – Fast Tweets™ Payment Options You may make your monthly payments by either recurring credit card or electronic check. We will email you the form to use to sign up for the service. Please fax it back to 240-965-3034. • Recurring Credit Card – You may pay for your Fast Tweets or Facebook Account Management Solution by using VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. • Electronic check – Fees can be deducted monthly through your checking account. SECTION E – Cancellation Policy You may cancel at anytime by calling 877-710-6016. All artwork that we provide remains solely owned by our company.
  5. 5. PO Box 3402 | Fredericksburg, VA 22402 | Office 877-710-6016 | Fax 240-965-3034 | Email: Facebook and Other Social Media Account Management Solutions for Business Owners Congratulations! We are very pleased that you are interested in enrolling in our Facebook or Other Social Media Account Management Solutions for Business Owners. We want to provide you with some detailed information about the Facebook program. SECTION A – Fast Tweets ™ Facebook Program Introduction • Facebook Account Management – will maintain your Facebook, MySpace, TripAdvisor or other social media website similar to the Twitter account. This includes: o Securing and seeking friends for your account. o We will begin a group for your business on Facebook as this is the key to the future success of your account. In the future the word of mouth advertising of Facebook social media or even My Space, will be the key to provide the up-to-date local community information, something a search engine cannot do. So, a Facebook community group is necessary and we will set you up with this if you do not have one yet. o We will post fresh messages to your social media website daily. These are the same types of messages that we will post on Twitter. o We will respond quickly to any Twitter user who has sent you a Direct Message or mentioned you in their tweets You may view some of our current Fast Tweets™ Twitter clients at:
  6. 6. FAST TWEETS™ SOCIAL MEDIA CREDIT CARD or eCHECK AUTHORIZATION FORM (Please fill out and fax to 240-965-3034. You may also email to Charge will show on credit card bill or bank statement as from Alexis Mya Publishing.) I want you to manage: __ Single Standard Network - $21.99/mo | __ 4 Standard Network - $79.99/mo | __ Single Premier Network - $99.99/mo | __ 4 Premier Network - $299.99/mo Accounts: Choose all applicable: __ Twitter __ Facebook | __ You Tube | __ Blog | __ Trip Advisor | __ Linked In | __ FourSquare | __ Other:________________________ CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION: Card Type (circle one) : M/C VISA DISCOVER AMEX Card Number: _________________________________________ Expiration Date: _______/_______/________ Code on back of card __ __ __ Card Holders Name: ___________________________________________ (exactly as it appears on the credit card) Billing Address: _________________________________________________ City__________________________________________ State _________ ZiP ________________ Card Holder Phone Number:( )________-______________ Months authorized to run credit card payment: From ______/_________/_______ To cancellation notification Card Holder Signature: _______________________________ Card Holder Name (PRINT): _______________________________ Date Of Signature: _______/__________/_____________ ELECTRONIC CHECK AUTHORIZATION: I authorize Alexis Mya Publishing to initiate electronic debit entries to my: ____ checking account (or) ____ savings account for payment to manage my social media accounts. I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. This authority will remain in effect until I have cancelled it in writing. Date __________ FINANCIAL INSTITUTION NAME (PLEASE PRINT) ____________________________ ACCOUNT NUMBER AT FINANCIAL INSTITUTION _____________________________________ FINANCIAL INSTITUTION ROUTING NUMBER ________________________________________ FINANCIAL INSTITUTION CITY AND STATE __________________________________________ SIGNATURE ____________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. Username and Password info is needed to manage any current accounts. Please fill out and fax this info to 240-965-3034 or email to Twitter User Name: ________________________________ Twitter Password; __________________________________ Facebook User Name: _______________________________ Facebook Password: _________________________________ My Space User Name: _________________________________ My Space Password: ___________________________________ You Tube User Name: __________________________________ You Tube Password: ____________________________________ LinkedIn User Name: _____________________________________ LinkedIn Password _______________________________________ Trip Advisor User Name ____________________________________ Trip Advisor Password ______________________________________ Other Social Media Account _______________________________________________________ User Name______________________________ Password: ________________________ Other Social Media Account _______________________________________________________ User Name______________________________ Password: ________________________ For questions please contact us at or 877-710-6016