Webinar: Grow an Engaged Email List (Alexis Grant)

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Want me to talk you through the slides? Best watch the webinar then: http://alexisgrant.com/webinar-email-list/

Want me to talk you through the slides? Best watch the webinar then: http://alexisgrant.com/webinar-email-list/

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  • 1. alexisgrant.comGrow anEngagedEmail Listby Alexis Grant
  • 2. Connect with participants#alexiswebin
  • 3. alexisgrant.comGrow anEngagedEmail List
  • 4. BESTGrowingan email list is oneof thethings you can dofor your brand#alexiswebin
  • 5. Quick Look at My List36% open rate2,600+ subscribersSell ebooks and coursesDrive traffic to websiteFloat ideas and get feedbackFill webinarsCreate an engaged audience* Make a living online *Benefits
  • 6. Go whereyour readersrather than waitingfor them to come toyouhang out#alexiswebin
  • 7. Content StrategiesContent you’ve alreadycreatedNew content#alexiswebinvs.
  • 8. #alexiswebinTeaser…
  • 9. Content StrategiesContent you’ve alreadycreatedNew content#alexiswebinvs.It’s sometimes smarterNOT to create new content
  • 10. What VALUE canyou provide?What ACTION do youwant your readerto take?#alexiswebin
  • 11. FREQUENCYWhichworks best?Your list WANTS to hear from you#alexiswebinBe consistent = Create expectation
  • 12. My Process for DevelopingGreat Content• Track ideas and reader questions inGoogle Doc• Write when inspiration hits• Write ahead of time• Work with an editor#alexiswebin
  • 13. Open Rate…The best way to increase yourUse aSMARTsubject line#alexiswebinSubscribe + Teasers + A/B testing
  • 14. Tips for engagement• Offer value!• Be real. Write how you talk• Short is the new long• Use P.S. wisely• Love your autoresponders#alexiswebin
  • 15. Ways to grow your listIn addition to offering awesome content…• Place your sign-up form prominently (blogsidebar, about page, posts, pop-up)• Make it easy for readers to share• Create an exciting freebie• Guest posts• Webinars#alexiswebin
  • 16. Which platform isbest for you?#alexiswebinEmmaMad Mimi
  • 17. Takeaways2. You don’t have to createnew content1. Start building your list NOW3. Be your awesome self#alexiswebin
  • 18. Questions?#alexiswebinar