Pitching the Media in the Digital Age (Alexis Grant)


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A teleconference for Career Directors International -- About how to write email pitches editors will actually read.

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Pitching the Media in the Digital Age (Alexis Grant)

  1. 1. Pitching the Media in the Digital Age Alexis Grant Entrepreneurial writer & digital strategist alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
  2. 2. What You’ll Learn Today Why the press release is so 1990 and what you should do instead Why social media has changed the pitch game and how you can use that to your advantage Tips for getting journalists and bloggers to actually read and accept your pitches alexisgrant.com
  3. 3. My Experience with Pitches Full-time journalist for six years  Houston Chronicle  U.S. News & World Report Continue to freelance = pitch both pubs and blogs Review pitches as editor of Brazen Careerist’s blog, Brazen Life alexisgrant.com
  4. 4. A Lousy Pitch (pun intended)In a Struggling Economy,One Industry is Growing – and It’s a Lousy One A pitch about lice = SERIOUSLY?!
  5. 5. Why I Delete Most Pitches Not addressed to me Too long and not to the point Does not tell me why this should matter to my readers Not even about the topic I write about (aka the lice pitch) alexisgrant.com
  6. 6. How to Write an Effective Email PitchThat People Will Actually Read Because that’s the whole POINT, right? Coming up… 4 Essential Tips alexisgrant.com
  7. 7. Who You Want to Reach Top-notch publications… but no longer JUST pubs Blogs Niche websites Organizations that send newsletters Anyone who has online reach alexisgrant.com
  8. 8. Tip #1: Personalize Your Pitch Drop the Big Bomb approach and use smart targeting instead Find out WHO the right person is to approach Read about them on their website, LinkedIn, Twitter Seek out the right email address for that specific person Write a personalized email alexisgrant.com
  9. 9. How to Find the Right Email1. Ask people you know2. Online sleuthing  Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google  Find the formula for their company – i.e. alexis@brazencareerist.com3. Niche resources like MediaBistro’s How to Pitch (even if they cost you) alexisgrant.com
  10. 10. Tip #2: Offer Real Value Don’t just tell me what you’re pitching – tell me WHY I should care  Make your pitch about my readers, not about YOU How will this benefit my audience? Find a newsy angle  And not one that’s newsy to YOU, one that’s newsy to my readers alexisgrant.com
  11. 11. Tip #3: Be Short & Informal 3-6 sentences (before release)  Not just to keep my attention, but also to show you respect my time Put news FIRST Keep it simple  Layman’s terms Too long = DELETE! alexisgrant.com
  12. 12. What about a Press Release?Why is it so 1990? It’s not personalized It’s about you, not me It’s too longSolution: Add it at the bottom of your email if you must include it alexisgrant.com
  13. 13. Tip #4: Form Relationships Online Relationships rule in the digital age, perhaps even more than before. It’s easier than ever before to connect with people who will help you reach your goals. Social media is your foot in the door. Take advantage of it! alexisgrant.com
  14. 14. More Work = More Reward Find the right person + their email Connect with them online Think of the right angle Write a personalized pitch= More work than the Big Bomb approach… But more responses, too. alexisgrant.com
  15. 15. Great Example #1 Hi XXX,Keeps it I am sure you get pitched on guest posts on a daily basis so I’ll keep this short. I am ashort & long time reader of your blog and have been meaning to contribute – but I held backrespects my because I didn’t have a great idea that I think you’ll love.time ---- Well, now I do. I stumbled upon an interesting topic on 5 Problems Turned Into Solutions: How To Make Career Setbacks Work For You. Would you be interested in a guest post about the topic?Anticipateswhat I want And if you need it, here is a sample of my writing: [link here]---- I look forward to your reply and I cant wait to get started! Cheers, XXXShows he PS: I read your article entitled, “Hey, Have You Seen This? Job Applicant Explains How Hereads my Got a Job He Wasn’t Qualified For” and it was really encouraging. Hard work really isblog ---- the key to success.
  16. 16. Great Example #2 Hi Alexis!Explains his Im XXX from The Do-It-Yourself Degree. My website teaches students how to earn amission bachelors degree in 1 year by taking exams instead of classes. Exams cost $80-concisely $200 apiece, versus $3,000+ for a class. Total cost of graduation: around $5,000.---- Essentially, you can "test out" of your degree (while still earning the credential) and jump-start your career with zero debt.Shows why Id love to write a concise overview of the process for Brazen Lifes readers. Degree-by-it’s unique examination is the ultimate education hack, but I can tell you (based on many---- conversations with students) that most people have never heard of it! Let me know if youre interested, and Ill send over a draft for review. Cheers!Gives - XXXhimselfsocial PS: I wrote a guest post for I Will Teach You To Be Rich last month that became a prettycredibility big hit. Check it out!----
  17. 17. Want More?If you like my approach, a few ways to get more from me: My FREE newsletter: http://alexisgrant.com/newsletter My guides & courses (includes #MYOL): http://alexisgrant.com/store Work with me: http://alexisgrant.com/socialexis
  18. 18. Questions? alexisgrant.com alexisgrant.com