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Emily Youssouf, NYCHA board member

I chose to do my report and presentation on Emily Youssouf, a NYCHA board member, because I am interested in affordable housing real estate. My grandparents lived in affordable housing units in New York for a long time and I have been interested in Emily Youssouf's work with finance and real estate in New York since I started researching it. There will always be people that need affordable housing and there will always be people who benefit from experienced workers in this field doing a great job.

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Emily youssouf nycha

  1. 1. Alexis Donovan English, 3 Presentation: 11/1/2012Emily Youssouf,NYCHA Vice Chair { Financier, Professor, NYCHA board member
  2. 2.  Emily Youssouf is a NYCHA board member.  The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is the largest public housing authority in the United States, housing more than 400,000 New Yorkers in 334 public housing developments around New York.  I am interested in affordable housing and finance, which are Youssouf’s specialties.Why I chose Emily Youssouf
  3. 3.  Emily Youssouf is a finance expert who has worked for:  Credit Suisse First Boston  Merrill Lynch  Prudential Securities  JP MorganEmily Youssouf: Financial Expert
  4. 4.  Before Emily Youssouf was at NYCHA, she taught for NYU.  Schack Institute of Real Estate  Taught courses in capital markets and affordable housing finance Emily Youssouf taught for the Schack Institute at NYUEmily Youssouf: NYU Professor
  5. 5.  Emily Youssouf was appointed President of the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) in 2003 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.Emily Youssouf: New York HousingDevelopment Corporation (HDC)President
  6. 6.  Emily Youssouf is NYCHA’s Vice chair.  She has made several changed to the New York City Housing Authority that improved the organization.Emily Youssouf: NYCHA BoardMember
  7. 7.  Since 1982, Project Interchange has brought the world’s most influential leaders to Israel from over 60 countries where they connect with Israeli experts in their fields and learn about the real NYCHA’s Emily Youssouf Israel to defeat participated in Project misconceptions. Interchange as an elected  Emily Youssouf was at official. NYCHA while she participated in Project InterchangeEmily Youssouf: Project Interchange
  8. 8.  Emily Youssouf is a philanthropist.  She is on the board of the Citizens Budget Commission, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, and the New York State Job Development Authority.Emily Youssouf: Philanthropist
  9. 9. Emily Youssouf: NYCHA Board Member,Financier, Professor
  10. 10.  Emily Youssouf, NYCHA Board Member: Supporting Education Profile  Emily Youssouf, NYCHA Board Member: Bronx South District Council of Presidents  Emily Youssouf: NYCHA Board Member: New York Times  Emily Youssouf: NYCHA Board Member: RealestateramaReferences