HIGHLIGHTS               The purpose of this application is to      The external application works with
The main capabilities of                 Why UML2ClearQuest:
 The purpose of this ap-     UML2ClearQues:
 plication is to ...
Documentation features                          Documenting the comments to the
Rationale                                 Solution type:

   In ClearQuest, a change request’s      This module is realize...
Uml2 clearquest
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Uml2 clearquest


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Uml2 clearquest

  1. 1. HIGHLIGHTS The purpose of this application is to The external application works with ease the process of programming Visio 2003 and StarUML diagrams. Supports UML 2.1 and ClearQuest Designer's state transi- For Visio 2003, the following XML up (all current ver- tions matrix for change requests. formats are supported: sions). UML2ClearQuest can export UML state charts to ClearQuest Designer, * XML Drawing (*.vdx). Analyze state chart syn- * XML Stencil (*.vsx). tax for ClearQuest state which makes for a simple visual de- machine compatibility. sign process. This module enables * XML Template (*.vtx). for automatic state chart transforma- UML diagrams can be tions to ClearQuest Designer’s state For StarUML the following format is transferred to new enti- transition matrix for a certain entity supported: ties in a ClearQuest schema, or existing enti- (change request) and is distributed ties can be modi ied as an external application, which * StarUML Project File (*.uml). based on the UML. takes UML diagrams (in Visio & StarUML format), and converts them In all 3 cases (Visio, StarUML and A ClearQuest-style pre- to ClearQuest’s state machine. RSA), only "UML Activity" elements view of the transition are used to describe a change re- matrix is available for checking the end-re- When exporting, UML diagrams are quest's lifecycle. sults. checked for compliancy with Clear- Quest: since it's state transition ma- Code style independ- trix places several constraints on it's ency. states and transitions, not all UML di- Documenting the prop- agrams are valid. The export erties of the IBM Ra- process is configurable; you can, for tional ClearQuest example, choose to create a Designer schemes. new entity in the database, or Documenting the com- change an existing one to ments to the scheme. match your UML diagram. If the export process was successful, Easy to install. your schema will increase it's version by one, and the entity Easy to use. will have been successfully added to your schema.
  2. 2. The main capabilities of Why UML2ClearQuest: The purpose of this ap- UML2ClearQues: plication is to ease the * UML2ClearQuest helps to tune process of programming ClearQuest Designer's UML2ClearQuest supports the fol- ClearQuest scheme in very short state transitions matrix lowing capabilities: terms basing on our UML diagrams for change requests. which are describing the whole UML2ClearQuest can ex- * Transferring UML states from process of CM port UML state charts to MS Visio or StarUML. Design busi- * UML2ClearQuest allows easy ClearQuest Designer, which makes for a sim- ness processes with the comfort of converting the transition matrix of ple visual design process. IBM Rational Software Architect, MS ClearQuest Designer into the UML UML Export is supported Visio and StarUML and easily import State chart diagrams. from StarUML or MS the results to IBM Rational Clear- * The quickness and efficiency of Visio. Quest to a new or existing record UML2ClearQuest make it the irre- type. placeable tool for the analysis of the * Visualizing the import data. Be- complex and undocumented fore importing, UML2ClearQuest processes. The time spent for UML shows the state diagram and checks diagrams' optimization is significantly it for compliancy with the IBM Ra- less than the time needed for the tional ClearQuest state machine. analysis of the ClearQuest Designer * Exporting state machines for transition matrix. record types from IBM Rational * UML2ClearQuest helps to appre- ClearQuest. Allows for exporting IBM ciably reduce TOC of CM process in Rational ClearQuest state machines company by reducing the require- to UML diagrams MS Visio and ments for CM manager qualification StarUMLformat for modifying and and for CM administrator as well. viewing. A modified diagram can Also by radical reducing of the labor then be imported to the existing coefficient during ClearQuest De- record type from which it was ex- signer's schemes debugging. ported. * UML2ClearQuest enclose an in- ternal UML syntax parser that allows rapidly and efficiently receiving re- quired ClearQuest Designer scheme which is bug free.
  3. 3. Documentation features Documenting the comments to the scheme * The function of documenting the properties of the IBM Rational Clear- Usually the biggest challenge with the Quest Designer schemes: scheme development is the document- o The documenting proceeds with the ing the help item for every field of entity. template formed in advance that could In UML2ClearQuest 3.0 it’s possible be the part of the Configuration Man- after scheme documenting to type into agement Plan or Change Management the field table the help item for every Plan. field and then, to import the resulted o The documenting is being done in table by the special way. Meanwhile XML.format. Our solution supports all UML2ClearQuest creates the new ver- text editors for XML display including sion of the scheme and puts there all the MS Word, Open Office etc. comments.. Thus it’s possible to read o To be documented: comments in the scheme, update them + General list of the scheme proper- and record again unlimited amount of ties (statistic data), including the ER dia- times: gram; * The mode “Get scheme’s properties” + The structure of the scheme’s en- is supported tities (change requests) divided on o Add comments; StatelessNo Stateless; o Update scheme basing on the docu- + For every entity the fields structure ment. is defined (including initial and listed val- * Unlimited recurrence is supported as ues, and comments for every field as well. well), statement diagram, ER diagram (all dependencies – showing the Par- entChild hierarchy), state transition ma- trix, list of all activities, and also the fields behavior description. o It is able to define the depth of the scheme documenting basing on the pre- determined templates (Brief , Full or Custom); o The templates are available in Russian and English; o Visualization template can be cus- tomized by the user himself: every con- trol pattern can be changed including the language of visualization.
  4. 4. Rationale Solution type: In ClearQuest, a change request’s This module is realized in the form of lifecycle is described via state ma- Win32 application, designed in .NET chines, which is defined by the state 2.0 environment. transition matrix. Programming these matrices is an administrative task, Requirements: which is based on some specifica- tion (contained in a “Configuration * ClearQuest Designer. management plan” document). The * Administrative rights. specification is written by an analyst, * UML files MS Visio/StarUML format. usually using two types of charts that describe a process – State-charts and Activity-charts. These charts are Delivery type: handed over to the administrator, who plots them to ClearQuest. This Multiplatform package. approach has several obvious defi- ciencies: Compatibility: * There’s an excessive link in the Compatible with ClearQuest chain: the administrator. 2003.06.00 and upper. * Errors can frequently occur when transferring the diagrams. Multilanguage support: Yes (MUI) * Correcting the diagram entails *English, Russian manual reprogramming of the Clear- Quest state transition matrix.