Mobile Insurance Telematics Patents: Progressive Casualty Case Study


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Mobile Insurance Telematics Patents: Progressive Casualty Case Study

  1. 1. Mobile Insurance Telematics Patents: Progressive Casualty Case StudySummary of InventionPatents of Progressive Casualty Insurance Company cover a method and system of determining a cost of automobile insurance basedupon usage (usage-based insurance (UBI)). The cost of UBI is adjustable and dynamically set by relating the driving characteristics topredetermined safety standards. Examples of the driving characteristics are 1. Actual miles driven; 2. Types of roads driven on (high risk vs.low risk); 3. Safe operation of the vehicle by the vehicle user through: A. speeds driven, B. safety equipment used, such as seat belt and turnsignals, C. time of day driven (high congestion vs. low congestion), D. rate of acceleration, E. rate of braking, F. observation of traffic signs.The method comprises steps of monitoring, recording and communicating data representative of operator and vehicle driving characteristics.The system comprises monitoring sensors track the operation of a vehicle or driver actions, a data logging device, and a communicationdevice that transmits the encoded data through a mobile communication network that provides access to a distributed network.
  2. 2. Family Analysis (Maxval Patent Family Tree Tool)USPTO families (priority date: 29-Jan-96): 5797134, 6064970, 6868386, 8090598, 8140358, 8311858, 20120209634, 20130013347,20130013348
  3. 3. Contrast of claim 1 for Progressive Casualty Insurance Company patent familyUS6064970 (CA of US5797134)US6868386 (CIP ofUS6064970)US8090598 (CIP ofUS6868386)US8140358 (CIP ofUS6868386)US8311858 (Div &CIP of US8090598)A method of generating adatabase comprising dataelements representative ofoperator or vehicle drivingcharacteristics, the methodcomprising:monitoring a plurality of thedata elements representativeof an operating state of avehicle or an action of theoperator during a selectedtime period; and,recording selected ones ofthe plurality of dataelements into the databasewhen said ones aredetermined to be appropriatefor recording relative todetermining a cost ofinsurance for the vehicleduring the selected timeperiod, said ones including,a time and location ofvehicle operation and acorresponding log of vehiclespeed for the time andlocation.A method of communicatinga cost of insuring a unit ofrisk and correspondingoperating characteristics forthe unit monitored for aselected period, comprisingsteps of:providing a Web site systemfor communicating databetween an insurer and aninsured relative to the unit ofrisk;monitoring the operatingcharacteristics during theselected period;deciding the cost of insuringfor the period based uponthe operating characteristicsmonitored in that period; andselectively communicatingthe monitored operatingcharacteristics and decidedcost to the insured throughthe Web site system.A risk management systemcomprising:a server receiver configuredto wirelessly receiveselected onboard vehicledata monitored by an in-vehicle data monitoringdevice within a vehicle;a network server systemcoupled to the serverreceiver that provides aninterface havingfunctionality configured toestablish relationshipsbetween the selectedonboard vehicle data andlevels of risk in a usagebased insurance system;a database that storesrelationship data indicatingthe relationships establishedbetween the selectedonboard vehicle datarelating to one or moreusers and an insuredsmonitored vehicle data,where the relationship dataidentifies, for an insured orA system that monitorsand facilitates a reviewof data collected from avehicle that is used todetermine a level ofsafety or cost ofinsurance comprising:a processor that collectsvehicle data from avehicle bus thatrepresents aspects ofoperating the vehicle;a memory that storesselected vehicle datarelated to a level ofsafety or an insurablerisk in operating avehicle;a wireless transmitterconfigured to transferthe selected vehicle dataretained within thememory to a distributednetwork and a server;a database operativelylinked to the server tostore the selected vehicledata transmitted by theA system thatmonitors vehicle datatransferred amongcomponents that isused to determineone or more levels ofrisk or is used todetermine a cost ofinsurancecomprising:an in-vehicle monitorthat filters data byselectively pollingone or more in-vehicle controllersthat transmit vehicledata related to a levelof risk in operatingthe vehicle, theselected vehicle datais acquired at apredeterminedinterval or upon anevent;a processorprogrammed to storethe selected vehicledata in an in-vehicle
  4. 4. other selected users,relationships betweenrelative levels of risk andthe selected onboardvehicle data; andan interface moduleconfigured to search thedatabase for a riskassessment of vehicle data,where the interface moduleis responsive to a requestfrom a database user byusing the relationship dataand the selected onboardvehicle data to identify thelevel of risk;where the interface moduleis further configured to beresponsive to a request toquantify driver behavior byprocessing the selectedonboard vehicle data torender a driver safety score,where the driver safetyscore is characterized as alevel of risk associated withinsuring a selected operatoror a vehicle.wireless transmitter, thedatabase comprising astorage system remotefrom the wirelesstransmitter and thememory comprisingrecords with operationsfor searching the recordsand other functions;where the server isconfigured to processselected vehicle data thatrepresents one or moreaspects of operating thevehicle with data thatreflects how the selectedvehicle data affects apremium of an insurancepolicy, safety or level ofrisk; andwhere the server isfurther configured togenerate a rating factorbased on the selectedvehicle data stored in thedatabase.memory, the memoryretains relationshipdata that links theselected vehicle datato a vehicle identifierand a wirelessnetwork;a wireless transceiverconfigured to encryptand encode therelationship data andthe selected vehicledata and transmit theencoded data througha mobilecommunicationnetwork that providesaccess to adistributed network;anda receiver tuned toreceive continuouslytransmitted trilateralencoded signalsthrough a bandwidththat is separate fromthe mobilecommunicationnetwork.
  5. 5. Patent LitigationsProgressive Casualty Insurance Company sued Safeco (subsidiary of Liberty Mutual: Cases 1:10-CV-01370 and 1:11-CV-00082), State Farm(Case 1:12-CV-01068), and Hartford (Case 1:12-CV-01070) for patent infringement of US6064970.US6064970 is now under post-grant review at PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board) in USPTO for inter partes covered business method(CMB) review. The parties are Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and Liberty Mutual (for details about the CMD review: more information, please contact Alex Lee at .©2013 TechIPm, LLC All Rights Reserved