3G & Beyond 3G deployment in South Korea


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Hong Kong 3G on the Move Conference & Exhibition (2005)

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3G & Beyond 3G deployment in South Korea

  1. 1. 3G & Beyond 3G deployment in S. Korea: Public Sector Cases 2005. 10 2005 10. 28 Hong Kong 3G Conference Geunho Lee Ph.D Lee, Ph D u-City Forum & SCH University geunholee@korea.com geunholee@korea com
  2. 2. Contents 1. 1 3G Trends in Korea T d i K 2. 2 Beyond 3G Trends in Korea 3. u-City: A New Mobile y Business Opportunity? 4. Case Studies: Public Sectors
  3. 3. 3G Trends in Korea T d i K
  4. 4. Status of ICT in Korea South Korea is the world's most wired nation. i d i There are 12 M high speed Th hi h d internet subscribers (world t i t ( ld top internet penetration t t ti by 2005 ITU report) and 37 M mobile phone subscribers bil h b ib out of 48 M total population.
  5. 5. Evolution of Mobile Service Deployment i Korea D l t in K 1G 2G 2G 2.5G 3G 3.5G IS-95a IS-95b CDMA CDMA WCDMA CDMA CDMA 2000 1x 2000 1x HSDPA EV-DO SKT July, Jan., 1996 Aug., 1997 Oct., 2000 Nov., 2002 3Q, 1988 (world first) (world first) (world first) 2006 KTF Apr., Oct., 1997 Jul., 1999 May, 2001 May, 2002 2Q, 1984 (world first) 2006 LGT Oct., Oct 1997 May, May 2001
  6. 6. Subscribers of Mobile Service 2000 2002 2004 (EV-DO) 26.8 M 32.3 M 36.6 M (9.5 M) SKT 40.8 % 53.2 % 51.3 % KTF 19.7 % 31.9 % 32.1 % LGT 14.7 % 14.8 % 16.6 %
  7. 7. Delayed WCDMA Deployment WCDMA made its debut in Korea in December 2003 but was received with little interest. Only a handful of customers have signed up to the service due to its bulky mobile handsets and technical glitches. The uncertainty over demand for WCDMA has lead to both SK Telecom y and KTF being hesitant to invest heavily in the technology. The Korea government criticised SKT and KTF, for their low investment in KTF WCDMA recently. SKT is targeting a 3G customer of 200 K and KTF will aim for 50 K this year. With li h Wi h lighter and more reliable WCDMA phones now on the market and d li bl h h k d with the government deciding to allow operators to continue to subsidise up to 40% of the price of 3G phones, it appears that they may well find it possible to meet those targets.
  8. 8. Value-added 3G Services SKT June: 'Leading the Multimedia Culture' Mobile Multimedia Services: TV, Game, Music, Movi, Sports, Public Information Subscribers: 4.8 M at Q2 '05 (73 % increase compare to '04) KTF Fimm: 'Upgrade your Mobile Life'
  9. 9. Mobile is a Life Itself Source: Samsung Electronics
  10. 10. Beyond 3G Trends i Korea B d T d in K
  11. 11. u-Korea Vision Leading the ubiquitous ICT based society Inovative social system 10th in world's leading world s World's first ubiquitous ICT 15th in world's leading contury with 30,000$ GNI based society contury with 25,000$ GNI 20th in world's leading u-Korea contury with 20,000$ GNI u-Korea li ti realization development ( ‘13~) ‘13~ u-Korea (‘08~‘12) entry (‘05~‘07) IT 839 Strategy 8 Services 3 Infra 9 growth power g p • N-Mobile Com. • WiBro • Digital TV • DMB • BcN B N •HHome Networks N t k • Digital Home • IT SoC • Tele-Car Tele- • USN(RFID, WSN) • N-PC • RFID Applications • Imbeded S/W • WCDMA • IPv6 • Digital Contents • DTV • Telematics • VolP • Intelligent Robots Source: MIC
  12. 12. Toward 4G Source: Samsung Electronics
  13. 13. WiBro WiBro (Wireless Broadband) is a part of the IEEE 802.16 family such as WiMax and is expected to offer speeds up to 1 Mbps for devices traveling at up to 60 kilometers p hour. p per Commercial launch of WiBro services is expected during the middle of 2006 by KT and SKT. Government logistics 2.3GHz WiB 2 3GH WiBro (Nation Wide) Retails PCMCIA USB Enterprise Leptop ep op Internet Entertainment CF SD Home PDA Telecommunication Chipset Cellular Phone Contents Provider e-shop Telematics e-Bank ITS Users/Devices Networks Services/Contents
  14. 14. Mobile RFID Services Mobile RFID Forum: 67 Companies including Samsung Electonics & SKT Source: Korea Mobile RFID Forum
  15. 15. DMB • DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) Services – Video Broadcasting – Electronic Newspaper – Navigation system – Global Positioning System (GPS) – Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) – AOD, VOD (Interactive Service via Cellular phone) Hanbyul Ku-Band Satellite TDM (12.214 ~ 12.239 GHz) Ku-Band Gap Filler TDM (13.824 ~ 13.849 GHz) CDM (13.858 ~ 13.883 GHz) S-Band S-Band CDM (2.630 ~2.655GHz) Sungsu Station S-Band Telematics Device Hand-held Device Program Provider Source: SKT
  16. 16. u-City: A New Mobile y Business Opportunity?
  17. 17. What is u-City? u-City(ubiquitous computing city) is the quot;Korea's 21C ICT mediated Cityquot;, in which advanced ICT infra and ubiquitous information services are intrageted into the city space providing high convience and quility for everyday city life, highly secured and well managed city environment, and creation of new business. Fostering the u-City project as korea's future ICT Strategy Ubiquitous information services based on advanced ICT i f create new city values d d infra t it l Considering the ICT infra and services at the initial stage of city development Concentrating the full effort of allied industries, academics, government and civil experts for the development of u-City
  18. 18. u-City Service Image City Management Center Source: Samsung Electronics DSC
  19. 19. u-Life@u-City Source: Samsung SDS
  20. 20. u-City Architecture VoIP WiRro W-CDMA DTV DMB RFID BcN WSN IPv6 Telematics Home Net Technology T h l IT SoC Contents Mobilr Robot SW DTV post-PC Edu Health Traffic Parking Facility Emer- u-City Service Service Service Mag Mag gency Service Con Con Pol Pol Biz Centr Biz Centr W-House W M-Dvice M-Dvice M M Hospital H P-Trans P-Trans Market Market M M School School S S Home H nvention nvention D-TV D lice/Fire lice/Fire park Mall Mall APT APT Port Port Car Reginal Zone Infra Education/ Telcom/ Residential R id ti l Commerce T C Transportation t ti Logostics L ti Public P bli Business B i Hospital Brodcast ICT Infra City Infra Social Infra Road/Port Water/Gas Electricity/Telcom Bridge
  21. 21. u-City under Development Seoul Suwon/Yongin Incheon Busan Jeonju J j Cheju
  22. 22. u-City@NYT Korea's High-Tech Utopia, Where Everything Is Observed The U-Life South Korea plans to spend $25 billion on New Songdo, the world's largest quot;ubiquitous city,quot; with computers linking home life and life on its streets Construction 40 miles from Seoul is to be done in 2014. streets. Construction, Seoul, 2014 By PAMELA LICALZI O'CONNELL October 5, O t b 5 2005 The New York Times Further Information about u-City: u City: http://digiens.blogspot.com & links in the site
  23. 23. Case St di P bli S t C Studies: Public Sectors
  24. 24. Korea's M-Gov Vision Master Planning in 2003: Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (MOGAHA) - Collaborate with Local Government Leading the Mobole Digital Government Public Life Industry G.C.A Real Time Information Furture Growth Power Explore the Emerging Tech. Equal Opportunity Export Stretagy World Best IT Infra Digital Leading the digital Small & Efficent Democracy Commerce Government Convergence Real Time Public Always on Service Business Services Equal Participation Global e-Trade e- On t e S te Mobile O the Site ob e Qualicy f Lif Q li of Life System Services Source: MIC, MOGAHA
  25. 25. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) NEMA , which is specialized in management of national disasters, was f hi h i i li d i t f ti l di t founded d d in June 1, 2004 for the purposes of carrying out the task of the times, “realizing the safe society”, and protecting the lives and property of the people. Free disaster-prevention awareness SMS Services using CBS(Cell Broadcasting Service) for 2.6 M KTF & LGT mobile subscribers. Mobile on-the-spot-action systems: forest fire, flood, typhoon Source: NEMA
  26. 26. Gangnam-gu Gangnam-gu (gu means district), which is major local government of Seoul, has won the prize of most excellence for its imformatization for three consecutive years from 2001. y Mobile Local Administration Mobile Portal WEB Portal Mobile Intranet Restaurent inspection e-approval Public assets personal information management organizational information Illegal structure tesks management monitoring multimedia information Illegal Signs Port e Go e-Gov location al Cell phone information supporting system Residental y Mobile Gov. System Parking Restaurent inspection Illegal Signs Public Parking M-EAI … (Mobile- public utility Enterprise Application charge Integration)
  27. 27. Gangnam-gu: Mobile Portal Service Public portal service contents are delivered through Mobile Devices Information Public poll Civil affares Report center Education , Real estates, Public issues, , Guidance,, Suggestion, gg , Entertainment, , Library, Legislative bill Search, Complain PR, Public health, Application Study Tourism Source: Gangnam-gu
  28. 28. Mobile Public Documents Issurance
  29. 29. Gangnam-gu: On-the-Spot Service Porviding govermantal services on the spot Distric Office local spot Mobile Administration System status of food sanitation public assets management Illegal structure Illegal signs check monitoring Local brnach office execution administration system
  30. 30. Gangnam-gu: Safe & Environment Monitoring Providing CCTV monitoring for security and sensor monitoring for environmontal pollution status
  31. 31. Future? quot;The best way to predict the future is to invent itquot; Source: MIC
  32. 32. Thank You! Th k Y !
  33. 33. Profile Dr. Geunho Lee is a senior research fellow at u-City Forum and a Professor at SCH Univ. in the field of pervasive computing and communications. communications After his Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University, he was in the field of ICT for 10 years working in several government organizations, small to large companies, and university research centers. He is a well known speaker in major conferences related to Mobile Com., RFID, Wireless Sensors, Sensors and ubiquitous computing He published more than 50 articles and several books computing. including Korean translation of UMTS & Mobile Computing. He was a senior advisor at Samsung Techwin, CJ Systems, and KT, visiting professor at Korea Polytech University, R&D director at Korea Wireless Networks Inc. & KMW Inc., research officer at Ministry of Information & Communication, and visiting scholar at Georgia Institute of Technology. His career covers ICT regulation & industrial policy development, standardization, R&D, R&D planning, techno-business strategic planning, technology valuation, and business development.