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API Strategy & Practice Conference - API Consumption from the Hackathon Trenches
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API Strategy & Practice Conference - API Consumption from the Hackathon Trenches


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Hackathons APIs in the Trenches…
  • 2. Hackathon Stories Going from API -> APP
  • 3. My First Hackathon – Factual API (2011)
  • 4. My First Hackathon – Factual (2011)
  • 5. A few weeks ago… Quit my day job, … and went to a hackathon
  • 6. HP Hackathon a few weeks ago….
  • 7. And today another hackathon was announced...
  • 8. Biggest Hackathon ever..
  • 9. Maybe make Hackathons a full time job?
  • 10. Is a full time hackathoner the person you want building on your APIs?
  • 11. “will you come be our evangelist?”
  • 12. All my old hackathon projects
  • 13. Why hack and why APIs?
  • 14. • Worked at Mashery as Sales Engineer • Worked at Alcatel Lucent as Evangelist for mobile tool (Open Plug) and Telco API Evangelist • Worked at Layer 7 as API Evangelist • Currently a mobile app developer, architecture consultant and trainer
  • 15. Why Hackathons are leading a Business Revolution
  • 16. Evolving Software Methodologies Waterfall Iterative Agile Scrum
  • 17. APIs Enable a Leaner Startup Intrapreneur
  • 18. Hack your Organization •Rapid Prototyping •Get inspired •Execute on Ideas
  • 19. Back on Topic… Going from API -> APP
  • 20. How to go from Mobile Web to Native? A multiple phone web based application framework is a software framework that is designed to support the development of phone applications that are written as embedded dynamic websites and may leverage native phone capabilities, like geo data or contact lists. From Wikipedia
  • 21. What Identifies a Hybrid Native App? • • • • • Non-native UI Controls Slow Performance Lack of Snappiness Available on All Platforms Built Quickly
  • 22. Why I believe Cross Platform will win • Fast development • Leverage Javascript knowledge on Mobile • Lots of VC dollars invested in it • Passionate technical founders of startups • We got inspired by hackathons…
  • 23. What tools out there enable our organization to take APIs and make Apps?
  • 24. How to go from Mobile Web to Hybrid Native?
  • 25. PhoneGap Architecture Explained
  • 26. Mobile UI Frameworks
  • 27. Mobile App Specific IDEs
  • 28. What about getting my APIs integrated into my apps?
  • 29. Innovative Tools like
  • 30. Mobile Backend as a Service – What? Feature Functionality Identity SSO, User Mgmt, Auth at API Layer Persistence Offline Mode, Data Syncing, Caching Messaging Push Notifications, Email, SMS Orchestration Server Side Code, API Integration
  • 31. Mobile Backend Providers
  • 32. APIs -> Apps Hackathons!!
  • 33. Question and Answer Thank you @intalex