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American Fortune Mergers

  1. 1. Day 1Your 5 Day ListBuilding ActionPlanThis is your quick start action plan for growing your very own list to 1000, 5000, even10000 or more.Hopefully you’ve read Accelerated List Building already. If you haven’t, then do that first.Then come back here.This is your Action Plan to grow your very own responsive list ready to pull you in four andfive figure paydays. Refer back to the main Accelerated List Building Manual for moredetails on each step.If you follow each one of these steps, you will succeed. I’m confident of that.Let’s go...7 steps for creating a business exit strategyTask 1: Create your offerTime: 2-3 hoursYour offer can be anything of value. Traditionally it is a free digital product or a freesubscription to a content packed newsletter. The digital product could be a video, an audioor a free PDF report. Decide which you’d like to create and then create it.Task 2: Create your squeeze pageTime: 2-3 hoursI’ve permitted two to three hours for this activity because I’ve allowed time for you to get adomain name and a webhost. Now you need to create your squeeze page. Your squeezepage should look something like the one at www.acceleratednicheprofits.comOnce you’ve created it, upload it to your web space.Also create your Confirmation and Thank you pages. See “Getting people to confirm their
  2. 2. Day 1email address” on page 5 of the Accelerated List Building manual.Day 2Task 1: Develop your auto-responder sequenceTime: 2 hoursI’ve only given you two hours for this task because we don’t need to upload our entiresequence just now. You can create two weeks’ worth of messages for now and thencontinue to add more as time progresses. Create some top quality articles for yoursubscribers; perhaps have one email pitching a product in the first two weeks. Upload youremails to your autoresponder account. If you haven’t got one then I recommend you gowith Aweber. It’s the only one I’ve tried but I’m happy with it.Task 2: Split testTime: 1-2 hoursGet Google Website Optimizer and learn how to use it. Create an alternate version of yoursqueeze page simply by changing one factor, such as the headline and set this up tocompete against your original page. It’s very easy to do, just follow the instructions inGoogle Website Optimizer.
  3. 3. Day 3Task 1: Keyword researchTime: 1 hourGo to your favourite keyword research tool. I use as many long tail keywords as you possibly can related to your niche. Make a list ofthem in an Excel spreadsheet. You should be able to come up with 50 or more long tailkeywords.Task 2: Article creationTime: 3 hoursWrite five articles relevant to the topic of your squeeze page targeting one of the long tailkeywords you found per article. Make the articles unique and have them contain original,informative content. They should be about 400 words each.Task 3: Article submissionTime: 1 hourCreate a resource box that directs readers to your squeeze page. Submit all five of yourarticles to with your resource box.Day 4Task 1: Blog locationTime: 2 hoursFind at least 50 blogs in your niche. Use the strategies outlined in the main manual to findthese blogs. Make a list of the 50 blogs in an Excel or Word document. Try to put thehighest traffic blogs at the top – based on your own opinion.Task 2: Blog commentingTime: 1 hourGo to about ten of the blogs and make an informative, personalised comment on one ofthe most recent blog posts. Include a link back to your squeeze page in the blog posts.
  4. 4. Task 3: Content contributionsTime: 1 hourContact at least five of the blogs and ask if they would like you to contribute some freecontent for their blog in exchange for a link back. If they say yes, then create the contentfor them.Day 5Task 1: Free report donationsTime: 1 hourGo back to your list of 50 blogs and contact another five blogs (not the same blogs thatyou contacted yesterday) and ask if they would like you to donate your free report to theirblog readers. (This technique is explained at the end of page 14 of the main manual)Task 2: Steal subscribersTime: 1 hourFind at least five marketers in your niche building a list using double opt-in. Contact thesemarketers using the email template I give you on page 17. If the marketer accepts yourproposal then create the special page for them.Task 3: Yahoo answersTime: 1 hourRegister with Yahoo Answers at Use the process I outline onpages 20-22 to answer 20 questions. Link back to your site in about ten of these answersusing a subtle, helpful link.Continuous ProcessesThat’s your simple five day action plan to start building your list. I haven’t included adswaps and content swaps because I assume you haven’t got a sufficiently large enoughsubscriber database yet. You can use these methods in the future though.Here are things to continue to do to convert more visitors into subscribers and to expand
  5. 5. your marketing “reach”.1. Continue to develop content to add to your auto-responder sequence.2. Continue to test different variations of your opt-in page to convert more visitors intosubscribers.3. Continue to test different author resource boxes to get more people to click through toyour site.4. Continue to find additional long tail keyword terms.5. Continue to find blogs in your niche.6. Continue to find potential partners to swap content and ad swap with.Here are things to continue to do on a daily basis to really explode your traffic. If you followthis step-by-step system, you’ll have more traffic than you can handle in just a few shortweeks.Daily Tasks1. Write and submit three new 250-400 word articles per day to (2hours)2. Make valuable comments on at least five blogs per day (30 minutes)3. Contact at least three blog owners (use a template email) per day asking if they wouldaccept content for their blog. Have a folder of “Premium” content that you use to contributeto blogs. (15 minutes)4. Contact another three blogs asking if they would link to your free report on a specialpage you set up for them. Use a template email (15 minutes)5. Contact three list owners asking if they would like to include your free report as abonus. Again, use an email template. (15 minutes)6. Answer 20 questions per day on Yahoo Answers. Link back to your site on about tenof the articles. (1 hour)7. Try to set up two or three content swaps over the course of a month. (45 minutes)8. Try to set up one ad swap per month. (30 minutes)9. Make a few posts on niche specific forums every day including a link back to yourwebsite. (30 minutes)These daily tasks (if you stick to the estimated times) will take you only 6 hours.Start at 9am and you’ll be done by 3pm. With a little practice you can get these times downconsiderably.It would take me only an hour to write and submit three articles now to if
  6. 6. it was a subject I knew about. Ive also permitted you 15 minutes to contact blog and listowners when in truth it will take less than 5 minutes. How hard is it to copy and paste anemail?Here are some tasks you can do one time and continue to generate traffic for many yearsto come.1. Set up a PPC campaign. Once you’ve worked out your visitor value, set up a GoogleAdwords campaign paying less than the price of your visitor value. Continually tweak yourads.2. Set yourself up on Twitter and Facebook and connect with people interested in thetopic of your squeeze page.3. Find a newsworthy angle for your squeeze page and submit a press release.4. Consider setting up some offline advertisements.5. Optimize your site for the search engines.6. Start building backlinks to your squeeze page.7. Pay for advertisements in newsletters and ezines.8. Pay for advertisements on niche specific websites.9. Create videos and submit them to Youtube and other video sites.10. Submit content to magazines to see if they will publish your articles.11. Set up a Squidoo page (or a few) and link back to your opt-in page.12. Start a blog and start creating valuable content and getting traffic from the searchengines.This is your simple action plan so you can get going right away.Start following the steps and you’ll be generating windfalls of targeted, high quality trafficthat produces profits for you at an alarming rate. Exit Planning from American FortuneGood luck!James Penn