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NTT DoCoMo Factbook, 2012.10

  1. 1. NTT DOCOMO FACTBOOKOct. 2012 1
  2. 2. About NTT DOCOMO 2
  3. 3. New President & CEO・Assumed the posts of President & CEO from June 2012・Management Policy: “Speed & Challenge” ■ Bi Biography h ■M Management P li t Policy Kaoru Kato assumed the posts of Speed and Challenge President and CEO of NTT DOCOMO, INC. in Evolution of services New value creation June 2012 after an by pursuing innovation through convergence accomplished 35-year career that started at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), the parent NW operation to company of NTT DOCOMO’s DOCOMO’s More convenient support social pp DOCOMO. DOCOMO Mission Mi i Dream D and smarter life d t lif infrastructure Mr. Kato became an Executive Vice President, a Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Corporate Strategy & g g p gy Planning Department of NTT DOCOMO, INC. in June 2008. He was instrumental in devising DOCOMO’s medium-term business plans, ・ World’s most advanced technological DOCOMO’s announced in 2008 and 2011, to transform the g Strengths capabilities/Dedication to R&D company for all-new growth and then help ・CCommitment t customer satisfaction it t to t ti f ti customers achieve smarter lives, respectively. 3
  4. 4. NTT DOCOMO, INC. is the worlds leading mobile communications company with over 60 Mil customers, as of end-Sept. 2012.DOCOMO launched LTE service in 2010 following the worlds first 3G mobile service based on W CDMA world s W-CDMA in 2001.DOCOMO had net income of JPY 463.9 Bln (USD 5,644 Mil) on operating revenue of JPY 4,240.0 Bln (USD 51,587 Mil) in FY2011 (ended Mar. 2012). (JPY82.19 = USD1.00; Mar. 30, 2012 )HQ located at Tokyo, Japan, employees number 23,289 (consolidated, as of Mar. 2012), listed on Tokyo (9437), London (NDCM), and New York (DCM) DOCOMO’s Vision 1991-1999 2000-2005 2006-2010 2015 NTT Mobile Commercialized world‘s first Achieved 100% population Communications Planning WCDMA-based WCDMA based 3G service coverage for 3G service established (Aug, 1991) (Oct, 2001) (Dec, 2008) DOCOMO will Corporate Name changed Listed on NYSE and LSE Commercialized LTE service drive innovation to NTT DOCOMO (Mar, 2002) (Dec, 2010) through (Apr, 1992) convergence with Launched NFC-equipped various Launched mobile internet mobile wallet service (July, industries and service “i-mode” service 2004) services ( (Feb, 1999) ) Launched mobile credit card service (Apr, 2005) 4
  5. 5. Subscriber Market Share・J Japan’s mobile phone market surpassed 100 Mil subscriber base in 2007 and th penetration rate reached ’ bil h k t d b ib b i d the t ti t h d98% in end-2011. ■ Subscriber Share Snapshot ■ Subscriber Growth in 3G (Mil) 140 14000 120 12000 23.9% 10000 100 (30Mil) 8000 80 Subscribers end- as of end-Sept. 2012 47.7% 6000 60 (60Mil) 4000 40 28.4% (35Mil) 2000 20 DOCOMO au 0 SoftBank 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 (FY) * No. of subs by E-mobile is not included. Source: Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) 5
  6. 6. Growth of Data ARPU / Revenues・ Data ARPU grew to account for 54 8% of aggregate ARPU in FY2011 54.8% FY2011.・ Data revenue in FY2012 is targeted to reach JPY2071.0 Bln (approx.USD 25.2 Bln).■ % of Data ARPU ■ Growth of Data Revenues (Bln JPY) 4284.4 4224.3 4240.0 【52.1Bln】 【51.4Bln】 【51.6Bln】 2200 2071.0 4200 【25.2Bln】 【 】 % of Data ARPU to aggregate ARPU: 2000 (FY2011) 1800 1,843.9 1 843 9 54.8% 1600 【22.4Bln】 1,694.9 1,589.0 【20.6Bln】 1400 【19.3Bln】 1200 【 】= USD Aggregate ARPU: JPY4,870 1000 (≒USD59.25) Data Voice ARPU: JPY2,200 800 Revenue (≒USD26.76) ( S ) Packet ARPU: JPY2,670 600 Operating (≒USD32.48) Revenue 400 ( USD1.00 = JPY82.19 ) 200 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 (FY) (Forecast) 6
  7. 7. Product Lineup・Diverse range of sophisticated smartphones, tablets, enhanced with value-added features and innovativeoriginal services from DOCOMO. ( = LTE compatible) Sophisticated, high-spec smartphones, Friendly smartphones in fashionable all compatible with LTE, that empower users to designs and loaded with handy features to maximize the potential of mobile digital life. make mobile life easier and more fun. Optimus Vu AQUOS PHONE™ AQUOS PHONE™ ARROWS X AQUOS PHONE™ SH-01E Vivienne Ascend MEDIAS™ X L-06D sv SH-10D ZETA SH-09D F-10D si SH-01E Westwood HW-01E N-07D GALAXY S Ⅲ ELUGA power REGZA Phone™ Xperia™ GX Optimus it Xperia™ SX ARROWS Me ELUGA V SC-06D P-07D T-02D SO-04D L-05D SO-05D F-11D P-06DTablets MEDIAS™ TAB GALAXY Tab 7.7 ELUGA Live ARROWS Tab MEDIAS™ TAB GALAXY Tab 10.1 Optimus Pad UL N-08D Plus SC-01E P-08D LTE F-01D N-06D LTE SC-01D L-06C 7
  8. 8. Smartphone Sales Target ・ FY2012 smartphone sales target: 13 million units (Mil)1,50015.00 : 3G smartphones 13.00 : LTE smartphones Aim to1,0001 00010.00 8.82 8 82 achieve hi 7.50 approx. 60% 1.28 of annual sales with LTE-devices 5005.00 2.52 7.54 5.50 0 FY2010 2010年度 FY2011 2011年度 2012年度 FY2012 通期計画 full-year target 8
  9. 9. Networks to Realize a Smart Life 9
  10. 10. NW Coverage & Subscriber Migration ・ Achieved 100% population coverage for 3G in 2008 ・ Commercialized LTE in 2010 ・ 2G services terminated on Mar. 31, 2012 when more than 99% of the total subscriber base migrated into 3G/LTE ■ Service Coverage ■ Subscriber Segment by NW LTE 100% population (10.2%) coverage for 3G (incl. (incl HSDPA) 60 Mil subscribers s bscribers 3G (end-Sept. 2012) (89.8%)【Expanding Coverage in Mountainous Areas】 DOCOMO subscribers are able to enjoy 3G NW even on Mt. Fuji . During the official climbing season, season DOCOMO prepares ( Incl communication module service subscriptions ) Incl. for boosters to respond toCoverage survey of mountainous area higher traffic expected. (Bandai Asahi National Park) 10
  11. 11. LTE・ Launched Japan’s first LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile network service on Dec. 24, 2010・ Plans to bring 70% of smartphones to be released in 1st half of FY2012 compatible with LTE・ FY2012 target : Aim to grow LTE subs to over 10 Mil■ LTE’s distinctive features ■ Expansion of LTE subs (Mi) Over High-speed 10 Mil Transmission rate Approx. 1000 10.00 10-fold* Large-capacity L it Low-latency L l t 800 8.00 8 00 Spectrum efficiency Transmission latency (maximum effect) Approx. Approx. 3-fold 1/4 600 6.00 (Comparison with FOMA (HSPA) service) Area expansion using an overlay approach 400 4.00 to existing 3G areas 3.32 2.22■ Further Evolution 2.00 200 1.14 LTE-Advanced, technology to realize much faster 0.39 speed than that of LTE, is already in the scope to 0.12 complete its development by FY2015. 0 0 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q 1Q 4Q 2011(FY) 2012(FY) 11
  12. 12. LTE Area Expansion Plans ・ LTE area expansion is planned as to realize maximum throughput with nationwide coverage. coverage ・ Achieved 100% population coverage in all ordinance-designated cities in Japan on Mar. 30, 2012 Population coverage FY2014 Approx. FY2012 No. f b N of base stations: t ti Approx. 21 000 Approx 21,000 FY2013 98% Population coverage: Approx. 70% Approx. CAPEX: ¥170 Bln FY2012 80% Bring forward/accelerate area expansion Approx. ppArea 70%expansion FY2011 Approx. 32% Initial plan at service launch: Approx. 40% Local cities All municipalities Prefectural P f t l Major cities capital-sized citiesMax.throughput 75Mbps 112.5Mbps* 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 (FY) * Nationwide support to be started in FY2014 or beyond 12
  13. 13. Planned Actions for a Smart Life 13
  14. 14. New Business Areas to Expand Revenues・ Promote alliances with private companies and local governments to create new values and markets・ FY2011 revenues from new businesses: approx. ¥400 Bln・ FY2012 revenues target: ¥500 Bln Commerce business * Medical/Healthcare business * Commerce and marketing leveraging Health/medical care services using mobile mobile properties Aggregation/Platform business * Finance/Payment business Aggregation and development various Finance and payment services using services mobile’s unique properties or credit function M2M business Media/Content business Convergence of mobile with various tools Convergence of mobile with various media and equipment and content Environment/Ecology business Safety/Security & other business Energy/ecology-related businesses Safety/security services using mobile leveraging mobile * Actions in New Business Areas to be elaborated in the following pages. 14
  15. 15. Actions in New Business Areas (Commerce)・ Acquired additional shares in Tower Record Japan to turn it into a subsidiary・ Accelerate new business areas in commerce, through home shopping service, home food delivery, andmarketing research business ■ Commerce Business Turned into subsidiary in July 2012 (CD/DVD sales business) (Home shopping service provider) ・ Investigating ways to link CD/DVD sales, etc. ・ 3 straight years of revenue growth due to with DOCOMO’s content market contribution of sales via mobile devices/PCs ・ Revenue contribution: Approx. ¥50 Bln (accounting for 15% of FY2011 sales) (Home food delivery) (Research business) ・ Existing delivery logistication and marketing & g y g g ・ Marketing execution and research to be carried g sales to be enhanced by e-commerce through out utilizing DOCOMO’s mobile subscriber base mobile of 60 Mil 15
  16. 16. Actions in New Business Areas (Medical/Healthcare)・ E t bli h d a joint venture “d Established j i t t “docomo Healthcare, Inc.” eying full-scale take-off of h lth H lth I ” i f ll l t k ff f healthcare service market i k t・ The joint venture company aims to achieve approx. JPY10.0 Bln in revenues in 5 yrs. ■ docomo Healthcare Exercise support Diet support Weight loss advice Jogging instructions Lifestyle-related Basal temperature Sleep analysis disease Medical diary Life-long healthcare data ・・・ Smartphone Body composition Active mass Thermometer Sleep meter Sphygmo- Pharmacy Hospital scale meter manometer 16
  17. 17. Actions in New Business Areas (Aggregation/Platform)・ Conducted TOB for acquisition of shares in Buongiorno S.p.A (Italy), one of Europe’s largest mobile g ( y) gservice providers・ Completed investment for establishment of joint venture with Baidu, China’s leading Internet searchservice provider・PPromoted platform business for global-scale content distribution th t d l tf b i f l b l l t t di t ib ti through net-m (G h t (Germany) and VMG ) d(Vietnam) ■ Expansion of service platform business Up to FY2011 FY2012 and beyond Se ervice pla busine Expansion of services & geographic ess coverage atform ■ Related Press Releases ・[Aug. 10, 2012] NTT DOCOMO Announces Final Results of Voluntary Public Tender Offer for Buongiorno S.p.A. ・[July 13, 2012 ] NTT DOCOMO Completes Investment in Joint Venture with China’s Baidu ・[Sept. 22, 2011] NTT DOCOMO to Increase Investment in Germany’s net mobile AG ・[Aug. 10, 2011] NTT DOCOMO to Invest in Vietnam’s VMG Media JSC 17
  18. 18. DOCOMOs Clounds to Realize Smart Life ・DOCOMOs Vision for 2015 includes DOCOMO s clouds to shape a smart life DOCOMO s DOCOMOs ・Aim to bring smart life into reality by propelling the evolution of mobile services and new value creation through convergence of industries and services leveraging DOCOMOs clouds Voice-agent App Mobile Translation こんにちは。 Hello. Voice command Translation Handset operation/ content display Mother Japanese Foreign Host family (Japanese) language and Maki Multi-device access Auto-translation App DOCOMOs clouds Create message Confirm message inSmartphone in Japanese native language address Japanese English Korean Chinese book Tablet Photo Collection oto Co ect o 誕⽣⽇おめでとう 생일 축하합니다 생일 축하합니다 誕⽣⽇おめでと う ございます 18
  19. 19. International Business for a Smart Life 19
  20. 20. Business initiatives with Mobile Operators・DOCOMO has been expanding its influence in Asia Pacific by establishing equity positions and developingpartnerships with mobile operators. These initiatives enable DOCOMO to grow further with partners on aglobal scale. ■Investment in Mobile Operators India Philippines Hong Kong/Macau Bangladesh Philippine Long Distance Hutchison Telephone Tata Teleservices Limited Telephone Company Company Limited Robi Axiata Limited 26.5% ownership 14.5% ownership 24.1% ownership 30.0% ownership (20.3% by NTT group combined) S. Korea Taiwan Guam/Mariana Far Eastone Tele- KT Corporation communications Co., Ltd. DOCOMO PACIFIC, INC. 5.9% 5 9% ownership 4.7% ownership 100% ownership ■Conexus, alliance for mobile roaming and corporate services ■Other business collaborations and partnerships Press Releases ・[July 10, 2012] KPN, NTT DOCOMO, ROGERS, SINGTEL, TELEFÓNICA, TELSTRA and VIMPELCOM to Cooperate Globally in [ y , ] , , , , , p y M2M Business ・[Sept. 20, 2011] DOCOMO and Vodafone Plan to Form Business Partnership Centered on Corporate Sales ・[Jan. 19, 2011] DOCOMO, China Mobile and KT Form Business Collaboration (As of Aug. 2012) 20
  21. 21. Investments in Other Businesses・DOCOMO i t d t serve as an i t intends to integrated services company centered on mobility by leveraging its t d i t d bilit b l i itextensive experience in providing services and products in collaboration with broad range of partnersoverseas. ■Investments focusing on platform business Germany Italy Vietnam China Baidu Yi Xin NW VMG Media Joint Technology (Beijing) net mobile AG Buongiorno S.p.A. Stock Company Co., Ltd. 87.1% ownership 100% ownership 24.5% ownership 20.0% ownership ■Investments in other businesses Singapore United States United States United States Thailand DOCOMO interTouch Pte. PacketVideo Evernote Mobile Innovation Eye-Fi, Inc. Ltd. Corporation Corporation Co., Ltd. 21