What i have learned from my research


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Summary of what i have learned through my research so far.

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What i have learned from my research

  1. 1. What have I learned from...<br />
  2. 2. Short film research<br />Through my research I have found that researching and looking into different genres of films can help you find techniques and inspire you to making your own film.<br />I have also found that when thinking about making a short film in particular, the most accessible and easiest film to produce on a low budget would be one that has a simple story, also being able to use minimal actors. <br />The most interesting films that I have seen are the silent films as they require no dialect allowing it to become a more simplistic style, this then allows most of the representation to be expressed through the characters actions and emotions with the helpof the background music to change and enhance the atmosphere in the scenes.<br />
  3. 3. From looking into short films such as ‘The Beachcombers’ and also ‘Treasure’ I have seen that having one primary location to film on allows you to be more flexible with the surrounding area as the location would not drastically change such as building etc., and would only have to allow for natural occurrences such as light, and weather.<br />I think that I would like to apply this technique of having a minimalistic effect to the film, by just simply relying on the actions of the characters and also the music, I feel that by doing this, the audience would concentrate on the narrative of the story and the representations that are in the film- specifically in ours as it is about the penny, concentrating on who has the penny, the props that e have used and the clothing the characters are wearing.<br />
  4. 4. Film poster analysis<br />From looking into the many film posters, I have seen that the most mysterious or the most colourful posters tend to attract the most attention, this could be due to the interesting images that are on the poster, but also having an image from the film that related to the film also helps to advertise the film, this also shows what type of props and costumes the characters might be using and wearing. <br />The main purpose of film posters are to advertise the film, its characters the makers and also the institution<br />In most cases the makers would choose a large font that will pop out of the image for the title, this would not cover the main image which is normal in the centre but would compliment it by being at the sides, top or bottom, the colouring of the poster would also connect to the atmosphere of the film to make an impact on what the viewer sees<br />
  5. 5. In most cases of a film poster, the image is normally a scene from the film or a shot of the main character(s), this indicates to the audience what the film is going to be like, what characters are in the film (this can also influence if the audience see the film as in some cases people tend to see films with a particular character as they might feel that that actor(less) or genre is their favourite) and it can also help to reveal the narrative of the film, such as in the twilight poster it is very dart and contrasting with the main characters in the middle, connoting that there may be some sort of conflict in the film between the characters.<br />
  6. 6. Magazine reviews <br />Through looking Into magazine reviews, one of the main purposes that I have found to have the reviews are to collect opinions about the film from various media instructions such as magazines, TV, online. Having this collection of opinions about the films, it can change the audiences mind about the film for example if a film is rated to be negative from a popular news paper or magazine then this could influence the audience before they have even seen it. <br />The most popular magazine reviews that exist today are mostly online due to the development of web 2.0, they are more popular online as blogging and questionnaires have become increased for people to answer-especially in the UK as it is said that we are the most surveyed people to date.<br />
  7. 7. Today we are allowed to be free with our opinions, that is why some turn to blogging, but before the expansion of the internet, magazine reviews were mostly seen in print form, and you would normally film them in more general magazines and news papers, but as the demand for more variety of films increased, specialist magazines for film were produced such as Empire and Film magazine.<br />In Empire magazine, I have found that there are mostly reviews on the sci-fi, comedy and actions films such as the ‘Dark Knight’ and ‘Harry Potter’ this reflects their main audience and shows that the age of their audience will generally be in their teenage years plus.<br />
  8. 8. In most print magazine reviews today, there are mostly more image to text ratio, this may be due to more people becoming visual learners so they might find the picture of the film more entertaining rather that having to read the text.<br />In the magazine reviews, the writers have tended to use quite expressive and complex informal language, this is to create a sense of drama about the film, to make the text more entertaining to the reader.<br />The most popular conventions of a magazine review, are that they mostly tend to include quotes from the film such as what the cast, crew and the actors think about the film and also experiences from making the film, also included in the film are stills from a specific scene that the audience might remember if they go to see the film.<br />
  9. 9. What about my film?<br />When making my film posters and magazine review, I think that the most important element that I will take from researching into these topics will be to include the conventions that have been used, this will include using quotes from the film and actors, using stills from specific scenes that are important to the film, having backstage shots of making the film to allow the audience to see the chaos that Is going on in the background, I will also remember to make sure that the poster complements the specific genre of the film such as the colour, the font, images..<br />
  10. 10. After researching into other short films, I will remember to keep the film short in the context of the film such as the location, the characters, and the dialogue of the film. These specific points I will use in my film because I have found that the most simplistic of films are the best and the easiest to make.<br />
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