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Poster research

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Poster research

  1. 1. Red tube door shows British film<br />The main character is highlighted<br />Strap line is like a clue of the film<br />synergised<br />The hand in the middle of the title shows zombie film<br />Dead centre picture show that there are two worlds or two sides and the guy is trapped<br />The white writing stands out from the red<br />Shows that the man has to fight alone<br />The zombies are not coloured emphasising that they are dead<br />Cramped condition also shows London tube<br />The title is in the middle and font is grainy showing the death factor<br />Yellow flowers make out that is it is a comedy film <br />Simon pegg in the film is normally associated with comedy films and also the expression on his face<br />
  2. 2. The dark and light clouds, make you feel small<br />Kite connotes freedom<br />Few gaps in the clouds shows that there is few opportunities<br />The clouds show that there is something stopping them <br />Prestigious writing <br />They are aspiring to be the kite, to be free<br />Trying to make somehitng better<br />The gold writing connotes, royalty and money<br />Mid shot, shows surrounding <br />Narrative bond between boys, brown guy supporting the blue guy<br />List of institutions, and websites also the actors<br />Flag represents nationalities<br />
  3. 3. The colour of the sky is a very light blue showing that the film is light hearted <br />The character is in the centre of the poster and takes up most of the space suggesting that he is the main character <br />The strap line is a quote from a review <br />The pictures on his t-shirt are of a time line, there are scenes of him with another character and each is different showing that this could be his time spent with summer (the female character<br />The (500) is in brackets which could suggest that this was not relevant to the title but just to state the amount of time they were together<br />At the bottom of the pictures, the character names are displayed in smaller font so that is does not distract from the main image<br />Faint credits about the film are shown<br />
  4. 4. One character is in the center of the poster, suggesting that she is one of the main characters and that she is Juliet<br />There is an envelope taking up half of the poster, also suggesting that this is the main focus of the film<br />There are two people in a smaller picture, this could portray that this is her fantasy, something that she has dreamed of the person who is writing to her<br />
  5. 5. The poster is in black and white suggesting that it is a modern film<br />The title of the film is in red, it stands out from the background of the black and white photo, drawing your eyes to the title<br />The slogan for the film is positive, emphasising that the film could also be a positive film, also on the side in fait are the directors and actors<br />The poster gives the effect that is has been a book placed on the floor or table, this also emphasises that the film could be an adaptation<br />As both of the characters are in black, this shows that they are of similar characters and the film is about them.<br />