SQX Solution Day 2013 Q2 - Surveon MegaPixel Solution Update


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Surven presentation from SQX Solution Day on 26-04-2013

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SQX Solution Day 2013 Q2 - Surveon MegaPixel Solution Update

  1. 1. Complete MegapixelSolutionsSales & Marketing DepartmentSurveon Technology 2013
  2. 2. 2Agenda• Company Introduction• Full Line Megapixel IP Cameras• Enterprise Video Management Solutions• Successful Case• Question & Answer
  3. 3. 1. Company Introduction3
  4. 4. 4Company Overview• Founded: 1993 (TAIEX: 2495)• Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan• Production Facilities: Taiwan• Global Logistic: USA, UK, China, Japan• Employees: 550• CEO: Stone Lo• Core Technology: Storage, ASIC, Video, NetworkPartner & Association
  5. 5. 5Proven Design & Manufacturing QualitySecurity &SurveillanceMilitaryChannel & Service Media &BroadcastingResearch &EducationMedicalInternet ServiceProvider
  6. 6. 6World Class Manufacturing Floor Area: 43,000 Square Feet High Quality Camera, NVR, Storage Manufacturing Full Operation Lines: SMT, DIP, System Assembly Operation: Since January 2000 Location: Taipei, Taiwan Customers: World Leading Security GiantsISO-9001:2000 & ISO-14001:2004 Certified
  7. 7. 7SFIS Identification and TraceabilityReal-timePaperlessTrackingMonitoringControlJIT ManagementOpen DatabaseS/N PrintingSFIS DBServerRepairPackingIn Process OQC ShippingAssembly Hi-PotVibration T1 T2NGError codePassCollect DataRun in /Bun in
  8. 8. 8Main Challenges for Megapixel Surveillance• Large Bandwidth Requirement on Disk I/O• Huge Storage Capacity• Lack of Highly Integrated E2E Solutions“Everything looks nice, but when I putthem all together, problems come..”
  9. 9. 9How Surveon Empowers Partners withHighly Integrated SolutionsCamera & VMS SWVMS SW &HW PlatformNVR &StorageIssueUnstable Connection,Video LostCompatibility Issue,Unstable,24/7 OperationUnstable System,Video LostSurveonFull Integration,Complete Solutions,Milestone MAP PartnerFull Integration,Own Design NVR,Milestone MSP PartnerFull Integration,Own Design Storage,Milestone MSP PartnerVxxxtNice VxxxFull Integration,Complete SolutionsOutsourced HW N/AAxxs/Vxxxxk N/A N/A or Outsourced N/ASurveon is the only company in the segment with 100% own design andmanufacturing for IP camera, VMS, NVR & Storage.
  10. 10. 10Our PositionTo Provide Complete Solutions from Megapixel Cameras and NVRto Video Storage – 100% In-house Design & Production.Megapixel CameraRAID NVR Enterprise Video StorageVideo ManagementSoftware
  11. 11. 2. Full Line Megapixel Network Cameras112.1 Full Line Megapixel Cameras2.2 Advanced CCTV Features2.3 Video Quality & Reliability
  12. 12. 2. Full Line Megapixel Network Cameras122.1 Full Line Megapixel Cameras2.2 Advanced CCTV Features2.3 Video Quality & ReliabilityV
  13. 13. Full Line from 1M, 2M, 3M to 5M
  14. 14. 14Compact Full HD Series Cameras• Ideal Solutions for CCTV up grade Project• Mini & Compact Size Design• 1920 x 1080 @ H.264 Video Decoding, D-WDR• Wide Selection: D/N, IR – LED, IP66,CAM1320 CAM1301 CAM3351
  15. 15. 15Premium Series Full HD Cameras• Professional Full HD Cameras• P-IRIS, 3 X Zoom Auto Focus & Individual ISP• Advanced Image Features: 3DNR, Defog, HLC• Wide Temperature, IP66, Vandal ProveCAM3371Full HD IP66 Bullet3 x Zoom & Auto FocusCAM2311PFull HD BoxCAM4371Full HD Vandal Proof Dome3 x Zoom & Auto Focus
  16. 16. 16Surveon New Generation Megapixel CamerasCAM3471Full HD IP66 BulletCAM2441Full HD BoxCAM4471Full HD Vandal Proof DomeROI, H.264 SVC, HDR, Auto Focus• 5Mega @ 14.5 FPS, 2M @ 60 FPS, 3M @ 30 FPS• Advanced ISP Features• High Dynamic Range, ROI, Auto FocusQ2, 2013
  17. 17. 17360 Degree Fish Eye Cameras• 5 Megapixel Image Sensor @ 14.5 FPS• Professional ceiling mount and flush mount• Advanced ISP Features• ROI, 3DNR, Local StorageCAM7511Q2, 2013
  18. 18. 2. Full Line Megapixel Network Cameras182.1 Full Line Megapixel Cameras2.2 Advanced CCTV Features2.3 Video Quality & ReliabilityV
  19. 19. 19 Record to camera SD card during network failure Automatic resend the video to NVR Automatic bandwidth control for resending videoIdeal Solutions for Mission Critical SurveillanceMegapixel CameraMegapixel RAID NVRRecording Recovery for OfflineIntense brokennetwork unstable
  20. 20. 20 Megapixel IP Camera is hard to do the right focus Easy to lose focus by vibration, temperature change etc. Reduce the effort on installation and maintenanceSurveon One touch - Auto Focus SolutionsReduce the installation effortAlways clear image
  21. 21. 21Advanced Image Features – Defog & HLCDefog - River & HarborDefog - Public Utility Multi Region – High Light CompensationStreet Monitoring
  22. 22. 2. Full Line Megapixel Network Cameras222.1 Full Line Megapixel Cameras2.2 Advanced CCTV Features2.3 Video Quality & ReliabilityV
  23. 23. 23Key Factors for Image QualityLens Sensor ISP Codec FirmwareFunction Get Light, Image Sensor Image Pre-Process Compress Basic FunctionsImportance High High Medium Low Very LowRef. Spec.IR CorrectionTransparent RatioSize, NoiseLow Light3D De-NoiseColor PatternWDRH.264Codec ProfileFor DifferentEnvironmentsSurveonHigh QualityJapanese LensSony Exmor SensorIndependentISPTI, SOC Own DesignThe image quality depends on the key components of the cameras.
  24. 24. 24Surveon CAM3371 AXIS Q1755 Day Out
  25. 25. 25Demo Video
  26. 26. 26Industrial Grade ComponentsDesigned for 3 Year WarrantySurveon IP Camera –Industrial Grade DesignTantalum capacitors and ceramic capacitors– High Temperature and 3+ year LifeOther’s IP Camera DesignStandard components-Low operating temperature and low warranty
  27. 27. 3. Surveon Enterprise VMS SolutionsProven Solutions form VMS, NVR to Storage273.1 Optimized Megapixel NVR3.2 Enterprise VMS Software3.3 Video Storage
  28. 28. 3. Surveon Enterprise VMS SolutionsProven Solutions form VMS, NVR to Storage283.1 Optimized Megapixel NVR3.2 Enterprise VMS Software3.3 Video StorageV
  29. 29. One Solutions for All PlatformsMinimize costs of your megapixel project by simplifying the projectdesign, management, Integration, expansion and training.29From 4 – 3000 CH, 2 – 120 Disks
  30. 30. 30I/O & Storage @ Full HD IP CamerasNumber ofIP CamerasStorage I/ORequirementNumber of HDCommon PCSolutionSurveon NVR8 32 5 Yes Yes16 64 11 No Yes20 80 14 No Yes25 100 17 No Yes32 128 22 No Yes40 160 27 No Yes50 200 34 No Yes64 256 43 No Yes• 30 days continuous recording• Based on 2TB HDCommon PC or SW RAID supports <30 Mbps I/O forrandom writing and disk recycling
  31. 31. 64 Channel Full HD @ 1920 FPS RAID NVR31E2E Proven Solutions for 64 CHFull HD Megapixel RAID NVRSupport up to 480 TB Storage withRAID ProtectionBuilt-in Storage Control, Integration Free, Proven Enterprise SolutionsNVR2164 – 16BEnterprise RIADSubsystemCertified performance with recycling + degradeand rebuild mode for megapixel random writing
  32. 32. 3. Surveon Enterprise VMS SolutionsProven Solutions form VMS, NVR to Storage323.1 Optimized Megapixel NVR3.2 Enterprise VMS Software3.3 Video StorageV
  33. 33. 33Client Server & Multiple Layer VMS SolutionsStreetMonitoring …Zone ALayer 2 Command CenterLayer 3 LocalMonitoringTrafficMonitoringZone BCommand CenterIP SANLayer 3 LocalMonitoringScalable on client, camera, storage and Centre Monitoring
  34. 34. Actionable Monitoring & Smart Investigation34Instant View/PB VI Event Video Clip BookmarkDatabase Quick Event Query Case Management
  35. 35. Real-time Video Analytics Engine35
  36. 36. Surveon CMS – TV Matrix V2.4.936• Built-in CMS Centralized Management• Direct Matrix Client Panel to Manage, Live view TV Matrix• Cooperate Level Solutions Ready with All Surveon NVR
  37. 37. Easy Scalable for Client-Server FrameworkPhase 1: All-in-onePhase 3: Move to Central ManagementPhase 2 : +1 NVRPhase 3 : +1 NVR37
  38. 38. 3. Surveon Enterprise VMS SolutionsProven Solutions form VMS, NVR to Storage383.1 Optimized Megapixel NVR3.2 Enterprise VMS Software3.3 Video StorageV
  39. 39. 39Full Line of IP Video Storage• Interface: FC, iSCSI, SAS, 6G SAS• Form Factors: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U Single, Redundant Ctrl• Drive: 3.5” SAS, NL SAS, SATA, FC• Scalability: Up to 240 Drives• Software: SANWatch Management SuiteConsolidation, Flexibility,Highly Available, Simple,Affordable
  40. 40. Professional Storage DesignProven DesignThermalVibrationCable FreeRedundantPSU + CoolingCombo ModuleRAID Controller
  41. 41. 41Bosch SecurityHW RAID Controller StorageHoneywell SecurityHW RAID Controller StorageSurveon NVR2100 Series uses the same Enterprise Storage SolutionsProven Quality & Performance
  42. 42. 4. Milestone EMREnd to End Proven Solutions with Milestone Xprotect42
  43. 43. 43Why Surveon Milestone EMR Solutions?Surveon EMRSeriesCOTS or PC NVR BenefitsProfessional VideoApplianceV NASelling a ProfessionalAppliance vs. Selling PCCertificated ProvenSolutionsV NAInstallation & IntegrationFree, Reliable SolutionsComplete QA Process -300 Hours Assurance TestV NA ReliabilityProduction Base – SOP,Production LineV (Factory) NA (Office Assemble) ReliabilityIntegrated RAID V (High End RAID) NA Megapixel Optimized100% Own Design V NA Quality Control, Commitment
  44. 44. 44Surveon EMR Series2, 5 BAY NVR, 16CH 8 BAY NVR, 16CH 12 BAY NVR, 32CHMax. 112 BAY NVR, 64CH iSCSI Centralized Solutions, Unlimited Channels• Milestone Complete Solutions for Great China• Preload System for worldwide
  45. 45. 45EMR9000 DAS Series General Spec• Server Grade Quad Core XEON Processor• Build In EonStor DAS/iSCSI RAID Controller• 1 U Industrial Grade Server Design• 4 x How Swappable FAN Module• 2 x How Swappable Redundant Power• Build in 6 x GLAN, 2 x SAS PortRedundant Power6 x GLAN 2 x SAS PortXProtect ProfessionalXProtect EnterpriseEMR9000Dec, 2011
  46. 46. 46EMR8000 Series General Spec• 8 – 48 Channel Megapixel Recording• Built In Hard RAID – AP Protected with RAID1• Intel Gen 2 Core i Series Processor• 8 x Hot Swappable Hard Disk• Compact Desktop Size• Duo Display, Duo LAN, Front Panel LCD, WDTXProtect EssentialXProtect XpressXProtect Professional
  47. 47. 47Performance & Test Report - SASTotalChannelsResolution Compression Bit Rate FPSMotionDetectlevelKey FrameOnlyDetection IntervalDetectionResolutionArchivingRecordingChannelsClientChannelsLive ViewClientChannelsPlaybackServerCPULoadingLive viewThroughputperIPCam(Mb/s)PlaybackThroughputperIPCam(Mb/s)Server NetworkThroughput(Recording Mb/s)ServerNetworkThroughput(PlaybackMb/s)32 1080p H.264 6Mbps 25 Off N/A N/A NA Yes 32 2 x 48 1 x 16 14-20% 5.64 6.10 171.3-176.8 65.2-99.8132 1080p H.264 6Mbps 25 High On 500ms 100% Yes 32 2 x 48 1 x 16 18-23% 5.30 5.80 170.6-175.7 66.97-92.7438 1080p H.264 6Mbps 25 Off N/A N/A NA Yes 38 2 x 48 1 x 16 30-43% 5.83 6.24 186.5-193.4 29.37-99.5138 1080p H.264 6Mbps 25 High On 500ms 100% Yes 38 2 x 48 1 x 16 29-38% 5.78 6.23 189.4-192.9 36.4-99.848 1080p H.264 6Mbps 25 Off N/A N/A NA Yes 48 2 x 48 1 x 16 29-38% 5.08 6.00 247.9-251.8 34.78-99.748 1.3M H.264 2Mbps 20 Off N/A N/A NA Yes 48 2 x 48 1 x 16 15-22% 1.80 2.52 75.1-81.3 15.28-46.1848 1.3M H.264 2Mbps 20 High On 500ms 100% Yes 48 2 x 48 1 x 16 22-32% 1.73 3.24 77.2-80.1 4.32-33.2450 1080p H.264 6Mbps 25 Off N/A N/A NA Yes 48 2 x 48 1 x 16 32-47% 5.90 6.18 250.4-254.1 40.58-99.664 1.3M H.264 2Mbps 20 Off N/A N/A NA Yes 64 2 x 48 1 x 16 23-26% 1.71 2.36 100.1-110.6 2.04-42.7864 1080p H.264 6Mbps 25 Off N/A N/A NA N/A 64 N/A N/A 48-55% N/A N/A 348.8-355.7 N/A64 1080p H.264 6Mbps 25 Off N/A N/A NA N/A 64 2 x 32 1 x 16 56-60% 4.48-5.13 5.21-5.46 345.9-353.8 83.5-87.3
  48. 48. 5. Successful Case Study48
  49. 49. Great China Reference Project on VideoRecording• 北京電視台• 教育電視台• 河南電視台• 江蘇電視台• 湖南電視台• 遼寧電視台• 南京電視台• 江西电视台• 北京電影學院• SuperTV 台湾超级电视台• 台灣三立• 台灣民視• 公視台灣• TVB 无线电视台• 电讯盈科财经频道/香港
  50. 50.  Customer:Kainan University, Taiwan Campus size: 17 hectare Project Needs: 120 IP cameras with 60 days recording Improve campus service quality andevent responsiveness Prevent theft and vandalism Tighten up campus security Improve quality of surveillance video Provide more active managements andinstantaneous reactions to incidents Reduce cost for video systemmaintenance50Campus Security
  51. 51.  Surveon Solution: CAM4260 megapixel D/N vandal proofoutdoor dome CAM2201 megapixel D/N box CAM6180 D/N outdoor speed dome NVR2032 HW RAID NVR with 48TBstorage Surveon video analytics51 Surveon Solution and Benefits: All-in-one solution that meets 60day recording Distinguishingly stable HD and zeroframe loss HW RAID NVR ensures megapixelrecording reliability Real-time VI detection upgradessecurity managements Complete solution simplifies projectintegration Smart investigation for easy casemanagementCampus Security
  52. 52. Factory Security52 Customer:OMNILIFE, nutritional supplementsmanufacturer, Colombia Project Needs: Proven end to end solutionsfor megapixel recording Support 120-day recording Improve surveillance in large areas,indoor, outdoor Prevent theft and vandalism Improve quality of surveillance videoimages Provide more active management Quicken event responsiveness Reduce cost for system maintenance
  53. 53. 53Factory Security Surveon Solution: CAM2400 megapixel D/N box CAM2320 3 megapixel box CAM4220 megapixel D/N fixed dome CAM6160 megapixel D/N outdoor speeddome NVR2048 36-bay hardware RAID NVR Surveon video analytics Surveon Solution Benefits: Certified end to end solutions, fromcameras, NVR, VMS, to storage 120-day megapixel recording H/W RAID NVR ensures reliability Easy integration Real-time VI detection Smart investigation Exemplary performance, extremely stableHD and zero frame loss
  54. 54. Public Utility Security54 Customer: KL Tower, Malaysia Tower Size: 421 meters high Project Needs: Proven end to end solutions formegapixel recording Support 120-day continuous recording Support surveillance in wide and openareas Enterprise VMS and storage with up to300TB System scalability and long videoretention period Improve quality of video images Provide more active management Reduce cost for system maintenance management Quicken event responsiveness Reduce cost for system maintenance
  55. 55. 55Public Utility Security Surveon Solution: CAM3365 3 megapixel D/N fixed bullet CAM4365 3 megapixel D/N outdoorfixed dome NVR2048 hardware RAID NVR Surveon video analytics Surveon enterprise centralmanagement software (CMS) Surveon SANwatch storage monitoringsuite Surveon Solution Benefits: Certified end to end solutions, fromcameras, NVR, VMS, to storage 120-day megapixel recording Hardware RAID NVR ensures reliability Exemplary performance, extremelystable HD and zero frame loss Easy integration Central management Real-time VI detection & Smartinvestigation
  56. 56. City Surveillance56 Customer: A Capital in Asia Project Scope: 3,000 IP cameras inthe city Project Needs: Industrial-grade megapixel cameras iSCSI direct video recording Low light sensitivity for streetmonitoring Network status monitoring BNC out for easy installation 3 megapixel video resolution Advanced high light compensation Central management
  57. 57. 57City Surveillances – 3000 Chanels3000 x Set Cameras + RX + Coaxial (1000m) + TX200 Site Front End Box with (Switch, NVR, Power Supplier, Cabling …)1000 M, RJ45FiberVPN30-50 Police StationCommandCenterLocalMonitoring
  58. 58. 58500 CH Centralized StoragePut Server & Storage on the Back End
  59. 59. 59Summary• Mega pixel Surveillance is the Clear Trend• Challenges on Mega pixel Surveillances• How Surveon Empower our Partner?• Full Line Camera, NVR and Storage• Enterprise Video Management Solutions• Optimized for Mega pixel recording• Commitments on R&D and future product
  60. 60. Questions & Answers60
  61. 61. Standby Slides61
  62. 62. Versatile Display Mode62• Virtual Matrix – Multiple View Mode• Unified Client for Local, Remote and CMS Monitoring• Multi–Layer Active e-Map Support• InView HTML, View Sequence, Stream Selection• Up to 8 Matrix / Monitor Support• Instant Playback, on line Bookmark• Joy Stick, On Screen PTZ
  63. 63. Multi-Client & Internet SupportedADSL Switch/RouterVMS Client – Full FunctionWeb Client –Simple Function through IEiPhone Client –Remote MonitoringLANNATPort ForwardingReal-time StreamSelection S1 / S2TranscodeStreamTranscodeStream63
  64. 64. Optimized for Megapixel Surveillance64I/O Performance Storage CapacityChallenges95% Write, 5% ReadNon-stop Recording6 x Bit Rate than CIFAlways RecyclingRandom R/WCapacityManagementMaintenanceScalabilitySurveon SolutionsEnterprise RAID SubsystemHW Based RAID NVR2 – 120+ DisksBuilt-in ManagementEasy ScalableCommon Solutions None, COTS-based, Software RAID None, COTS based, NAS