Prometheus, pandora chapter summer 2012


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Prometheus, pandora chapter summer 2012

  1. 1. Prometheus, Pandora, et al
  2. 2. There are four figures in this painting, from your left they are aneagle, so the next figure must be Zeus, the boy is Ganymede, and the final figure is Prometheus stealing fire from Mt. Olympus for his mortals. Zeus originally took fire from humans to punish Prometheus for tricking him with the sacrifice. The pitcher and two-handled drinking cup next to Ganymede are in the same shapes as those used in ancient Greece. We’ll encounter Zeus and Ganymede in the next reading assignment
  3. 3. An old photo of a great stone relief depictingPrometheus on Mt. Olympus stealing fire (a glowingember) on the end of a fennel staff. He is sneaking away from the workshop of Hephaestus and the Cyclopes
  4. 4. Jan Cossier Prometheus brings Fire to Humanity Painting by Heinrich Friedrich Füger in 1817
  5. 5. What follows here is one photodepicting a scene from classical myth,created and staged by a myth student. Note the fabulous modernization and interpretation of this scene.Know that this will be your assignment in the second half of this course
  6. 6. • Take a good look… at Prometheus stealing fire…
  7. 7. An appropriate symbol on Zeus’ t-shirt
  8. 8. BTW, whatkind of beer does Zeus drink?
  9. 9. You’d think Zeus hadbetter taste… 
  10. 10. One tradition states that Prometheus fashioned the first man from mud. Here he is shaping him. Athena(Roman Minerva) stands by. Noticethat Athena is recognizable through her helmet, the only goddess who wears one
  11. 11. After Prometheus stole the fire from Mt. Olympus, Zeuspunished both Prometheus and his beloved humans. He had his henchman Kratos and Bia(Greek for Power and Strength) chain Prometheus to the Caucasus mountains, beyond the edge of civilization.To give you some perspective, here’s Athens and Troy
  12. 12. Every day an eagle (or vulture) ate Prometheus’ liverwhich would grow back every night. Prometheus, a son of a Titan, was immortal, so this punishment was unending...
  13. 13. The Torture ofPrometheus, 1819
  14. 14. Prometheus by Christian Griepenkerl (1839-1916)
  15. 15. The inside image of aGreek drinkingcup: Atlas on the left isholding up the sky, and there’s our buddy Prometheus again. Prometheuswas eventually saved byHeracles…butthat’s another story…
  16. 16. Another student photo— interpretation of the Prometheusand Eagle scene.Keep this future assignment inmind as you read subsequent assignments…
  17. 17. Before Prometheus (Greek: pro-metis = for- thinker) was taken away, he told his brother Epimetheus (epi-metis = backwards thinker) not toaccept anything from Zeus. But Zeus had other plans. He planned to punish Prometheus’ men by creating and sending a terrible thing: woman. Hermes delivered the firstwoman, called Pandora, toEpimetheus. She had a jar (later called a box)...
  18. 18. …which she was not supposed to open…but she did. The box contained all the evils in the world. She shut the box before all could get out, leaving only HOPE (so is hope a good or bad thing?). Thus we have an etiological story (KNOW THIS TERM) for three things: how and why women were created, why evils exist in the world, and marriage(Pandora married Epimetheus). The story explicitly blames woman for introducing evilsinto the world, just as Adam pointed the finger at Eve, who encouraged Adam to eat the apple. The artist of these paintings is John Waterhouse.
  19. 19. More of Waterhouse’s work: he seems touse the same female in every painting. We’ll encounter these works in several weeks
  20. 20. Pandora is a commonly depictedmythologicalcharacter, as a search of Google’s images will prove
  21. 21. The next five images are from the story of Zeus turning King Lycaon into a wolf, the flood story, then Deucalion andPyrrha creating another race of mortals