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Social marketing campaign essay sample from essay writing services

  1. 1. A Report on a Social Marketing Campaign: Healthy Eating Report Submitted By Student Name Course University
  2. 2. PART 1: Background, purpose and focus of the social marketing campaign 1.1 The key background information Healthy eating is always helpful for the people to have health body free with the diseases and the sharp brain. Healthy eating is important issue in now days where the food is polluted with the chemicals. If the healthy food is not given to the community then the chances of increasing nutrition problem and other diseases are high. There have been promoted about the healthy eating, number of training and nursing have been established for the healthy eating, eating standards have been decided. Health eating have a great impact on the society and the people in terms of their health and spreading the diseases. For this there is need to have the complete awareness that what is healthy eating and how does it make benefits to the people and what can be done for have healthy eating. Healthy eating begins with how to eat and goes to the depth to the advantages of it and effect to the societies. Fig: Healthy eating effect on family, Source: national health survey, 2012 United Kingdom Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing your mood, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible– all of which can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and using them in a way that works for you. You can expand your range of healthy food choices and learn how to plan ahead to create and maintain a tasty, healthy diet. 1.2 Campaign purpose and intended impact or benefit
  3. 3. The campaign purpose is to spread the awareness about the healthy eating and its benefits and disadvantages to the people. The main purpose is to make aware to the societies so that the problem of diseases can be reduced and the environment can be healthy too. This healthy eating campaign will help in reducing the chances of diseases and which will impact on the health expenses and the existing hospitals. The society will be healthy and the people will think differently. The campaign can be evaluated through the impact on the society and the reduction in the health problems to the society. The economy also gets affected because of this as reducing the expenses in the health care services and medicines. 1.3 Campaign focus The campaign focuses on the awareness about the healthy eating and its benefits to the society. The society needs a clear approach to know about why the healthy eating is important so in that case this campaign is absolutely perfect. There are many health care organizations, non-profit government organizations, governments, and other commercial & charities. All organizations either government or non-government want to focus on the healthy eating improvement and knowledge about it by the people. 1.4 Situation analysis Internal Strengths - Social marketing campaign for the healthy eating are becoming very popular and its effect on the people or societies can be seen now days. The people are more aware about the eating habits, its benefits, and what to eat or when. Many government organizations, non-government organizations and institutes are more taking care of all kind so of healthy eating. Lots of projects are being operated in the world like Michelle Obama’s healthy eating social campaign in year 2010 in United States of America, European Healthy eating campaign named as ‘The Tasty Bunch’ in year 2009 so can say that the social campaign helps a lot in the healthy eating case and make aware to the people.
  4. 4. Internal Weaknesses: Social marketing campaign for the healthy eating is beneficial in most of the cases but in some case there comes problems as lots of people don’t understand the basics, people don’t have resources in plenty, the most of the population is living under the poverty level so they are unable to follow any ideas. External Opportunities: Social marketing campaign in healthy eating have lots of opportunities like to connect with the every kind of people, making the health care services easy and affordable, people are being healthy, many government and non-government organizations are ready to help poor’s for their food, education and health. External Threats: As such there are no issues in social marketing healthy eating campaign but as need more expenses so for that people might not join the campaign or some people or organizations might use it for their personal or commercial benefits.
  5. 5. Part 2: Target market, Goals, Barriers and Competition 2.1 Target group Healthy eating through social marketing campaign learns to the people about the healthy tips, eating habits and all. The main target of the social marketing campaign about the healthy eating is to reach to the youngsters to let them know about the benefits and importance of the healthy eating for their life and future generation. Mainly target group is from 14 to 35 years people because the bad habits are mostly found in this age group and this age group don’t take food seriously and get in to the diseases. Percentage of age group 50 45 40 35 30 25 Percentage of age group 20 15 10 5 0 0 -14 15-25 26-35 36-50 50+ Graph: Percentage of the target age group for the healthy eating social marketing campaign This graph shows that the youngsters who are in age group of 14-35 are very much careless in regard to their food habits, its benefits and importance and just go for alcohols, drugs and other related harmful stuffs. For the age group 0-14 there is also need to take care of the healthy eating by their parents because this age group moves to the bad eating habits if not guided properly. Daniel Berslin in his article published on March, 2012 states that in a social marketing healthy eating campaign by Makespace, the youngsters were found having the more healthy issues than others.
  6. 6. Fig: Social poster by Make Space for healthy eating for youngsters stating as ‘Eat Well, fell great’. 2.2 Objectives The main objective of this social marketing campaign is to spread awareness among the people about the healthy eating and its impacts on the body. The people especially the youngsters need to change their habits form the alcohols, drugs to the healthy eating. They should have knowledge that why healthy eating is important, and what they need to eat and what not.
  7. 7. Youngsters or people thinking about the drugs and alcohols that it gives them energy need to change. The healthy eating social marketing campaign is to focus on the goal to change the thinking of the people especially the youngsters that healthy eating is must for their body, brain and for future which can defend you against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression, and can boost your energy, sharpen your memory and stabilize your mood. The barriers that the audience adopts are not having the knowledge about the healthy eating and its benefits. The audiences only know that alcohol and drugs gives them more pleasure or make them happy and it also doesn’t affect the body too. Their behaviour in case of these barriers needs to change and let them know that what is the impact or benefits of the healthy eating to the body and mind. 2.3 Key benefits the target audience will be motivated Through the social marketing campaign about the healthy eating the target audience will surely be motivated towards the healthy life and healthy mind or body. This will help them to avoid from alcohols, drugs and related activities and will make their life happier. The physical activity, healthy weight, breastfeeding, mental wellbeing etc. can be improved and the living life will be better. The society will be safe and sound and the physical environment will be good. The health inequalities can be tackling in the country where the social campaign is done. The deprived group who are unaware of the healthy eating and related problems will be motivated towards the good healthy life. This social campaign approach aims towards empower and enable people or target group so that they can make achievable and lasting changes to their lives. The serious chronic diseases like heart problems, obesity, diabetes and cancer etc. For example, a social healthy eating campaign was started in year 2008 by Central government of Scotland named as ‘Take Life On’ based on similar aim. (Scotland Government, News Report, 2008) 2.4 Alternative behaviours Healthy eating social marketing campaign also help the people to motivate towards the alternative behaviours like thinking towards the good change, society benefits, economical
  8. 8. advantages and future generation healthy advantages. It also empowers them to keep their family healthy and happy. The social campaign will not cost anything to the audiences in regard to their health issues, healthy lives and safe and sound societies. They will leave the habits of alcohol and drugs and will normal life which will increase their life age too. All these things can be get for free just because of the awareness to the people through the social marketing campaign about healthy eating and related activities.
  9. 9. PART 3: Positioning and Marketing Strategies 3.1 Positioning statement Social marketing campaigns are always beneficial to the society or to the people. This statement can be proven through the past year campaigns run by the different organizations, governments etc. in the different countries. We want that the target audiences specially the youngsters to see live their life as happily and healthy as through the healthy eating habits, its impacts on body and mind as well as its future benefits too and as more important and beneficial than the alcohols, and drugs consumption. 3.2 Product design and platform The below poster can be sued to promote about the healthy food that provides vitamins and benefits of the vitamins on the body and to their life. Fig: Benefits of healthy foods that contains vitamins Source: National Health Survey, UK
  10. 10. For social marketing campaign for healthy eating, there is need of different type of products and activities like poster creation, videos, short stories, serials, advertisements, surveys, polls, and some real life situation related activities in some places by playing characters based on a story that effect because of the healthy eating and its disadvantages. Generally, some real life story based play and posters place to place are very much important. Posters like based on some kind of activity such as vitamins benefits, disadvantages of alcohols, diseases causes because of the drugs or unhealthy eating, effect on the body and mind because of the healthy eating etc. The communities should be formed which can take care of the social awareness towards the healthy eating in different places. The health care service providers, hospitals and non-government institutes or charities must have such kind of awareness and healthy eating related activities in the nearby areas where they are established to promote healthy environment. 3.3 Price Basically the social marketing campaign should be free of cost to the audiences. The older people should be given incentives for their healthy eating activities. The youngsters may need to pay some charges if necessary. Although government and non-profit organizations provide free health care related activities and healthy eating tips to the people. 3.4 Place The target audiences will perform the desired behaviour in the working offices, in homes or societies. If they know about the healthy eating then at the age of 10 or above the desired behaviour can be seen. The non-profit organizations, medical or health care groups need to help or support in the social marketing campaign for healthy eating. These societies or group helps in promoting our efforts towards the healthy eating and related activities. 3.5 Promotion The key message to the targeted audiences is to let them know about the healthy eating and its benefits to the body and mind as well as effect to their lives. The message is delivered through
  11. 11. different mediums like posters, news papers, short plays and health care organizations. The creative strategies like logos, taglines, script and visuals are important for the social campaign. Logo – Will be like that where healthy people live their life happily with the healthy eating Tagline - Healthy benefits with the healthy eating Visuals, colours and sounds: The video will play about the benefits from the healthy eating and its advantages and the disadvantages from the alcohol and drugs. For this TV, Radio, Newspaper, social media websites, video channels and other short plays live in the societies are important.
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