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Customer service essay sample from essay writing services

  1. 1. Service experience/Service concept report Report Submitted By Student Name University
  2. 2. Table of Contents Service Log .............................................................................................................................................. 3 Introduction ............................................................................................................................................ 6 Literature Review .................................................................................................................................... 8 Conclusion ............................................................................................................................................. 11 Recommendations ................................................................................................................................ 12 References ............................................................................................................................................ 13
  3. 3. Service Log Date / Time / Place Description/ Experience Management concept 01-11-2012 In the morning time in the hotel I stayed was good as Customer 07:00 AM with the time to time the employees of the hotel were Experience XYZ Hotel serving well. Every information regarding the hotel Management Services and nearby areas were also provided so that there will not be any issue to the new place. The facilities and the activities in the hotel were up to date as per the convenience to the customers. The cleaning in the room and the outdoor facilities were well and taken care by the hotel staffs time to time. The overall experience can be described as excellent because of the excellent service. The customer engagement and customer loyalty was the best service that I experienced there in my life time. The satisfaction from my side for the facilities and the services by the hotel is also excellent. 02-18-2012 The experience of the travel services and facilities Service 05:00 PM made me proud to think again about the travel Culture ABC Travels Ltd. services to come back again in future and use the same travel services. Every staff of the travel company did the great Job. I didn’t even ask for anything from the staff as already was on the right place already and everything was so cool and looking like familiar that I have used the service there earlier. The communication skills and greetings by the travel staffs and helping in any difficulty that may occur during the travel with them were awesome. The customer friendly environment was really great and impressed me a lot. As a customer I can say that the
  4. 4. travel experience with them was good. 03-21-2012 I am very fond of shopping on different places so I 10:00 AM went to one of the best shopping centre of the city to Service Shopping Centre buy some clothes. As soon I reached there, I found Recovery myself very happy because the decoration and architecture of the shopping mall was really awesome than I visited earlier. It was automatic system there for security checking and entering in the centre. Also there were separate departments for the each kind of brand of clothes so that the customer can choose accordingly based on their choice. I bought some clothes for me and returned to my place then I found that there is some defect in the cloths and went there again for returning or exchanging the cloths. The thing I observed was really good as they helped me to choose better cloths and the earlier one they took and refunded my whole money. I felt very good that they had returning policy too. 04-06-2012 The place where I went to visit was far from my place Self-service 2:00 PM and I was in need to connect with my family members Technologies Telecommunication so that I can tell them where I am and what doing system on a Hill there. For that I went to a telephone centre so that I Station could make a call to my family. The thing that I observed was surprising as there was only one telephone booth and there were many people who were standing in the queue for a long time. When my number came, I found that the phone was also not working perfectly as I was not able to hear the voice of my family members clearly. After some time when I came out they asked me for payment, I found that they were charging 3 times more than the normal call even though I could not talk. This was m worst
  5. 5. experience there. 05-15-2012 With the transportation system, my experience was Employee 6:00 PM not good as can say worst ever in my life. I was Attitudes Transportation planning to go somewhere and booked a cab for that System so that can go timely. At the time I was waiting for the cab to come so that I can go with time. I waited for a long time and found that the cab did not reach neither the owner nor driver called me back to inform that it is late. When I called to the owner, what the owner said was unreliable as he is not responsible for anything as he already sent the can for me. The owner also didn’t provide me the phone number of the driver so that I can talk with him. It was getting late to me and no one was replying nicely. After a long wait I saw the cab and also when asked with the driver why he was late, he said what should I will do, he will drop me before time. The best service management concept is Customer Experience Management.
  6. 6. Introduction The service in the hotel was very good, as based on my experience in the hotel I found that every staffs of the hotel was communicating with me nicely and also to the other customers was very good. The best thing I found there was the service culture because on every hour the staff member was asking from the customers that did they any issue with the service in the hotel and also every staff was co-operating to the customers. The information about the hotel and nearby areas, rules and regulations were introduced by them while discussing the services available there. No employee was making the service request delay and happily serving the customers at any time when there is a need. The available facilities for the customer purpose was good and with the best and easy to use. Either it is room service or the outdoor service available there, each place the staff of the hotel were presence and helping to the customers. I have seen there that on staff was taking the old customer to the rest room because he was unable to move easy so it can be said that service culture was very good and helpful towards the customers. The service culture in the hotel was very good and this is more important in the hotel for the customers. The service experience chosen above is very necessary for the best hotel services and for better customer services. The service culture impressed me there in the hotel because every staff in the hotel was serving very good and the planning for the service and facilities for the customers were amazing. The selected management concept that best suits for the service is Customer Experience Management because in the hotel management tried their best to serve the customers better and tried to provide the best amazing customer experience that stay in the hotel when come to visit the place. Customer experience management is very important aspect in travel and tourism industry because it measures the customer satisfaction at each level and helps them to increase their interest in the travel and tourism industry. There are some steps need to follow in the travel and tourism industry to ensure the customer experience management such as at every transaction step that includes pre booking, billing, reservations, and services, other stages like customer life cycle like selling, cross selling, through to actual travel, and all the touch points including in-person web, phone, Interactive Voice response, Email, and SMS and other customer related services and the right information, right people and the right timeframe. These things are needed to ensure the quality of the service in the hotel for the customers so that the every customer can be benefited with the hotel services. When I was there in the
  7. 7. hotel, I found that all the services as mentioned above were up to the standards. The transaction process was very fast and easy, and I was informed when my hotel room was booked and the transaction occurred. The feedback policy in the hotel to inform management if anything happens unpleasant in the hotel was good and the response was quite better than the expectation there. Every customer or guest was treated like a member of the hotel and served very nicely. Thus, it can be described as the best management service concept as Customer Experience Management in the hotel that I have experienced there. All the theories of the customer experience management have been applied in the reality to make the better customer experience in the hotel.
  8. 8. Literature Review Customer Experience Management is the important part of the travel and tourism industry because it defines the success of the industry and customer satisfaction. In this industry the competitiveness of the services and facilities mostly depends on the customer satisfaction, if the customer satisfaction is not fulfilled then the service is of no use in the hotel or travel & tourism industry. According to Akbaba, A. (2006) the customer’s expectation from the hotel or tour industry is to have the full satisfaction in terms of services, security, and facilities. The actual experience with the products and services in the industry is important to analyse by the customers so that the customers can understand the value of the service provided by the hotel and tour management. The delivery of the product to the customers should be through the best way so that the customer wouldn’t feel any issue with the service. According to research by Brady, M. & J.J. Cronin (2001) in the tourism and customer experience area states that in tourism destinations, products are service products that generally consist of multiple service touch points which customers perceive prior, during and after their holidays. The customer expectations in the tour and travel industry that matches with the crucial demand for the services in generating the customer satisfaction which are constantly measured and designed as per the customer demand based on the recent trend. The customer insights with the various services in the travel industry mainly in the hotel industry are important because it maps, the expectation in to the reality. The development of the new technologies, for the ease of the services for the customers depends on the several touch points that are needed to ensure the service quality for the customers. The staff or employees of the tour and hotel industry also play the important role in defining the success of the industry. The strength of the industry lies with the strength of the availability of the different kind of services offered to the customers. The orientation and the introduction of the tour industry and the hotel information for the customers are more necessary and that need to be explain them in a better way. Martín Ruiz et al (2008) explained in the research that customer experience management is one of the most vital factors which play an important role in managing the customer satisfaction. The author describes in better way that if any hotel doesn’t have the proper service plan and the activities then it might have the issue for both the customer perspective and to the hotel perspective. The research in leisure and tourist industry explored about the experimental perspectives because in this theory experimental is more important than the theoretical perspectives.
  9. 9. The contributions from the customers are also necessary to make the customer experience better and helpful based on the need of the customers. The satisfaction of the customers is the only key of success in the travel and tourism industry. The each form such as sociological, anthropological and psychological is important in deciding the customer satisfaction and to improve the customer experience in the tour and travel industry. Tourism is not only because of one service but there are number of services in the industry which make the activities better and flexible because for a person who goes to the travel needs lot of things such as transaction, email, mobile, guidance, insurance, ticket and food etc. which means that the person need to make all arrangement before going to travel. Out of these the hotel stay is one of the important factors that can’t be neglect at any point. Therefore, it has been discussed by the number of authors who have written about the tour industry that the tour industry the main factor that plays an important role is the human satisfaction with the provided services in the industry while travelling. Pine and Gilmore, 1999; Schmitt, 2003, Shaw and Evens, 2002; Hemmington, 2007 all explains that what customers are currently looking for is experiences. The expectations of the customers are also changing to the experiences as explained by Pine and Gilmore in year 1999. Every customer just only doesn’t want to live all time with the old traditions but also want to try something new which is very unique and memorable in the history of their life so that the customers can tell the story to the family and to the friends. According to Ross et al. (2008, p.3), the customer are demanding unique experiences in the tour industry and want to experience the things individually. Shaw et al. (2005, p.13) also suggests that the customer experience is described as what they are looking for. In this age all the customer wants to buy the experiences so that their dream can be fulfilled. In year 1970, Tofler a tourism industry analyser mentioned in his own research that the concept of the best possible tourism industry experience in future after year 1999 will be on its height. During that time the word as experience economy introduced in the tourism industry to make aware about both the experience and economy for the customers. Customers not only want the experience but also want the experience for the lower economy so that both can be fulfilled easily. This concept in that time made the new economy based concept that makes the experience unique and memorable for their life. This is the expectation that every customer wants while go for travel and also expects from the hotel and tour industry to provide them as per the requirement. If the customer is willing to visit any place and also if staying in the hotel then customer expects the all necessary services which will make his life memorable and unique.
  10. 10. According to Orsingher, C. & GL. Marzocchi (2003) for the tourism industry the experience of the customer matters a lot because if the customer is not satisfied then there is no meaning of the travel industry to grow more. Therefore, the transformation of the consumer service in to the managerial action is little bit difficult because every customer has its own demand and it is not easy to fulfil the requirement of each customer easily. In other words, service quality measures may be insufficient to assist in our understanding of satisfaction in the tourism industry but the main aim is to provide the customer satisfaction at any stage in the tourism industry. The new focus of the tourism industry is must to provide the unique experience to the customers and making their travel visit memorable for the life time. Therefore the customer experience management is important in the tour or hotel industry. Therefore, this differentiation also provokes a competitive advantage in firms against competition, creating in consequence positive results for companies. Otto, J.E. & J.R. Ritchie (1996) suggests that travel industry is good but these only happens when the customer is satisfied with the services and get the new and unique experience from the travel and hotel industry and with their services.
  11. 11. Conclusion The experience of the customers towards the tourism industry is important because now the expectations of the customers are going as the experiences. The service culture and the customer experience management are the two most important factors which allow the full satisfaction to the customers in the travel and tourism industry. When I visited the hotel found that the services and the customer management were excellent and my experience of travelling as because staying in that hotel became awesome and memorable in the life of mine. There have been lots of researches in the travel and tourism industry by the number of authors and writers in this area and explored about the different opportunities in this area and also in the customer experience management. Finally, it can be said that the customer experience is the most important thing in the travel and tourism industry which defines the success and growth of the industry and also defines the quality of the services in the travel and tourism industry.
  12. 12. Recommendations In the travel and tourism industry it is important to first understand the requirement of the customers and then accordingly need to manage the service industry that will cater the need of the customers. The hotel and travel industry need to give the full security and satisfaction by providing the safe and required facilities in the hotel. The outcome can be improved by providing the unique and memorable experience in the travel or journey or by staying in the hotel. Every hotel should provide the flexibility to the customers to use all the services available in the hotel and the communication of the employees of the hotel should be best and the service request should be respond very quickly and fast. The manager of the hotel or the tour industry need to first analyse the requirement of the customer and also based on the economic budget of the customer the plans and offer should provide.
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