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Mingi babies5


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  • 1. Mingi Babies
  • 2. Ethiopia is in thehorn Its africa. of the only country in africa that has never lost its independence.
  • 3. MINGI:the babies are cursed
  • 4. Children like thiscould be considered aMingi baby... The result would be death.
  • 5. How could a baby be classified asmingi ? There are many reasons a baby could be considered a Mingi baby... If the childs teeth come in If the parents bottom to topdont get the right they are twins, they will If • approval fromkill one or both of the kids If a child is clumsy elders to have a and chips a tooth, it baby If the mom and dad is considered a Mingi are not married
  • 6. The Omo River Where the innocent babies are thrown in, either to drown a slow death, or be devoured brutally
  • 7. The Omo river is not the only place these babies are killed, they also killThere is a concoction them by:that is made by themedicine man, Or babies that were not The herbs that they give approved by the elders to the mothers before they are It allows the be killed makes mother ill"kumbaso" even born in the and end... Kills the baby babies (babies
  • 8. No one keeps track of how many children are killedan estimate is 300 a year though... Thats about the size ofone of CHS graduating classes.
  • 9. Why do the elders do this to theirown people?The elders say: "If they have the mingi, there will be no water, no food, no cattle, But when they throw the baby away, everything is good again." The women dont question the elders there is no other option.
  • 10. Why do they do it? They arethe child will beThey think scared for their tribea burden Because they are clumsyOr They have a special need
  • 11. “They are not doing this because they are evil, wild,savagedmonsters. Theyre doing it out of fear. They fear for the lives of others in the tribe."-Andreas
  • 12. Lale LabukoBorn and raisedin Kara Tribe.The first to breakaway and go tocollege.Co-created OmoChild Organization.
  • 13. Why has Lale Labuko stepped up tohelp?When he was young and saw his first Mingi Baby killing he was devastated.He runs two shelters for the children thathave been saved.
  • 14. What is the OmoChild Organization?Their goal is to Rescue, educate, and give the children love and homes. Rescued children live in the shelters where they go to school and are in a safe clean environment.
  • 15. For a Mingi baby the shelters are their only option besides death.
  • 16. Whats the future hold for the Mingi Babies?The Omo Children Foundation is hoping to educate the world about what is happening and to raise future leaders. They have already saved 35 babies. Saving these babies is harder then it seems.One day though they hope that mingibabies will not exist.
  • 17. How can you help ?visit these sites to find outmoreOmo
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