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Specific questionnaire

  1. 1. Alexandru Daniel Popa Application for MCVP GIPo in AIESEC Romania Specific Questions 1.Present your strategy on how to decrease the delivery time and how to increase the realization rate on Outgoing GIP in AIESEC Romania for the following term. In order to decrease the delivery time we can make a national contract for EPs that will be available for 3-6 months and with specific clauses(for example if they will get match in 2 months, they will have a discount for the EP fee). With Process Optimization and Evolution we can increase the realization rate and also the delivery time. - Assure proper supply & demand management - Strong Market Segmentation in order to capitalize on them Planning - Project based working system - Backwards planning model - Specific marketing channels for each sub-product Promotion - Analyzing channels and focusing on what brings the most results - Focusing on virtual promo(social media, sites and blogs) - Design specific selection & practical tests with the help of companies or with the help of our Alumni Selection & - Preparation from Alumni or companies in Induction period(how to make your Preparation CV, the importance of motivation letter, etc) - When we have the interview - Focusing on EP buddy system in order to increase our care & servicing - CY2CY partnerships for each sub-product Matching - Educate our EPs to make self-matching - Setting expectation with our EPs 2.What should be the evolution of each sub program on Outgoing GIP? What are the concreate steps you are going to take in order to reach the performance stated? For the past 4 year analysis, I’ve used data from myaiesec.net(Entity Report) on the main backgrounds(Business Administration, IT, Marketing and Teaching & Language Education) and took only the number of realizations. The data is not 100% accuarete because most EPs have experience in two or more backgrounds, but it serves as a good demonstration.EPs Re on main backgrounds from 2009-2012
  2. 2. In my opinion, Global Internship Program is recognized on the external market mainly forManagement Internships; Global Marketing being one of the sub programs which is more recognized.When it comes to GIP program itself, we can say that our GIP program has been through decline phase,seeing the realizations of AIESEC Romania. This means that the program itself needs innovation so it can be reintroduced properly on themarket and grow. When is comes to the evolution of each sub program, I belive we need to - continue innovating the Global Marketing so it will reach growth and then maturity phase; - to approach more specific the IT segment so Global IT will grow and then reach the maturity phase in the future; - to approach properly the Global Education; - to invest more in Global Engineering in order to be more developed and after that to introduce it on the market. If we do this, at least 50% of the GIPo realizations should be from Global Marketing, then 20% from Global IT, 20% from Global Education and the rest of 10% to be from Global EngineeringConcrete steps in order to reach the performance:  National branding and packaging of all the sub programs (with concrete benefits for each market segment and minimum standards that need to be fulfilled by the applicants);  National recruitment campaigns, selling each sub program with its benefits to specific market segments. By this I mean selling to the students, but also to other organizations through which we can partner in order to recruit and increase the realizations, like BEST, Erasmus, AEGEE, etc.  Focus on driving TMP and TLP in delivering each sub program (specific team for the entire EP Flow from recruitment to realization; for example if we have campaign for Global IT, to have members with IT and HR profile that can support all the processes, from creating the campaign with the benefits for the IT students, to selection and providing the necessary services to this specific segment of EPs);  Establish from the beginning of the term what is the focus for each LC in terms of sub programs, then each LC to have a target for the sub programs they are focusing on and then strict tracking and cunsultancy from the MC side;  Showcase permanently the EP experiences to the main stakeholders involved (students, members, Alumni, companies or other organizations that we are cooperating with, Faculties and Universities).Specific steps for each sub program: The product already exists and is known on the market. For this sub program Ipropose to have national aligned campaigns in the LCs that have a big market segment. In order this product to grow, first it needs to be properly positioned on the ITmarket. In order this to happen, we should find a way of attracting more students from this segment,and I believe for this we should develop an Engagement with AIESEC phase especially for these students.We can do this by creating Youth Empowerment events, like Youth Forums just for IT students. In thisway we will position AIESEC as an organization among the IT students and we will create a pool ofstudents from where we can recruit for Global IT, and more than this we will attract them towards theother programs that AIESEC is offering. For example: IT Forum as one day event in cooperation withother IT organizations and companies with IT profile. We can start this by creating a national framework for the LCs with IT student market, sell it as anational and local product to the other organizations and IT companies, promote it to the IT studentsand then recruit for Global IT.
  3. 3. For this I propose 3 main steps:  Analyze supply and demand on myaiesec.net with the NST;  Create a frame from national level for selling the Global Education to the Faculties of Letters and Pedagogy and to the students;  Re-raising campaigns among the GCDP EPs.Global Engineering:  Analyze supply and demand;  Create a set of benefits for the students and standards for them to be able to apply (product packaging and branding);  Focus on creating cooperation’s with the main country providers for this sub program. Pilot the sub program in a few LCs with big market segment on Engineering. 3.How will you manage the marketing strategy of AIESEC Romania on Outgoing GIPtaking into consideration the national sub programs Acording to the answer to the question 2, we should have 3 main focuses from Marketingstrategy side:  Focusing on positioning better the Global Marketing;  Aproach more specific the IT and Education markets segments;  Inovate and develop Global Engenering. In order to manage this strategys I will have the folowing NST structure All the NST members will be projects managers and they will work closly with the VPs in order toimplement the strategy and to implement the initiatives from each sub program. The NST ProductInnovation will be responsble to make supply and demand analyzis, national market analyzis andproduct development and inovation and also will be responsible to implement the Global Engeneringsub program. In the same time I want to have functional meeting on each quarter with my LCVPs in order todiscuss the things that need to happen in the next period. In my opinion one meeting can be in Marchand another one in NC, where we will present the strategy for the term. In August we will have a functional meeting, maybe with the Communication area and with NSTmembers from COMM and GIPo where we will make the promotion campaing for the next recruitmentsand also to finalize all the detalies for our new sub product Global Engenering I will have regular meetings, from 2 to 2 weeks, with my VPs in order to know their problemsand to know how I can support tem. I will work closely with the MCVP Communication in order to create good and relevantcampaings for our projects, but also with MCVP TM for the selection and education processes and MCVPGCDPo, to make sure the recruitment campaigns are not overlapping and also to create an exchangeculture in the country.
  4. 4. 4.Analyze the performance on Outgoing GIP in the last 3 years in AIESEC Romania. How willyou ensure a constant growth in quality and quantity in GIP on the following term? GIP 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 Raising 322 407 208 Matching 172 139 74 Realized 169 148 78 We can see that in the last 3 years we have a trend on decreasing the realizaton on GIPo. Wecan see in 2011-2012 term we registred a decrease of 13% in comparison with the previous one anduntil now on this term we have a decrease to 48%, but we still have 5 more months in order to achieveour goals and to have a growth. In the same time we can see that in 2011-2012 we registered a 26% growth on Rasing partcompare with the previous term, but this fact didn’t bring a growth on the realization part. AIESEC Romania is strong in Rasing but whent it comes to realization rate it’s not even half in thelast 2 terms. In 2010-2011 the realization rate was 52% and in 2011-2012 term it decreased to 36%.Until now in this term we manage to grow our realization rate to 37,5%. In order to have a constant growth in quality and quantity on GIPo in the following term, weshould put accent on partnerships with others organizations(BEST, AEGEE, Erasmus, etc) and to have awin-win situation. For example BEST with AIESEC: we can have IT education, database of BEST members,educational events, common projects such as PBOX IT forum. And AIESEC with BEST: we can help themto expand their reach globally, best members to participate to AIESEC seminars and confferences (Y2B,TTTs, etc). In the same time, we can make partnerships with Universities in order to recognize de exchangeprogram (GIP&GCDP) as a practical internship and to give the acces to the Alumni of the Universities andto each Faculty/University to provide lists with top talents students. We should increase the know-how from the LCs and put accent on educating the members inworking with sub-products and to provide the right frame for them to flourish as individuals. For this Iwant to cooperate with companies and Alumni and also Returnee in order to ssupport and teach how tomake a proper selection of our EPs. We can collaborate with companies for assessment center interview(the companies will come with their assessment center and with their real study case, so in this waythey will test their materials and also will have different type of solution for their problems). With thehelp of our Alumni we can educate better our members in order to know how to recognize a qualitativeCV and to test the EPs skills. Also we can put accent on the EP Buddy System in order to increase our quality. The role of theEP Buddy will be to track and supervise and also to have a setting expectation with the EP and tosupport the EP with matching and education for self-matching.
  5. 5. By cooperating with companies, Alumni or Returnees for proper education for the GIP EPs(ex:How to make a CV; The importance of a motivation letter, etc.) and also by delivering TTTs for the EPsfrom Global Education sub program, we can increase our realization rate. Togehter with other IT organizations (ex: BEST) or IT Companies we can create an IT forum forthe students that are on the IT faculties and in this way we will increase our image in the IT studentmarket, and we will create and EwA pool specialy for IT students. If we will implement this ideas or adjust them, because some LC actually do this, certainly wewill have a constant growth in quality and quantity. 5.Present the main bottlenecks that kept AIESEC Romania from acheving theobjectives planned on Outgoing GIP. What will be the key strategies for each of tem, that youare going to implement in order to achive the objectives planned?Main Bottlenecks Key strategies - NST members that are project managers on each sup-program The LCs don’t have focus on will work and help the VPs and members to implement and match their Eps; matching because of lack of - Allocate others members from other areas; people - Encourage double allocation in order to have members on exchange areas. - Encourages from national level and implement initatives where Doesn’t exist a qualitative all of this VPs cand work togheter; working way between - Workshops and webinars on how can these areas can supportCOMM+TM+OGX(GCDP&GIP o) each other; - Functional Meeting in August with all the members of this areas. - Explaning de relevance of these initiaves;Problem on LC implementation - Supporting the LCs with coaching and feedback and preparation of Global IT, Marketing and in order to implement the initiatives; Education - Establish at the start of the term priorites that each LC will want to have from sup products and capitalize on them. - Deliver know how to properly make goal setting and career We don’t invest time in EP planning for EPs; servicing(matching, - Implement EB Buddy system(tracking, consultancy,etc); communication and setting - National R&R System based on the matching rate and EP expectations) servicing; - National matching mania campaigns. - Develop together with companies, alumni or returnee specifc assessment center interview based of the condition and theLack of know-how in selection needs of the program; proper EPs for each sub - Individual interview with alumni and returnee or with members program that have background related to each sub-program; - Education from Alumni and Returnee on how to select better the EPs on each sup program. - Sales education for the recruitmnet teama (how to sell the main No proper sales capacity for benefits to the students and what are the main standards for the recruitment teams or for each sub-program); the members from GIPo - Alocate members with sales capacity or background in the recruitments team.