Endorsement daniel alexandru popa from all the people


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Endorsement daniel alexandru popa from all the people

  1. 1. To whom it may concern,It is my great pleasure to recommend Daniel Alexandru Popa for the position of MCVP GIP Outgoing2013/2014.I’ve known Daniel since we he entered the National OGX Support Team of AIESEC in Romania, in Spring2011 and have heard and even benefited from his networking and bonding skills since RYLF 2010, whenhe gathered all the VP OGX wanna bees in a group encouraged coaching, feed backing, sharing and moralsupport one candidate to another. During this entire period I was impressed by the wide perspectiveinside and outside AIESEC that he has shown and also about his deep sense of organizationalunderstanding, which assured the healthy results that he has reached as VP OGX in AIESEC Galați and asthe responsible of the ET pool in my N.S.T.His strategic thinking and strong orientation towards the welfare of the teams he is in have been shownin many situations while he was the ET responsible in my NST during the previous term. For a person withfew or no members in the department at that time, I was extremely impressed by his coaching methodsand way of working with the LCs in AIESEC in Romania. Also I have found working with him an easymatter, as he understood the importance and urgency of our activity and never refused a initiative or aproject. Daniel has shown that he is a fast learner (in terms of theoretical knowledge, processimplementation, process matrix understanding, etc.), an action-reaction oriented person (coming up withideas, projects to contribute to the national OGX plan) and with overall powerful AIESEC experience thatgives him the ability to understand and foresee with clarity AIESEC in Romania and its needs.Also, keeping in touch during his LCP term I was impressed by his willingness to create a unity in thenational network and his impressive networking skills proven in the International Congress, being aproud ambassador of AIESEC in Romania, attitudes extremely relevant for an MC member.Due to all these, Dani is the person that you would want in your team and I am fully confident that he isthe right person for the role of MCVP GIP Outgoing 2013/2014.Kind regards,Cristina Bănuţă ,MC Vice President Talent Management 2012-2013, AIESEC Italybanuta.cristina@aiesec.net , 0040751217393
  2. 2. To whom it may concern, It is my great pleasure to recommend Alexandru Daniel Popa for the positionof MCVP GIP Outgoing Exchange in AIESEC Romania 2013-2014 I know Daniel ever since I’ve joined AIESEC in the fall of 2010. He had astrong point in my development, because he was one of the pillars of theorganization that I could rely on and helped me to become the person that I amtoday. I’ve noticed two AIESEC Values in him: one is Demonstrating Integritybecause as a President of AIESEC Galati he had to work and lead 7 differentpersonalities in order to achieve results and to satisfy everyone. The second valueis Striving for Excellence because he has the power to change something biggerthan him and doesn’t stop when he wants to achieve his goal. Passion is another word that represents Daniel. I’ve never seen a personmore dedicated in AIESEC then him. As a President his main target was to bringAIESEC Galati a part of AIESEC Romania in order to achieve our potential and Iknow that this year was a big step of building the organization to be part of onenetwork. Due to all these, Daniel is the person that you would want in your team and Iam fully confident that he is the right person for the role GIP Outgoing Exchange inAIESEC Romania 2013-2014Kind regards,Chiriac Andrei Mihai,Local Committee Vice – President Finance 2012-2013, AIESEC in Galati, AIESEC inRomaniachiriac.andrei.mihai@gmail.com0741273246
  3. 3. Galaţi, Romania, of February, 2013To whom it may concern. Endorsement letter for Alexandru- Daniel Popa It gives me great honor to recommend Mr. Alexandru- Daniel Popa forthe position of Vice President Outgoing GIP in AIESEC Romania for 2013– 2014term. I worked with Dani, under his command, for 1 year in the EB team ofAIESEC Galati. I must say that I really liked hes attitude towards challenges. Heis a visionary and all the time strived to excel with the organization. Even if hedidn’t succed to achieve all the plans with the LC, I believe in his term AIESECGalati increased the numbers, the quality and innovate on some parts. I strongly believe that AIESEC in Romania needs a person like him for theGIP position, besides his passion for internationalism, his love for theorganization, his fear to end the AIESEC experience, his motivation to developpeople by sending them in exchange, he also has deep implemented someattitudes like: team work, leadership, management, solution-oriented. AIESECly, ----------------------------------------------- Adrian Radion, Local Committee Vice President Communication AIESEC in Galaţi 2012-2013
  4. 4. 4th of February, Skopje, Republic of MacedoniaTo whom it may concern,I am writing this letter in order to endorse Alexandru Daniel Popa for the position of MCVP GIP O inAIESEC Romania.I met Dani one year and a half ago, when I was agenda manager at TTX 2011 and he was part of my faciteam and newly elected LCVP OGX in AIESEC Galati. We worked many times together as I was LCVP OGXin AIESEC Brasov. I remember he impressed me a lot with his self-confidence, the power of learning thingsin a fast way and the enthusiasm he was having when talking about AIESEC and Exchange. Every timewhen I see him, I see the same passion in his way of being and working, but also that he grew a lot in thistime, being able to understand deeper the organization and to make the people around him to believethe same way as he does.In my opinion, the characteristics of an MCVP in Exchange side should be a great passion for Exchange,deeper understanding of the organization, vision and more than this, to be able to put the words intoaction. And I believe that Dani has all these characteristics, being able to use them in the right way.Being LCVP OGX in AIESEC Galati, he demonstrated that action and results mean more than anything, bybringing a great performance together with his team for AIESEC Galati.By being LCP, he demonstrated he is capable of understanding the organization, how it functions, how tothink strategically, what it takes in order to achieve a vision with a bigger team. He is capable of analyzingevery situation that he is into by thinking from different perspectives, from locally to nationally andinternationally, and to take the right decision.What I admire the most about him is that he has the ability of inspiring people, how few people have.When he believes in something, he believes in it with all his heart and he is putting all his efforts toachieve it. Thats why I believe if elected as MCVP GIP O he will do his best.They say that great success comes with great people. I wish AIESEC Romania to have a great success thenext term, therefore I endorse Alexandru Daniel Popa for becoming MCVP GIP O in AIESEC Romania.Yours sincerely,MirabelaGaceaMCP at AIESEC in the Republic of Macedonia 12-13LCVP OGX at AIESEC Brasov 10-11Email: mirabela.gacea@aiesec.netMobile: +389 077 717 342
  5. 5. Hello,My name is Ioana Harasim and I have been part of AIESEC Galati for one year, since last October.Mainly, during this period Dani has been the LCP of our organization. But how did I get to know him? Igot to meet him first while he was still the VP OGX. For once, he was among the friendliest and openpeople I came to meet there. He used to talk with all of us, made us feel welcome and broke us out of ourshy shell.My work experience with him does not consist in working on projects but more on personal level. If I hada problem he was among those I would turn into for advice so for me he is the guy who shared a newperspective on things. He is the type of person who dreams big, does not get defeated easily and persists inachieving what he puts his mind into.One of his flaws is that he is the type to get moody when people aren’t performing high/motivated enough.This is because he expects everyone to be as passionate about AIESEC as he is. I have been witness to thefeelings he shows when speaking about AIESEC, especially after he came from IC this year and gatheredus all in order to share his experience and new ideas on how we could improve the organization together.Why would he be a suitable candidate for the GIPo position?I believe that the thing that recommends him the most is the fact that he is a very sociable person whoenjoys networking and meeting new people. This gives him the knowledge on how to deal with differenttypes of personalities.What I see in him is an ambitious person who strives to continuously improve himself and make friendsalong the way. He is a warm person who enjoys getting to know the others before starting to work withthem.Provided, I am available for further information at the email address or phone number found below.Thank you.Ioana HarasimLCVP Communication 2013-2014harasimioana@gmail.com0745 825 487
  6. 6. With this letter I would like to support the application of Alexandru Daniel Popa for an MCVP GIPoutgoing position in AIESEC Romania. Alexandru was VP OGX in LC Galati, Romania by the time I interacted with him, July 2011. In his activity he proved to be a reliable judge or character. The impact of his decisions as VP OGXat that time had positive impact upon my career, being felt even today. His working style, prompt anddedicate attitude towards his role made it possible that in less than a day I had my EP profile uploaded onAIESEC database and matched status as well. Even I was at my second AIESEC internship and I was familiar with AIESEC he inspired me, stayedclose to my expectations offered an example of how to act while being a intern. I remember noticing thathe was willing to make great sacrifices for the development of others, combining a great passion with adeep understanding of the human factor. I believe Alexandru would make a good MC member, no matter the position he takes and that hewill be a great asset to the MC Romania team. I gladly support his application and encourage you to take him in as an MC member.Best regards,Petru Sirghi, former internCracow, Poland 28 January 2013