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Forbidden Love (Chapter 1)

Forbidden Love (Chapter 1)



My book is about a girl named Hailey, who has recently became a vampire by her lover, Chase. Her and Chase were deeply in love until he went away of depression. She then fell in love with a werewolf ...

My book is about a girl named Hailey, who has recently became a vampire by her lover, Chase. Her and Chase were deeply in love until he went away of depression. She then fell in love with a werewolf named Nathan. Now she doesn't know who to choose. The guy that left her, of the werewolf who's family tried to kill her.



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    Forbidden Love (Chapter 1) Forbidden Love (Chapter 1) Document Transcript

    • Forbidden Love Chapter One ---- I don't really remember how I got turned. It was all a blur. The last thing I remember is that Chase and I had just left our date at Ruby's Pizzaria. It was 8:23, I had been knowing Chase for 7 months now, and I am now finding myself falling in love with him. We were walking into the street when it happened. I should of known to be looking at the road, but we were lost in each others eyes at the moment. When I finally looked in front of me, it was too late. The car was already too close. Not even Chase with his vampire speed could stop the approaching car. Blackout Chase's Perspection "Hailey!", I knelt down to where she was lying. Blood covered my hands as I held her in my arms. The lady responsible for the accident flung out of her car with a worried look on her face. She had on some nicely ironed jogging shorts, with a long T-shirt over it. "Is she okay?", she asked. "Does she look like she's okay?", I remarked smartly. "Just call an ambulance. Quick!", I rush her. I know that this is useless. I can tell that she is already in a coma. I pick her up, and use my super-speed to take her to my house. (I live alone, and my house isn't much) "Nevermind.", I tell the woman and I zoom off. The woman looks shocked by this. When I get to my house, I lie Hailey on my bed, think about what I am about to do. Come on Chase. You don't have much time. This is a decision I will have to make quick.
    • Should I turn her, or should I take Hailey to the hospital. She has begged me to turn her for 5 months, and now she gets what she wants. There is no time. I must turn her. Now. I jab my fangs into her soft skin ignoring the pain of my fangs. Her blood is so rich. So delicious. Unlike anything I have ever tasted. I really didn't want it to be this way. I didn't want her to be turned like this. Especially not by me. I can't bare the pain of my feelings. I can't sit here knowing that I turned Hailey. This hurts me deeply. I now enter a great stage of depression. I have to leave. At least until I recover. I love Hailey with all my heart, but I can't just leave her here. I have to do something. Hailey's Perspection I wake up hungry, and I have a major headache. I haven't been this hungry all my life, and it isn't for food...it's for blood. Surprisingly, my vision is different, but I pay no attention to it because I was just knocked out for pete's sake! I get up off the bed I am lying on, and notice that I am over Chase's house. Right then I knew it. I knew what he did. He turned me. I look over at his dresser, and notice a sheet of paper that in big letters, it says: READ. I open it up, and there is a note written by Chase. It says: Dear Hailey, I didn't want to turn you, but I had to. You almost died in that wreck. You must know now that you are a vampire now, and you aren't human anymore. I had to leave because I can't sit here everyday knowing that I am the one who turned you. It wasn't suppose to be like this, but I'm afraid it has to. Don't bother to look for me.
    • I have some tips for you: 1. Don't drink human blood ever. 2. I prefer you eat deer, or bunnies. 3. You will have to fight many battles, so I will give you my sword. (It is in my closet to the left.) 4. You will face many werewolves, so be prepared for that also. 5. Keep your sword on you at all times when you walk outside of your house. (Not in public places) 6. Your face and body will go through changes. You will look differen't from when you were human, but mostly the same. 7. It takes about 9 minutes for your fangs to grow in-it will hurt.(Everytime your fangs come out, it will hurt.) 8. You won't be able to eat food anymore, because you won't taste it. The only thing you can taste is blood. 9. .............I love you Hailey. Remember that. The letter ends there. My eyes water with confusion. Why would he abandon me like that? What did I do to him? He should of at least stayed with me a little while until I had this whole vampire thing down pack. "Ouch!", I scream
    • knowingly. I know that this pain are my fangs growing in. I open Chase's closet and grab his sword out. It is very pretty. It is a shiny silver, and has a long blackish gray case that has vamp 4 life engraved on it. No kiddin'. I say in my head. I place the sword safely on my waist. I walk out of the room still fed up with Chase's desicion. As I walk out of the door, I walk straight into the woods. I can smell the blood of a nearby deer, and this makes my stomache hurt even more from hunger. I walk deeper into the woods and spot the deer feeding on a patch of grass, but I am not happy with what I see. The deer is not the only thing I spot. I also spot a werewolf. Wow! My first few minutes of being a vampire, and I already have to fight a battle!!! Good thing I brought my sword. It was the most beautiful werewolf I have ever seen in my life. He had whitish-gray fur, and the eyes were a pretty yellow.I pull out my sword in defence. This shocks him, because he quickly turns into human form. He is surprisingly handsome. He has these gray-black eyes with blonde hair. His clothes are a little old schooled, but they are nice. He has a blue tie-down shirt, with a black undershirt and khaki slacks. He also has this tooth-shaped necklace around his neck. "Who are you?", I ask defensevely. "Nathan.", he replies. "Don't worry, I won't bite. Well, I won't bite you particularly.", he says nervously. He has an awesome smile. Perfect face. Perfect teeth. But I can't fall for his trap. If there is a trap. "I wasn't intending for you to bite me, I just thought that you were going to kill me over this deer.", I say putting my sword away. "What is your name? Wait- are you what I think you are?", he steps closer to me and leans on a tree. "Hailey." I reply. "What? A vampire?" I ask. How would he know that I was a vampire. "Yeah." I notice that the deer ran
    • off. "How did you know that?", I look at his gorgeous gray eyes. "Werewolves can sense things like that, and your fangs are showing.", he replies. "Oh!", I laugh. "I forgot I had those.", I lie. How can I forget something that causes me this excruciating pain. "So...how long have you been a vampire?", Nathan asks. My stomache makes a loud roar. "Only a few min- uhm...I have to go.", I say listening to my stomache. "Well....can I see you sometime?", he looks shocked by my reaction. "Sure.",I reply. "Can you find me by sniffing?", I joke. Nathan laughs. "Actually, I can." he flirts. "O-okay then..", I stutter as I run off. I also notice that my speed is like 8 times faster than my usual speed. Being a vampire is sorta' awesome despite the fact that I can't taste human food. Once I aproach another deer, I use my super- speed reflexes to grab the deer off-guard. Once I get a grip of the deer, I stick my fangs into it forcefully. "MMmmmmm!", I moan. I didn't know that blood tasted this good! I mean I have licked my blood before when I was human, but it didn't taste like it does now. It's totally awesome. When I am finished with the lifeless deer, I lay the carcass on the ground I see that I practically drunk the poor deer dry! This makes me chuckle, and feel sorry for the deer at the same time. Once I am finished, I run back to Chase's house. Oh no! I can't go home to my parents with huge fangs sticking out of
    • my mouth! I will have to stay at Chase's until I adapt into them enough to put them away.