SCU Asia System Center: Beyond orchestrator


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To evolve beyond a dependency on integration packs as the definition vehicle for workflow tasks, to overcome scaling and multi-tenant limitations, and to provide for effective web-based remote Runbook administration, a new paradigm for achieving automation in a Microsoft network is emerging. The name of this new technology is Service Management Automation. Let’s have a look during this session at the differences and when to use SMA or Orchestrator.

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SCU Asia System Center: Beyond orchestrator

  1. 1. Microsoft automation Evolution: Beyond Orchestrator Alexandre Verkinderen CDM MVP @AlexVerkinderen
  2. 2. Agenda Process Automation Orchestrator Service Management Automation Orchestrator VS SMA Q&A
  3. 3. Process Automation
  4. 4. Include the right people You NEED to include people who understand process and technology. This is a strategic and tactical tool. Including the right people = success Service Owner IT Mgr Admin Management
  5. 5. Plan to transform processes A great tool doesn’t make a bad process better…  Transform the processes  Work it out in a worksheet ahead of time  Look at the end result  Set the vision
  6. 6. Automation
  7. 7. Automation Concepts
  8. 8. Building automation: Runbook Designer
  9. 9. Building your own automation
  10. 10. to manage your cloud
  11. 11. Service management automation CMDB Ticketing Billing Management Systems Web based Runbook Authoring: Service Administrator can create runbooks to automate all aspects of cloud infrastructure, plan delivery, and maintenance activities Highly Available Engine Support requirements for scale and H/A. Built on PowerShell Workflow Integration into other systems: Import PS modules and create additional modules and runbooks for existing resources or to connect into 3rd party systems (ticketing system, billing system, user store, CMDB) Automation VIRTUAL MACHINE CLOUDS 12 SQL SERVER 9 PLANS 12 WEBSITE CLOUD 12 MYSQL SERVERS 0 NOTIFICATIONS 0 USER ACCOUNTS 4 AUTOMATION 8 ALL ITEMS
  12. 12. SERVICE MANAGEMENT AUTOMATION - SMA Optimize and extend services using runbooks Powershell workflows Web-based runbook authoring Manage runbooks and jobs Integrates with other systems including System Center
  13. 13. SMA Components Web Service Connects to Windows Azure Pack Distributes runbook jobs to runbook workers Supports HTTPS Enables security group to control access Runbook Worker Executes runbook jobs Runs under a service account PowerShell module Enables Automation management by using Windows PowerShell cmdlets
  14. 14. SMA Architecture ODATA REST Web Service Runbooks Jobs Modules & Activies Submit requests Return results Http RequestHttp Response Persist State Pick up Jobs SQL DatabaseRunbook Workers Service Management Portal • Authoring • Debugging • Operating Service Management Portal • Runbook service • PowerShell Modules Runbook Workers •REST oData web service •Authorizes users Web Service •Runbooks •Runbook Resources •Tracks runbook job state SMA Database
  15. 15. Automation Concepts
  16. 16. Automation Concepts
  17. 17. Powershell Workflows Parameter names can only be letters, numbers, Hyphen or underscore Hyphenated parameter names must be enclosed in quotes You can create parameter sets
  18. 18. Persistence A Checkpoint stores the current variable values, output and command to disk in the user profile Checkpoints are removed automatically -PSPersist $true
  19. 19. Parallel/Sequence Command in a parallel block execute in an indeterminate order at the “same” time Max degree: 5 command in a sequence Commands in a sequence block executed in order
  20. 20. PowerShell Workflows
  21. 21. Iaas Automation and Integration Runbook execution tied to SPF IaaS API Calls Selected Set of SPF Objects Available for Automation Tenant resources Subscriptions Admin resources Triggers Create, Update, Delete VM Actions (Start, Stop, Shutdown etc) Inputs Pass preselected object properties Pass params
  22. 22. Service management automation
  23. 23. 27 Orchestrator VS SMA Orchestrator Visual designer Out of the box activities SMA 64 bit support Native PowerShell execution PowerShell 3+ support Checkpoint/restart inside runbooks Versioned runbooks Save drafts Architecture is more scalable
  24. 24. Integration of Orchestrator and SMA Interoperability
  25. 25. Thank You Remember to Fill Up an Evaluation Form It’s the Gateway to Winning Prizes