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Ágil x Lean Startup no Caipira Ágil
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Ágil x Lean Startup no Caipira Ágil






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    Ágil x Lean Startup no Caipira Ágil Ágil x Lean Startup no Caipira Ágil Presentation Transcript

    • Ágil vs Lean Startup Twitter: @IndustrialLogic Copyright (C) 2012, Industrial Logic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    • • Senior Coach @IndustrialLogic • Agil desde 2001 • fundador da AgilCoop e AgilBits • Mestrado: “Refleções sobre o Ensino de Metodologias Ágeis na Academia, Industria e Governo” • Experiência e successo com muitos clientes: Apple Brasil, Freeddom,@freire_da_silva Americanas.com, Mandic Internet, Ministério da Cultura, O2 Filmes, Locaweb, e mais... • Gosto de nadar e construir casas
    • “Agile methods remove waste...yet those [Agile]methods had led me down aroad in which the majority of my team’s efforts were wasted.” - Eric Ries
    • Ágil Lean Startup X
    • Backlog
    • X
    • Visão do Produto
    • X
    • Pivot
    • Release Plan1. Stories In:2. Estimate and Prioritize:3. Estimate Velocity:4. Divide into Releases: Int. Ext. Ext. Rel. Rel. Rel. Kent Beck & Martin Fowler, Planning Extreme Programming
    • X
    • Minimum Viable Product Minimum ViableLixo que ninguém Tudo que você não quer usar tem $ pra fazer
    • X
    • KanbanNot started In Dev UAT Done (WIP 3 2 3 limit)
    • Sprint Review
    • X
    • Pivot or Persevere? Produto inicial 8 6 Zoom-In PivotMeses 4 Customer Segment 2 Pivot Platform Pivot 0 1st MVP 2nd MVP 3rd MVP 4th MVP
    • On-Site Product Owner
    • X
    • Get Out Of The Building
    • User Story + BacklogCustomer saves profile during checkout •If any account info (address, etc.) differs from what’s on file, ask customer whether the profile should be updated. •Send a separate email confirmation if profile has changed.
    • X
    • Hypothesis + “To Learn” list
    • Definição de “pronto”
    • X
    • Validated Learning... Done VALIDATED
    • X
    • Testes de Aceitação Password Required Password FormatGiven First Name is Given First Name is“Tim_First” “Tim_First”And Last Name is And Last Name is “Tim_Last”“Tim_Last” And Password is “foo”And Password is “” When you Select “CreateWhen you Select “Create Account”Account” Then you get a messageThen you get a message “Password must have both“Password is required” letters and numbers”
    • X
    • Testes A/B
    • Velocity, Burndown & Vanity Metrics
    • X
    • AARRR & Actionable Metrics• Acquisition: users come to the product/site• Activation: users “use” the product/site• Retention: users use the site/product multiple times• Referral: users like product enough to refer others• Revenue: users conduct some monetization behavior Metrics for Pirates by Dave McClure
    • Mock Object
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    • Laura Klein Lean UX Feature Fake Expert 16 users from 4 countries are online right now. 22% Join the chat. 78% Used Unlikely Neutral Likely Not Used 1 7 6
    • Continuous Integration
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    • Continuous Delivery
    • Liderado por consultores CSM
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    • Liderado porempreendedores de sucesso
    • Conclusão: Lean Startup torna asmelhores partes de ágil maisenxutas e as combina com o brilhante processo deDesenvolvimento de Clientes.
    • Mas lembre-se:contexto é tudo!