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The role of a successful online instructor
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The role of a successful online instructor

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Improve your online course!

Improve your online course!

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  • It is a good start, clearly states that it is not a f2f and professors need to rethink how to present information.
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  • Provides information for the beginning online instructor and keys to preparation.
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  • The general message is fine though vague. Too conceptual, no concrete examples. I would use it as a framework for a more concrete presentation.
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  • jsabal
    The general message is OK but I personally find it vague. Too general, no concrete examples. I could use it as a framework to prepare a more practical presentation.
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  • It is very important that the faculty needs to understand the nature of the online environment, especially about what limitations or shortcomings they might face.
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  • 1. Keys to Success What Works? Alexandra M. Pickett Assistant Director, SUNY Learning Network Faculty Development & Instructional Design 2001 Sloan-C Award for Excellence in ALN Faculty Development
  • 2. Keys to Success ?
    • Passion for teaching!
    • Willingness to “rethink” how you teach.
    • Commitment and time to develop.
    • Commit to iterate. Review/Evaluate/Revise/Evolve.
    • Complete course prior to teaching. (Or complete plan for blended course.)
    • Institutional/administrative support.
    ! Are you ready ?
  • 3. Keys to Success ? !
    • Faculty-driven course design– course not imposed by the CMS application or the instructional designer, but are well informed and influenced by best practices and standards.
    • Faculty must develop the course themselves – independent.
    • Opportunities for participation in online courses or discussion.
    • Observation of live exemplar online courses.
    • Access to successful/effective experienced faculty, opportunities for inter/intra disciplinary networking, peer support/training.
    • Individual ID support and technical HelpDesk support.
    • Wizard to scaffold faculty with an effective quick start course design.
    • Robust, reliable, stable network & technology.
    • Course template that makes technology transparent.
    • Collecting and sharing best practices.
    • Longitudinal, systematic data collection and analysis --Nationally recognized scholarly work to back us up.
    • Resources and support in a variety of media.
    • Formal opportunities for faculty reflection, evaluation, and revision.
    What worked for us...
  • 4. What works ? What I have learned from working with over 3,000 SUNY faculty, from 40+ SUNY institutions, and thousands of students since 1994.
    • Successful online courses have effective designs and effective instructors . This requires support .
    • Faculty need to understand the nature of the online environment. This requires training .
    • Faculty need to be able to concentrate on teaching, students need to be able to focus on learning -- technology must be as transparent as possible. This requires robust technology .
    • Faculty must convert instruction, rather than try to duplicate activities online. Conversion requires “rethinking” how to achieve learning objectives & how to assess learning within the options and limitations of the new learning environment(s). This requires willingness, commitment, and time .
    In general. . .
  • 5. Introduction WORKS WORKS W h a t W h a t ? ?
          • Who are you? Faculty/Instructional Designers? Blended/Online?
          • One effective best practice/strategy or tip you would share with online/blended faculty/IDs.
          • What are the characteristics of an successful online/blended instructor?
  • 6. Successful instructors I nteraction E xpectations C ollaboration S implicity S upport F lexibility
    • Create teaching and learning opportunities and environments where students can interact with students AND where students can interact with faculty.
        • present. engage. assess.
        • SLN student satisfaction surveys: the biggest contributing factor to student satisfaction and perceived learning is student/teacher interaction. Second is student to student interaction.
    Know their role is to. . .
  • 7. Successful instructors
    • Create and communicate to the student a reasonable set of expectations for the level and kinds of interactions in an online course.
        • explicitly set expectations for interactions, conduct, and completion of all course learning activities.
        • provide models and anticipate issues. and questions.
        • do what they say.
    I nteraction E xpectations C ollaboration S implicity S upport F lexibility Know their role is to. . .
  • 8. Successful instructors I nteraction E xpectations C ollaboration S implicity S upport F lexibility
    • Promote community, teaching presence, and collaboration.
        • Discussion.
        • Peer support.
        • Small group activities/projects.
        • Since student to student interaction is such a significant factor in student satisfaction, any opportunities created in a course that involve collaboration to construct knowledge is an important component of an online course
    Know their role is to. . .
  • 9. Successful instructors
    • Keep it simple.
        • Its not a course and a half!
        • Provide instructional cues, logical organization, easy navigation, sign posts, advanced organizers.
        • Not let the technology/multimedia dog wag the instructional tail.
        • Provide rubrics, examples, self-assessments.
    I nteraction E xpectations C ollaboration S implicity S upport F lexibility Know their role is to. . .
  • 10. Successful instructors
    • Support student learning.
        • Faculty: facilitate and guide student learning.
        • Students: are self-motivated and given every opportunity to know how they can succeed.
    I nteraction E xpectations C ollaboration S implicity S upport F lexibility Know their role is to. . .
  • 11. Successful instructors
    • Create a flexible teaching and learning environment that is student-centered and that evolves and iterates as their own experiences and understanding grows.
        • FACULTY: have commitment to continuous improvement as educators.
        • STUDENTS: have responsibility and accountability for their own learning.
    I nteraction E xpectations C ollaboration S implicity S upport F lexibility Know their role is to. . .
  • 12. What works ?
        • Best Practices: effective online instructors. . .
          • are student centered and sensitive to the student’s perspective. “Assume nothing” and anticipate and address student questions in the design of the course.
          • are responsive and present in the course. Promote teaching presence.
          • follow the simple formula: Present, engage/interact, assess.
    ! 3 2 1
  • 13.
        • Best Practices: Effective online instructors. . .
          • create complete well-explained online and off line activities.
          • provide models and rubrics, use directives, first/second person voice, advanced organizers, the structure of the course/subjects to convey instructional content, conversational tone.
          • encourage a sense of class community & provide community building opportunities & interactions.
    What works ? ! 6 5 4
  • 14. Conclusions
    • maintain accurate assumptions about students.
    • be prepared.
    • provide prompt feedback and be responsive to the student needs, experience, and perspective.
    • demonstrate teaching presence in the course.
    • understand and leverage appropriately and effectively the options and limitations of the environments in which s/he works.
    • be willing to rethink how s/he teaches and to evolve.
    • effectively create and cultivate a sense of class community.
    • understand how to effectively assess students.
    The role of a successful online/blended instructor. . . !
  • 15. Any questions Any questions ? ?
  • 16. Thank you! Thank you! Alexandra M. Pickett [email_address] sln.suny.edu/developer sln.suny.edu