Chancellor Nancy Zimpher: Innovation at Scale


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SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher's keynote address at the 15th annual SLN SOLsummit 2015.

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  • The SLN team and many of you in this room have helped to build not one, but TWO incredible organizations. SLN, which was a pioneer in the field of online learning, and now Open SUNY which will continue with that vision and then some.
  • The road to here has been a long one and began 20 years ago with a grant from the Sloan Foundation.
  • So, let’s talk a little about SLN’s impressive history
  • SLN was offering faculty development related to online learning before most faculty had probably considered the idea of teaching a course online.
  • SLN began offering technology support to campuses interested in bolstering online options for their students
  • Not only did SLN become a major player in all things online learning, but the team recognized the value of research on the subject of online learning and the sharing of best practices.
  • SLN can now claim, 20 years later, service to about 40 campuses throughout the SUNY system.
  • Here’s what I love about what you’ve done. Many of the services I just mentioned, are what helps make Open SUNY such a promising effort. We’ve taken things that SLN pioneered and are taking things to the next level with Open SUNY.
  • With our first 6 Open SUNY+ partner campuses, your work is helping us demonstrate systemness at work.
  • The new Center for Online Teaching Excellence will really help advance and scale the great work started by SLN. A bunch of teams have helped shape what the COTE looks like now, and we should take a moment to thank those that have worked in these areas to date. Lisa Stephens and the Research and Innovation team . . .
  • Sue Gallagher from HVCC and her work with the original Course Supports Core Team
  • Maureen and Laura for their work in tying our great Library assets into Open SUNY.
  • Sue Gallagher and Emily Schwartz for their work with the Multimedia Supports team
  • And finally, Alexandra Pickett for her work with not one, but two teams . . . The Community of Practice team and . . .
  • The Competency Development team
  • I think it’s obvious that this took a lot of work and organizing and I think a big thank you is in order for Carey Hatch for his leadership for almost 10 years at SLN and all of his work in helping us get Open SUNY up and running.
  • So, while we’ve done all of these great things, you’re not off the hook yet. Here’s three things everyone in this room can do to help move the Open SUNY effort forward and ensure that what we built with SLN is able to really advance to the next level. 1. Sign up for a role in the faculty center. If you already have . . . Get a friend or colleague to join and contribute to the community of practice we are building2. Help us spread the word about Open SUNY at your campus. Lot’s of people are talking about Open SUNY and some of it is not that accurate. You are people in the know, and can help us spread truthful facts about Open SUNY to faculty that might be interested3. TBD
  • Chancellor Nancy Zimpher: Innovation at Scale

    1. 1. INNOVATION AT SCALE Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher
    2. 2. 1994: Initiated system-wide asynchronous learning network with grants from Sloan Foundation 2010: Initiated Power of SUNY & Innovative Instruction Transformation Team 1995: Launched the first online multi-institutional Learning Management System that scaled to support 40+ institutions 1996: Launched systemwide online faculty development and online course design processes 2000: SUNY’s SLN became the second-largest asynchronous learning network in the country 2011: SUNY online students passed the 85K mark. Established Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Online Education (part of Getting Down to Business Initiative) 2012: Online faculty developed through SLN surpass 5,000 mark, along with thousands more developed by campuses. There are nearly 400 online degree programs and 12,000 online course sections 2013: Announced Open SUNY launch challenge, State of University address
    3. 3. SLN’s Impressive History
    4. 4. Faculty Development
    5. 5. Technology Support
    6. 6. Research and Best Practices
    7. 7. Serving SUNY Campuses
    8. 8. Advantages to Open SUNY+ +
    9. 9. Systemness at Work
    10. 10. Research and Innovation • Team Members: • • Mark McBride, Monroe Community College • Nicola Allain, Empire State College • Paul Schacht, SUNY Geneseo • Lisa Stephens, University at Buffalo, Team Lead Eric Rabkin, Stony Brook University Peter Shea, University at Albany • Alexandra Pickett, SUNY Learning Network • Kim Scalzo, Center for Professional Development
    11. 11. Course Supports Core Team • Team Members: • • Jeanne Fagan, Finger Lakes Community College • Kathleen Stone, Empire State College • Caroline Manssino Cohen, University at Albany • Robert Piorkowski, SUNY Learning Network • Sue Gallagher, Hudson Valley Community College, Team Lead Irene Scruton, SUNY Oswego Ryan McCabe, Finger Lakes Community College • John McCune, SUNY Fredonia • Wendy Tang, Stony Brook University
    12. 12. Course Supports – Library Support Team • Team Members: • • Maureen Zajkowski (left) and Laura Murray (right), SUNY System Administration, Co-Team Leads • • • • • Maureen Zajkowski, SUNY System Administration, Co-Team Leader Laura Murray, SUNY System Administration, Co-Team Leader Amanda Mitchell, SUNY Delhi Brandon West, SUNY Oswego Cori Wilhelm, SUNY Canton Dana Longley, Empire State College Darren Chase, Stony Brook University
    13. 13. Course Supports – Multimedia Support Team • Team Members: • • Linda Ryder - Hudson Valley Community College • Ann Pearlman, SUNY Brockport • Dan Feinberg, SUNY Learning Network • Dave Ghidiu, Monroe Community College • John Hughes, Empire State College • Sue Gallagher (left), Hudson Valley Community College, and Emily Schwartz (right), SUNY System Administration, Co-Team Leads Robert Piorkowski, SUNY Learning Network Meghan Pereira, Buffalo State College • Jeffrey Riman, Fashion Institute of Technology
    14. 14. Community of Practice Team • Core Team Members • • • • • Christine Kroll, University at Buffalo Deborah Spiro, Nassau Community College Lisa Dubuc, Niagara Community College Martie Dixon, Erie Community College Patricia Aceves, Stony Brook University Expert Team Members Alexandra Pickett, SUNY Learning Network, Team Lead • • • • • • • • Holly Heller-Ross, SUNY Plattsburgh Larry Dugan, Finger Lakes Community College Marie Sciangula, SUNY Purchase Michael Case, Alfred State College Michael Knauth, Farmingdale State College Russell Kahn, SUNY IT Susan Phillips, University at Albany Kim Scalzo, SUNY CPD
    15. 15. Competency Development Team • Core Team Members • • • • • • Anne Reed, University at Buffalo Carine Surdey, SUNY Broome Linda Lawrence, Empire State College Pamela Youngs-Maher, Upstate Medical University William Pelz, Herkimer County Community College Robert Piorkowski, SUNY Learning Network Expert Team Members Alexandra Pickett, SUNY Learning Network, Team Lead • • • • • Douglas Kahn, Suffolk County Community College Peter Shea, University at Albany Terry Keys, Monroe Community College Tom Mackey, Empire State College Kim Scalzo, SUNY CPD
    16. 16. SLN and Open SUNY Leadership Carey Hatch Associate Provost, Academic Technologies and Information Services
    17. 17. What Are Your Aspirations For Open SUNY? • This year… • 5 years… • 10 years…
    18. 18. INNOVATION AT SCALE Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher
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