ANGEL 7.4 administration
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ANGEL 7.4 administration



SLN SOLsummit 2011

SLN SOLsummit 2011
March 9, 2011



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ANGEL 7.4 administration ANGEL 7.4 administration Presentation Transcript

  • ANGEL 7.4 AdministrationSOL Summit 2011Syracuse, NYBrett BeckerHarry CargileDoug Cohen
  • Presentation Outline•  Hosting Access/Responsibilities ◆  Standard hosting ◆  Advanced hosting•  Administrator resources•  Environment Variables ◆  Creating a new tab•  Roles and Rights•  Creating custom Nuggets•  Third-party Nuggets ◆  Axciom (verifying student identities), TII, iTunesU, Library Resources•  Final grades to campus SIS•  Batch populating shells
  • Hosting Level Overview•  Standard hosting•  Advanced hosting ◆  Full ANGEL system administrator (64)•  Custom quote
  • Standard Hosting Service
  • Advanced Hosting Service
  • Application Services Contacts•  Maximum of two (2) per campus•  Primary contacts and authorized decision makers for application services matters•  Access to targeted resources within the Administrator’s Corner
  • Administrator Resources Demo•  Administrator’s Corner•  ANGEL Stats•  Evergreen Administrator Fundamentals•  SLN Sandbox
  • Administrator’s Corner
  • Campus Profile Information•  Application Services Campus Contacts•  Emergency Technical Contacts•  Archiving Data Address•  Archiving Password•  ANGEL Stats Information•  Evergreen Administrator Fundamentals•  Other Information
  • ANGEL Stats: SLN/ITEC View
  • ANGEL Stats: Campus View
  • Evergreen
  • SLN Sandbox•  New version/service-pack testing access ◆  SLN, ITEC, Campus Admin/Tester•  SLN Customizations ready for testing•  Campus Nugget Development ◆  Not utilized
  • Environment variables•  Global•  Role-level•  Course-level•  User-level
  • Creating a new/custom tab•  Create a new tab ◆  Admin Console  Domain Settings  Tabs•  Environment Variable(s) ◆  TABS, TAB_TEXT_tabid, TAB_URL_tabid
  • Roles and Rights•  Replace Account Groups•  More granularity•  Allows for actual “Role” creation•  Dynamic application of permissions•  Centralized rights management•  Simplified ENV VAR management
  • Roles and Rights•  Once roles are defined, it is simple to assign them to accounts•  Accounts can have several roles•  Rights aggregate
  • Example: ANGEL 7.4 Roles•  Easy to see the hierarchy of roles•  User creation controlled by position in hierarchy
  • Example: ANGEL 7.4 Rights•  One location for most system rights•  Changes to rights update all accounts in selected role dynamically•  “Advanced” tab allows role-specific ENV VARs
  • New Version Access & Testing•  SLN Sandbox•  Up-to-date Service Pack installation•  Campus participation in testing process ◆  Guide for Testing ◆  Release Notes and Known Issues
  • Creating Custom Nuggets•  Student Resources•  Faculty Resources•  Library Resources•  Test Your System•  File Management ◆  Administrator Console
  • Test Your SystemNote: This resource is publically available.
  • Student Resources Student OrientationNote: This resource requires ANGEL authentication.
  • Faculty Resources SLN 101 EvergreenNote: This resource requires ANGEL authentication.
  • Why create a new Nugget?•  Extend ANGEL to meet business rules, requirements, & constraints
  • Creating an ANGEL Nugget•  Create Nugget code•  Create info.ini•  Nugget deployment ◆  Upload to Portal/Nuggets directory ◆  Register new Nugget ◆  Update Portal Pages, if necessary
  • ANGEL Nugget code
  • Info.ini code•  Snapshot from Test Your System Nugget
  • Nugget deployment•  Portal Components Manager ◆  File Manager to upload Nugget ◆  Register New or Re-register All Nuggets•  Portal Page Manager ◆  Update portal page(s) to make new Nugget required or optional
  • Third-party Nuggets•  Axciom (verifying student identities)•  Turnitin (TII)•  iTunesU•  Library Resources
  • Third-party Nugget Deployment•  Standard Hosting: ◆  Contact SLN via FootPrints -  Schedule meeting (if appropriate or necessary) ◆  Provide necessary information -  i.e. Credentials supplied from third-party ◆  SLN installs and configures Nugget•  Advanced Hosting: ◆  SLN assistance (if desired)
  • Final Grades to Campus SIS•  No data push from ANGEL to campus SIS•  GB3_PUBLISHED_GRADES can be exported
  • Batch Populating Shells•  No default ANGEL “templates”•  Use of LORs and Master Courses
  • Audience Participation•  Discussions on: ◆  Environment Variable use-cases ◆  Single Sign-On ◆  Associated File Manager
  • Questions or Comments