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  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ALEXANDRA Proven global leader of executable strategies: Skilled in designing executable strategies • Building and leading interdisciplinary, inter-company strategy execution teams • Developing and MOREHOUSE negotiating key partner agreements • Rapidly delivering profitable, high growth market breakthroughs       STRATEGIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Developed distribution strategy generating 33% incremental revenues through two                                             new channels; transformed marketing from cost center to revenue source.   • Created disruptive media strategy, delivering revenues more than 20% higher than   industry average while slashing lead acquisition costs by more than 50%. • Leveraged customer data mining strategy to achieve 300% increase in cross-selling                         over 8+ years, delivering $102 million per year.         • Created PR strategy producing $56 million+ in ad-equivalent press coverage; won 30+ awards for media relations, philanthropy, and volunteerism, including Points of Light Award from President George Bush. • Revived seventh largest U.S. magazine VIA; increasing ad revenues 14% and subscriptions 7%                 • Featured in Forbes, Business Week, The Economist, and Direct Marketing magazine for driving       profitable growth via multi-channel integration at Charles Schwab and AAA. • Winner: “Most Influential Women in Business Award,” SF Business Times (2008, 2009, 2010).                                             EXECUTIVE SKILLS   • Strategy – Developing practical strategies for growing revenues and increasing market share “Alex  partnered  strategically   • Marketing - Nationally recognized CMO, with expertise in global brand awareness, revenue with  our  organization  to   growth, and strategic business planning. develop  an  ROI  stratagem;   • Team Building - Achieve success through others. Adept at building teams that beat market always  delivers  within   expectations by 20% or more. 12+ years’ average tenure among key direct reports. Ranked #1 in budget…  my  group  gets  quick   collaboration in peer review. responses  and  results.”   Mike  Bregante   CAREER EXPERIENCE President,  AAA     AAA of Northern California, Nevada, & Utah, San Francisco, California 2002-2011   CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER 2002 - 2011 | CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER 2004-2009 “Alex  Morehouse  is  one  of  the   • Maximized customer acquisition, cross-selling, and retention throughout explosive growth (from rare  individuals  who  fully   three states to 20), establishing first ROI measurements and leveraging behavioral, trigger-based comprehends  business   marketing methods. strategy  and  how  to  drive   • Managed 200 reports in PR, social media/electronic marketing, branding, government relations, revenues  with  innovative   research/analytics, media relations, corporate giving/outreach, traditional/digital publishing, marketing.    She  is  at  home  in  IT   in-house design, and retail collateral, as well as $110-million budget. • Increased profits $47 million by increasing customer retention from 85.3% to 89.1% as  she  is  in  finance,  product   • Created company’s first uniform brand standards, architecture, and naming conventions across management  and  operations.”       200+ systems and 12 legal entities, consolidating chaotic brand elements to produce consistency. Craig  Sherman   Benchmark  Capital   Charles Schwab & Co., San Francisco, California 1999-2002   CHIEF MARKETING INFORMATION OFFICER “Alex’s  passion  for  the   • Maximized profits and customer satisfaction by creating 15%+ rise in customer response rate. intersection  of  advanced   • Developed and executed marketing programs to maximize profits by leveraging statistical trade technologies,  leveraged  data   and transaction analyses. systems  and  creative   engagement  has  really  inspired   Ancestry.com, San Francisco, California (formerly Third Age Media) 1998-1999 us  all  to  develop  the  most   EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT | CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER successful  program  yet  for  AAA   • Developed ground-up marketing functions for venture-backed, $120-million online portal. • Restructured marketing functions and budgets in 90 days; cut customer acquisition costs by 68%. …  driving  remarkable  results.”         Courtney  Beuchert        President,  Eleven  Agency     American Express; New York New York & San Francisco, California (Epsilon) 1986-1997 CUSTOMER DATABASE DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCT MARKETING & BRAND MANAGEMENT   P.O.  Box  1706,  Ross,  CA  94957   EDUCATION Home:  415.459.8863   • Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts Cell:  415.806-­‐1701     - Master of Business Administration (MBA) alexandra.morehouse@yahoo.com   - Women Leading Business – Executive Program     • Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts - BA in Asian Studies cum laude. Included one year at Waseda University, Tokyo