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Atefeh Riazi, NYCHA's CIO, was the topic of my presentation. I chose Atefeh Riazi because she is a legend among CIOs and she has an excellent career path which includes implementing the MetroCard, taking part in CIO's Without Borders, and working in NYCHA's affordable housing developments to help people who need it.

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Atefeh riazi nycha

  1. 1. Alexandra HoltTech, 1Presentation: 9-31-12 Atefeh Riazi, NYCHA CIO Metropolitan Transit Authority CIO Ogilvy and Mather CIO Executive Director of CIOs Without Borders
  2. 2. Why Atefeh Riazi? Atefeh Riazi is tech-savvy! She has worked as the CIO for Ogilvy and Mather, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). She is the Executive Director of CIOs Without Borders. Technology conference organizers frequently call on Riazi to speak.
  3. 3. Atefeh Riazi at Ogilvy and Mather  Ogilvy and Mather is a leading global Marketing and Communications agency with 497 offices in 125 countries supporting more than 2,300 clients.  While working for Ogilvy and Mather, Atefeh Riazi served as Senior Partner and Chief Information Officer.
  4. 4. Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Atefeh Riazi served as CIO and Vice President of Technology for the Metropolitan Transit Authority while it implemented the $1.5 billion MetroCard fare system still in place today.
  5. 5. New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Atefeh Riazi was responsible for implementing NYCHA mobile computer labs. “My job is to try to close the digital divide,” said Atefeh Riazi, NYCHA’s chief information officer and acting general manager.
  6. 6. CIOs Without Borders According to, “CIOs Without Borders is an international not for profit organization dedicated to using technology to educate and alleviate shortages in medical knowledge around the world.” Atefeh Riazi is the Executive Director of CIOs Without Borders
  7. 7. Conference Speaker Atefeh Riazi speaks frequently on issues involving technology, organizations, an Atefeh Riazi was a NYCHA CIO while she d work. spoke at the CIO Executive Summit. Part of her conference bio read as follows: Conferences she has spoken at include: Iranian Technology Forum (Sept. 2003) Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT (Sept. 2008) CIO Executive Summit (May 2012)
  8. 8. Atefeh Riazi NYCHACIOs without borders
  9. 9. References Atefeh Riazi, NYCHA CIO: Cultivating Culture Atefeh Riazi, NYCHA CIO: Slideshare Atefeh Riazi, NYCHA CIO: Enterprise Efficiency Atefeh Riazi, NYCHA CIO: Blogtalk Radio