Weather vocabulary


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Weather vocabulary

  1. 1. VOCABULARY: THE WEATHERto be fair fer bon temps The day was set fair with the spring sun shiningto be fine be warm fer temps càlid Is it warm enough or do you want the fire on?to be boiling hot fer molta calor It was a boiling hot day, we reached be dry fer temps sec It has not rained for months; I cant stand this dry be close fer xafogor We were totally unable to sleep because of theto be oppressive oppressive be stifling ‘Its stifling in here—can we open a window?’to be airless fer un dia tapat The night was hot and be hot fer calor It was hot in Kenya on our last be sunny fer sol Spain has a fantastic climate – its always sunny.heat wave ona de calor The recent heat wave has been exhausting forhot spell everyone and animals are no exception.mild weather clima suau We’re having such mild weather this winter!an Indian summer estiu de San There have been some Indian summers over the Miquel/Martí past decade as a symptom of unstable weather caused by global be cloudy estar ennuvolat Scotland will be cloudy with occasional cloud over tapar-se It was beginning to cloud over and it was much chillier than be overcast estar molt These overcast mornings make most people feel ennuvolat, tapat be misty emboirat The morning will start off misty, but will clear up later be foggy emboirat It was too foggy to be able to drive to the forest hut.mist broma, boira The mountain villages seem to be permanently humida shrouded in mist.fog boira Heavy fog forced drivers to slow down. There might be some patches of fog around dawn.haze broma The road through the desert shimmered in the haze. There was an early-morning haze across the valley.
  2. 2. a rain shower un xàfec There will be thundery/wintry showers over many parts of the country.drizzle (n.) xiri-miri A light drizzle was falling. The forecast for tomorrow is mist and drizzle fer xiri-miri It is only drizzling, so we can try to walk to school.rain (n.) pluja Drops of rain ran down the window pane. Outside the rain continued to fall rain ploure Just as we were leaving home it started to be rainy plujós Avoid visiting the Lake District in the rainy teem down ploure molt Its been teeming down all day, thats why the fort streets are full of puddles.deluge /del.judʒ/ diluvi When the snow melts, the mountain stream becomes a deluge.downpour pluja On Saturday we had a torrential downpour of rain, torrencial which few of us will ever pour down ploure I was standing in the pouring rain for an hour torrencialment waiting for my bus. It was pouring down when we came out of the cinema so it was impossible to hail a cab.snow neu Two to three inches of snow is predicted for tonight. The snow was beginning to snow nevar It snowed for three days without stopping.slush neu fosa The snow had started to melt and there was slush on the streets.frost gelada There were ten degrees of frost last night. The car windows were covered with gel Ice was forming on the windscreen of the car.sleet aiguaneu Driving snow and sleet brought more problems to the countys roads last be soaked to estar moll fins They were soaked to the skin after having waitedthe skin als ossos for the bus for more than half an be drenched estar xop We got completely drenched by the rain and had toto be wet through change clothes.dew rosada The grass was wet with early morning dew.rain cats and dogs ploure a bots i Don’t go out now, darling, its raining cats and(old-fashioned) barrals dogs!to be muggy fer xafogor (de It was a damp, misty be humid pluja) New York is very hot and humid in the be damp
  3. 3. wind vent The wind is blowing from the south. The trees were swaying in the be windy fer vent It was wet and windy for most of the week.gust of wind ràfega de vent A gust of wind blew my hat off.breeze brisa The flowers were gently swaying in the breeze. A light breeze was blowing.gale vent molt fort, Hundreds of old trees were blown down in the gales. ventolerabiting wind vent molt fort The day was cold and blustery.blustery windwhirlwind remolí de vent The whirlwind was spinning fast towards the group of walkers.hurricane huracà The state of Florida was hit by a hurricane that did serious damage. Hurricane force winds are expected tonight.tornado tornado Tornadoes ripped into the southern United States(US twister) hail granissar We drove through hail and storm. It was hailing heavily when we left the building.hail (n.) granit Big hailstones were falling from the sky as wehailstones looked for shelter.flurry ràfega There may be the odd flurry of snow over the hills.storm tempesta A few minutes later the storm broke (= began). I think were in for a storm (= going to have one).blizzard tempesta de The blizzard struck the north-east yesterday, neu causing serious damage.thunderstorm tempesta They took the bus back to Helsinki and arrived in a elèctrica torrential thunderstorm.thunder tro We could hear the thunder from the distance.thunderclap tro The thunderclap were deafening as they neared.lightning llampec That tree was struck by lightning.bolt of lightning raig The house next to ours was struck by a bolt of lightning.
  4. 4. icy gelat She opened the window and I was hit by an icy blast of air.freezing molt fred Her hands are freezing out in the snow.frosty molt fred He breathed in the frosty air.cold fred Youll feel cold if you dont wear a coat.chilly fred The bathroom gets chilly in the fresc Cooler weather is forecast for the weekend. Lets sit in the shade and keep cool.above zero sobre zero Its rare they have temperatures above zero inbelow zero sota zero The temperature is expected to drop to ten degrees below zero tonight.temperatures baixar/caure la Temperatures fell to record lows last winter.fall/drop/plum temperaturametto be cold fer fred It was extremely cold in Iceland last winter.cold snap ona de fred They have predicted there will be a cold snap this weekend.cold spell temporada freda The weather forecast is for cold spells.