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    Sam adams report Sam adams report Presentation Transcript

    • SAMUEL ADAMS BEER Social Media Measurement Report Alexandra Barca
    • PROJECT OVERVIEW  Objectives: To analyze and measure the various social media accounts of the Boston-based beer company Samuel Adams  To gain a better understanding of what others are saying about Samuel Adams on Social Media  To compare Samuel Adams’ social media accounts with those of its number one competitor in the craft beer industry – Yuengling. 
    • METHODOLOGY  A human content analysis was used to collect and analyze the content on Samuel Adams social media accounts. DATE RANGE  This study was conducted over a two week period from 12/2/13 – 12/16/13.
    • GENERAL FACTS Klout Score: 80  Google Search Rank: Samuel Adams official website ( comes up 7th when you search “beer.”  Bing Search Rank: Website comes up 20th when you search “beer.”  Social Media listed on official website  Listed: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn Untapped and Pintley  Missing: Instagram, Pinterest and Vine but they still have these accounts. 
    • TWITTER @SamuelAdamsBeer
    •  Twitter Basics Followers: 33,104  Following: 437  Tweets: 22,420 From 12/2/13-12/16/13, @SamuelAdamsBeer posted 30 tweets. Of the 30 tweets,  o o 6 shared news articles or reviews about Samuel Adams products of events 1 asked a question of Twitter users 2 were retweets or modified retweets of other talking about Samuel Adams 8 tweets promoted Samuel Adams events such as kickoff of their new Rebel IPA 5 showed the company’s personality with clever/creative pictures or videos 8 were about National Lager Day, which was on Dec. 10 o Therefore.. -Roughly 47% of tweets shared news or national events (National Lager Day) -Roughly 36% of tweets were about the company itself -Roughly 17% of tweets showed the company’s personality This does not follow the 50/30/20 rule (news/personality/company) but it is relatively close. See next page for chart. o Engagement: Most tweets receive between 5-15 retweets and 0-10 replies.
    •  What category do the tweets from the last two weeks fall under?
    • EXAMPLE TWEETS  Showing Personality
    •  Sharing news that relates to the company
    •  Producing an infographic about National Lager Day
    •  Posting about the company itself and its events. Here, a picture is posted from the Rebel IPA launch in Boston.
    • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT SAMUEL ADAMS ON TWITTER  Popular Topics on Twitter White Christmas Flavor #LagerDay Samuel Adams Ugly Sweater Party Samuel Adams Utopias Winter Variety Pack
    • Out of all the tweets about Samuel Adams Beer in the last two weeks, 81% were positive, 9% were neutral and 10% were negative. Positive tweets include when a restaurant or bar included Samuel Adams in their specials list (37 tweets measured).
    • NUMBER OF TWEETS PER DAY Over the last month, the number of tweets per day about Samuel Adams beer has varied, according to this report from Topsy. Source:
    •  FacebookBasics  Fans: 995,115  22,887 people have talked about the page From 12/2/13-12/116/13, there have been 15 Facebook posts (many identical to tweets) Of the 15 posts…         3 were about the company’s products 4 showed personality 4 were about an event like the Rebel IPA kickoff 1 was about a CSR program 3 were about National Lager Day Therefore, Roughly 53% of posts were about the company  Roughly 20% of posts shared news/national events  Roughly 27% showed the company’s personality This does not follow the 50/30/20 rule. See the next page for a chart.  o Engagement: Posts usually receive over 1,000 likes. Posts receive at least 20 comments and sometimes over 1,400 comments
    •  What category do Facebook posts from the last two weeks fall under?
    • EXAMPLE POSTS  Showing Personality (also posted on Twitter). This received 1,490 comments and 1,649 likes.
    •  Posting about events
    • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT SAMUEL ADAMS ON FACEBOOK  Topics of posts on Fan page White Christmas Flavor Cherry Chocolate Flavor Winter Lager Juniper IPA Customer Service Requests
    •  Over the last two weeks, the Facebook Fan page has grown steadily, according to this report fromSocialbakers.
    •  The number of people talking about Samuel Adams has also grown steadily as we get closer into the holiday season.
    •  YouTube Basics Videos: 60  Subscribers: 1,136   The account is updated every few months   The videos either feature a special beer (like the Brewlywed, a beer made for a brides on their wedding day) or something extra with one of their signature beers. For example, they showed viewers how to make a pumpkin keg for their pumpkin-flavored beer and a special contest you can hold with their famous Oktoberfest beer. The most-viewed video in recent times is that above-mentioned video, which has 4,049 views. (Most other videos have under 1,000 views).
    • View the video here.
    • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ON YOUTUBE  There are a handful of YouTube channels dedicated to reviewing beer such as the popular GregBeerReviews. The following video was posted on Dec. 2 and favorably reviews the Juniper IPA.
    •  Pinterest Basics Boards: 19  Pins: 226  Likes: 22  Followers: 590 The Pinterest account has various boards from “Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lovers” to “Beer and Food Pairings.” These boards bring the total experience to drinking Samuel Adams beers. Instead of simply selling their product, they are showing how it can fit into your life. The account has even capitalized on the popularity of wedding ideas on Pinterest with a board entitled “ Brewlywed: Great ways to integrate beer on your wedding day!”   
    • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ON PINTEREST ABOUT SAMUELADAMS BEER  Various companies, restaurants, beer distributors and chefs pin about Samuel Adams.  These posts range from ways to incorporate Samuel Adams into a meal to a gift guide for beer lovers. EXAMPLE PINS
    •  Instagram Basics        Posts: 199 Followers: 7,216 Following: 47 Instagram is used to share pictures that have, for the most part, also been shared on the Facebook and Twitter pages. The posts unique to Instagram are more behind-thescenes photos from their events and ones that use PicStitch or a similar app to fit more than one picture on the screen. There was a contest for Instagram to share their best pictures from National Lager Day. Most posts receive from 300-600 likes.
    •  Below is a report by of the last three months of Instagram Activity  As you can see, this account has not yet utilized Instagram Video.
    •  In terms of engagement, the following hashtags received the most engagement per post.
    •  When the account manager used the following filters, the posts received the most engagement
    •  The study also found the best time to post based on the best times for engagement.
    • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ON INSTAGRAM ABOUT SAMUELADAMS  The same SimplyMeasured study found the most popular words in the comments on the official Samual Adams Instagram Account. The following are the most popular:
    • VINE @SamuelAdamsBeer
    •  Vine Basics     Posts: 2 Followers: 15 Due to how small/new the account is, measuring is difficult. Both posts are promoting the new Rebel IPA.
    • UNTAPPED  Untapped is a social networking app that allows people to find beer and bar wherever they are. They can also share reviews of their favorite beers and look for reviews from others.  Untapped Basics  Likes: 44,276
    •  The site also provides which Samuel Adams beers are trending amongst users as well as an activity feed showing who is currently drinking Samuel Adams.
    • PINTLEY   Pintley is a similar site that helps users choose, remember and rate different types of beers. Samuel Adams has a profile in which its top beers are ranked and there is a complete listing of all beers.
    •  The official Samuel Adams blog is called “Boston Blogger.”  This blog has been updated three time in the past two weeks. It is used to add more content that it can’t contain on other social media such as grilling recipes to go with different Samuel Adams beers.
    •  The blog also archives all the posts by category, for easy reading.
    • WHAT BLOGS ARE SAYING ABOUT SAMUEL ADAMS Samuel Adams does not have an official blog.  From 12/2/26-12/16/26, one blogger on wrote an extremely favorable review of the Samuel Adams 2013 Utopias Craft Beer. 
    • WHAT MESSAGE BOARDS ARE SAYING ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA  From 12/2/13-12/16/13 Samuel Adams was mentioned in a forum called beerit (part of reddit). This was actually a complaint about the company putting their traditional Boston Lager in the new Winter Variety Pack.
    •  Samuel Adams was also mentioned on another popular Beer forum, The topic of conversation was the Winter Variety Pack (also popular on Twitter).
    • WHAT DOES IT SAY ON WIKIPEDIA ABOUT SAMUELADAMS  In addition to basic facts and history, there is one section entitled Controversies that may have some information that the company would not want the public to be able to see so accessibly. One particular controversy that probably gave the company bad press at the time was the radio contest “Sex for Sam” in 2002, in which radio hosts encouraged couples to have sex in public places. When one couple was charged with public lewdness, the radio campaign stopped. This is probably information that Samuel Adams would not want so easily accessible.  This section also documents a 2008 recall of certain bottles which they said could have bits of glass in them. It says that although there were no reports of injury, shares of the company did drop 3%. This is also information the company may not necessarily want the public to see. 
    • SAMUEL ADAMS VS. YUENGLING A comparative analysis
    • WHICH COMPANY HAS A LARGER PRESENCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Samuel Adams is the second largest craft beer brewery in the country, second to only Yeungling. But, who’s ahead in social? Let’s take a look. Samuel Adams Yuengling Winner? Facebook 994,104 fans 155,362 fans Samuel Adams Twitter 33,102 followers 32,352 followers Samuel Adams YouTube 1,136 subscribers Samuel Adams Instagram 7,216 followers Samuel Adams Vine 15 followers Samuel Adams Pinterest 590 followers Samuel Adams Pintly Yes Yes Tie Untapped 44,276 likes 13,330 likes Samuel Adams
    •  Although Samuel Adams now has considerably more Facebook fans than Yuengling, it wasn’t always that way.  This report measures how each fan page grew in like since Dec. 10, 2010.  Green is Samuel Adams, Orange is Yuengling.
    •  Samuel Adams has just a few hundred more Twitter followers than Yeungling, and this takeover just happened recently as you can see in this graph that maps out the same time period.
    • TWITTER COMPARISON  Yuengling tweets far more often than Samuel Adams and directly answers many of its customers tweets.
    • FACEBOOK COMPARISON  Both companies use Twitter similarly, and have posted the same amount of times in two weeks (15). The only differentiation is that Yuengling shares photos from Facebook fans, like below.
    • WHAT SAMUEL ADAMS IS DOING WELL IN SOCIAL     “The Big Picture” – Samuel Adams is on nearly every social media site possible. Its total dominance over competitor Yuengling shows which company is better positioned for the future as social media becomes increasingly important. Visuals – With nearly every tweet and Facebook post, a picture was included. Also, Samuel Adams has taken full advantage of photosharing sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Beer Authority – The goal of all social media accounts is consistent and clear. Samuel Adams is trying to establish itself as an authority and expert in the world of craft beer. In the time period that I measured, the goal was more narrow, and that was to establish itself as an authority in seasonal beers. There was cross-platform promotions for all of the new Winter lagers and this worked since it is timely. Pinterest – The Pinterest page was impressive. It contained so many boards for all different reasons to drink beer – and ways to do it! This account helps make drinking Samuel Adams beer a lifestyle, not just a purchase.
    • WHAT CAN SAMUEL ADAMS DO IN THE FUTURE  Twitter      As of now, there are very little replies to customers, while Yuengling does this regularly. Respond to more customers on Twitter. Whether they are asking a question, commenting negatively or positively, try to respond to people. People feel more loyal to a brand when there is direct interaction. Use Twitter to reveal exclusive news. For example, the lineup of beers in this year’s variety pack. Use Twitter to comment on national events – beer-related or not. The account did a great job capitalizing on National Lager Day, but adding a clever beer-related take on pop culture new would show the company’s fun personality. tweet 4-5 times a day. Save posts where engagement is needed for the weekends (when engagement on Twitter is the highest). Facebook      Try to get ratio of posts closer to 50/30/20 (News/Personality/Company) Ask more questions in posts. The post with the highest engagement posed the question “Without beer, life would be…” There are plenty of other opportunities their thoughts on beer in general (does not need to be about specific Samuel Adams products.) Share more photo albums. The pictures with each post is very successful, but photo albums actually receive more engagement than a single picture. Keep using Facebook to respond to customer service requests. This is very effective and looks like the company cares about each customer. Post 4-5 times per week and keep posts short.
    •  YouTube    Instagram       Post more videos like the one that showed how to make a keg out of a pumpkin. This was a perfect way to showcase the pumpkin-flavored beer and provide customers with a new, exciting way to use the product. Feature videos from beer reviewers such as GregBeerReviews. This shows that you care what your customers think about your product, and want others to hear about the product from regular people. Provide more content that is unique to Instagram. As of now, this looks like an aggregation of pictures from the Twitter and Facebook pages. Use Instagram to start contests similar to the contest on National Lager Day. When conducting contests, post at least once a day to update players. The best days to post for engagement are on Sundays. Use some of the recipes and food that complements Samuel Adams beer to capitalize on the popularity of food on Instagram. #Instafood is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram Tag the location of the posts. For example, if the picture is from an event in Boston, MA, tag that location. Vine    Create more videos and share these videos across multiple social media platforms to gain more followers. Also urge users of the other platforms to follow the brand on Vine. Use Vine to run contest. For example, ask users where they favorite place to drink a SamuelAdams is? Include a video with people drinking Sam Adams in places all over the world Use Vine to provide tips about beer. For example, a video could show the correct way to taste a beer, or pour a beer without foam.
    •  Blogs    Untappd/Pintley   Use these accounts to crowd source. Users of this app are beer lovers. This is a very important character niche because users of these sites are the ones telling their friends which beers to drink. Monitor reviews and ratings of each beer. You can use this information to change social media efforts around a specific beer if it is not getting any reviews, or report back to the brewery if a certain flavor or taste is found unfavorable by many reviewers. Message Boards   Make the official blog more accessible and include a link to it with your other social media sites on the bottom of the homepage. Reblog reviews and anecdotal stories from other bloggers (if they are favorable). This will increase the reach of these influencers. Monitor message boards like beerit and beeradvocator, because these are also influencers. These forums can provide insight into what customers are thinking of the newest beers or even the newest campaigns. In General  List all social media accounts on the main website.
    • CONCLUSION Samuel Adams has a large presence on social media, and seems to be growing ever day (Vine is the latest addition).  Many of the accounts are used well, with minor areas for improvement.  The company is able to create a buzz about their seasonal beer selections. During this particular time period, the contents of the Winter Variety Pack was the most buzzed about topic. This bodes well for future seasons and future variety packs that can be promoted through social media in the same way. 