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Luxury collection 11_10_2013_progroup

  2. 2. DIAMOND RING 49.14 EMERALD CUT 49.14 CARAT INTERNALLY FLAWLESS DIAMOND RING 49.14 Diamond Ring: GIA Certified 49.14cts Internally Flawless Emerald Cut Diamond, Mounted in 18K White Gold with Two Taper Baguette Diamonds on the sides. P2
  3. 3. SOLITAIRE RING 32.16 PEAR SHAPE 32.16 CARAT D VVS2 SOLITAIRE RING 32.16 Solitaire Ring, Composed GIA Certified 32.16 Ct. D, VVS2 Pear Shape Diamond Flanked By Two Baguette Cut Diamonds, Mounted In Platinum. P3
  4. 4. DIAMOND RING 22.43 RADIANT CUT 32.16 CARAT E SI1 DIAMOND RING 22.43 GIA Certified 22.43 Ct. E SI1 Radiant Cut Diamond Framed By 1.10 Ct. Pave' Set White Diamonds, Mounted In A Platinum Split Shank P4
  5. 5. DIAMOND RING 18.03 EMERALD CUT 18.03 CARAT H INTERNALLY FLAWLESS DIAMOND RING 18.03 HRD Certified 18.03 Ct, H Internally Flawless Emerald Cut Diamond Flanked by 0.70 Ct Tapered Baguette Cut Diamonds (6 Stones), Mounted in Platinum and 18K White Gold. P5
  6. 6. DIAMOND RING 30.04 EMERALD CUT 30.04 CARAT J VVS1 DIAMOND RING 30.04 A Magnificent 30.04Ct. GIA Certified J VVS1 Emerald Cut Diamond Highlighted With 1.31Ct. Pave' Set White Diamonds (92 Stones) On A Split Shank, Mounted In Platinum. P6
  7. 7. PEAR DROP DIAMOND NECKLACE PEAR SHAPED 23.52 & 44.15 CARAT G VVS2 PEAR DROP DIAMOND NECKLACE The Pear-Shaped GIA Certified 23.52Ct. G VVS2 Diamond Is A Detachable Pendant, Mounted In 18k White Gold, Surmounted By 44.15Ct. Pear Shape Diamonds 17" chain (24 GIA Certified) Mounted In Platinum. P7
  8. 8. ELEGANT MATCHED DIAMOND EARRINGS PEAR SHAPED 12.31 & 12.19 CARAT E VVS2 & VVS1 ELEGANT MATCHED DIAMOND EARRINGS Two Perfectly Matched Brilliant Cut Pear Shape Diamonds, GIA Certified 12.31Ct. E VVS2 & 12.19Ct. E VVS1, Topped With Two 3.16Ct. F VVS1 & 3.12Ct. G VVS1 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Elegantly Mounted in 18K White Gold. P8
  9. 9. THE SOLITAIRE GRAY BLUE 16.77 CARAT Fancy Gray Blue Internally Flawless 1.66 CARAT Pave' Set Pink Diamonds THE SOLITAIRE GRAY BLUE A Breathtaking Diamond Solitaire, Composed GIA Certified 16.77 Ct Fancy Gray Blue Internally Flawless Oval Cut Diamond Framed By 1.66 Ct Pave' Set Pink Diamonds Mounted In 18k Rose Gold. Highlighted With 0.61 Ct Pave' Set White Diamonds On A Platinum Split Shank. P9
  10. 10. THE CUSHION BLUE GRAY 30.11 CARAT Natural Fancy Blue Gray Pave' Set 3.48 CARAT Pink Diamonds THE CUSHION BLUE GRAY GIA Certified 30.11 Natural Fancy Blue Gray VVS2 Cushion Cut Diamond (Center Stone) Surrounded By Pave' Set 3.48 Ct Pink Diamonds Mounted In 18K Rose Gold And White Diamonds On Gallery And Shank Mounted In Platinum. P10
  11. 11. THE BLUE OF THE NILE 12.38 CARAT, Fancy Blue, Internally Flawless 1.21 CARAT, Fancy Purple Pink 1.11 CARAT, Fancy Purple Pink THE BLUE OF THE NILE Magnificent GIA Certified 12.38 Ct. Fancy Blue, Internally Flawless, Radiant Cut Diamond, Flanked By Two GIA Certified 1.21-1.11 Ct. Fancy Purple Pink VS2-SI1 Emerald Cut Diamonds (2 Side Stones), Framed By 0.705 Ct. Micro-Pave' Set Pink Diamonds Mounted in 18K Rose Gold. Highlighted with 0.72 Ct. Bezel Set Round Cut Diamonds (4 Stones) And 1.22 Ct Pave' Set White Diamonds, Mounted In Platinum Split Shank. P11
  12. 12. MARQUISE GRAY BLUE NATURAL 2.44 CARAT, Fancy Gray Blue, Internally Flawless 1.72 CARAT, Pave' Set White And Pink Diamonds THE MARQUISE GRAY BLUE NATURAL Natural Fancy Blue Marquise Diamond Ring Featuring A Magnificent 2.44Ct. GIA Certified, Natural Fancy Gray Blue, Internally Flawless Marquise Diamond. Surrounded By Pave' Set White And Pink Diamonds, Total Carat Weight 1.72Ct. Mounted In 18K White And Rose Gold. P12
  13. 13. THE SUN & SKY RING 3.00 Carat, Fancy Blue 3.04 Carat, Fancy Vivid Yellow THE SUN & SKY RING Two Of Nature's Most Beautiful Creations Combined In This Elegantly Designed Ring. 3.00Ct. Fancy Blue Pear Shape Diamond Alongside A Stunning 3.04Ct. Pear Shape Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Perfectly Mounted In Platinum. P13
  14. 14. THE SUNNY SOLITAIRE EMERALD CUT 20.18 CARAT FANCY INTENSE YELLOW VS1 THE SUNNY SOLITAIRE Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Solitaire, Featuring: GIA Certified 20.18 CARAT, VS1 Emerald Cut Diamond, Surrounded by 2.72 Ct G VS1 Trapezoid Diamonds (2 Side Stones), Mounted in Platinum. P14
  15. 15. THE GOLDEN SOLITAIRE CUSHION 38.86 CARAT FANCY INTENSE YELLOW VS2 THE GOLDEN SOLITAIRE Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring, Featuring: GIA Certified 38.86 Ct VS2, Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond, Surrounded by 1.40 Ct Round Brilliant Cut Pink Diamonds (185 Stones) and 0.93 Ct Round Brilliant Cut White Diamonds (88 Stones) Set in Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold. P15
  16. 16. THE JUNGLE CHAMELEON RECTANGULAR MODIFIED BRILLIANT 12.20 CARAT FANCY YELLOW GREEN VS2 THE JUNGLE CHAMELEON GIA Certified 12.20 Ct. Natural Fancy Yellow Green VS2 Rectangular Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond Surrounded By 1.18 Ct. Fancy Pink Diamonds & 1.07 Ct. White Diamonds In A Pave' Set In 18K White Gold. P16
  17. 17. THE SUNFLOWER TRIDENT RADIANT CUT 13.00 CARAT FANCY INTENSE YELLOW VS1 THE SUNFLOWER TRIDENT Three Stones Diamond Solitaire, Featuring: GIA Certified 13.00 Ct Fancy Intense Yellow, VS1, Radiant Cut Diamond, Flanked by 1.43 Ct Trapezoid Shape Diamonds (2 Side Stones), Surrounded by Pave' Set 1.25 Ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Mounted in Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold. P17
  18. 18. THE 3 STONE SOLITAIRE RADIANT CUT MIXED CUT 15.61 CARAT FANCY VIVID YELLOW VVS1 THE 3 STONE SOLITAIRE Three Stone Solitaire, Composed A Magnificent GIA Certified 15.61 Ct. Fancy Vivid Yellow, VVS1 Radiant Cut Diamond Mounted In 18K Yellow Gold, Flanked By 2.55 Ct. Half Moon Diamonds (Two Stones), Mounted In Platinum. P18
  19. 19. THE MAGIC SUNSET EARRINGS RADIANT CUT MIXED CUT 19.20 & 19.13 CARAT FANCY INTENSE YELLOW INTERNALLY FLAWLESS THE MAGIC SUNSET EARRINGS Fancy Intense Yellow Drop Diamond Earrings, Composed Of Two GIA Certified 19.20 - 19.13 Ct. Internally Flawless, Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Cut Diamonds With Pave' Set White Diamonds On Bail, Mounted In Platinum And 18K Yellow Gold. P19
  20. 20. THE YELLOW SOLITAIRE RADIANT CUT MIXED CUT 30.04 CARAT FANCY YELLOW VS2 THE YELLOW SOLITAIRE Diamond Solitaire, Composed GIA Certified 30.04 Ct. Fancy Yellow VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond, Highlighted with 0.24 Ct. Pave' Set Fancy Yellow Diamonds Mounted In 18K Yellow Gold. Flanked By 2.47 Ct. Trapezoid Cut Diamonds (Two Side Stones), Highlighted With 0.81 Ct. Pave' Set Round Cut Diamonds On Shank, All Mounted In Platinum. P20
  21. 21. THE GOLDEN BRIOLETTE BRIOLETTE 75.42 CARAT FANCY INTENSE YELLOW VS1 THE GOLDEN BRIOLETTE This Dazzling Briolette Is 75.42Ct. GIA Certified, Fancy Intense Yellow VS1 Diamond, Held By A Beautifully Crafted Pave' Set Yellow Diamond Flower Bail, Mounted In 18K Yellow Gold. P21
  22. 22. THE SUNFLOWER SOLITAIRE MODIFIED CUT-CORNERED RECTANGULAR MIXED CUT 66.05 CARAT FANCY INTENSE YELLOW VS1 THE SUNFLOWER SOLITAIRE A Breathtaking GIA Certified 66.05 Ct. Fancy Intense Yellow, VS1, Modified Cut-Cornered Rectangular Mixed Cut Diamond, Mounted In 18k Yellow Gold. P22
  23. 23. THE SUNSET HEART NECKLACE HEART 34.19 CARAT FANCY YELLOW VS2 THE SUNSET HEART NECKLACE Heart Diamond Necklace, Featuring A 34.19 Ct. GIA Certified, Fancy Yellow, VS2 Heart Shape Diamond Pendant Framed By 4.20 Ct. Heart Shape Diamonds Highlighted With Pave' Set 1.11 Ct. Yellow And White Diamonds On Platinum And 18k Yellow Gold Mounting. Surmounted by 57.64 Ct. Heart Shape Diamonds (27 GIA Certified), Mounted In Platinum. P23
  24. 24. THE SUNSHINE EARRINGS RADIANT CUT 17.02 & 16.38 CARAT FANCY INTENSE YELLOW VVS2 & VS1 THE SUNSHINE EARRINGS Stunning Earrings ! Two GIA certified 17.02-16.38 Ct. Fancy Intense Yellow VVS2-VS1 Radiant Cut Diamonds Mounted In 18k Yellow Gold, Surmounted By 3.85 Ct. Square Emerald Cut Diamonds (2 GIA Certified) And 4.18 Ct. Trapezoid Cut Diamonds, Framed by 9.90 Ct. Baguette Cut Diamonds, Mounted In Platinum. P24
  25. 25. THE BROWNISH PINK RADIANT CUT 18.45 CARAT FANCY BROWNISH PINK THE BROWNISH PINK GIA Certified 18.45 Ct Fancy Brownish Pink Radiant Cut Diamond (Center Stone) Framed by 0.91 Ct Pave' Set White Diamonds Mounted in Platinum, Highlighted with 0.045 Ct Pink Diamonds Mounted in 18K Rose Gold. P25
  26. 26. THE PURPLE PINK RADIANT CUT 28.03 CARAT FANCY PURPLE PINK VS2 THE PURPLE PINK GIA Certified 28.03 Ct. Fancy Purple Pink VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond Surrounded By 2.18 Ct. Pave' Set White Diamonds Mounted In Platinum. P26
  27. 27. THE PINK PASSION HEART CUT 10.09 CARAT FANCY INTENSE PINK INTERNALLY FLAWLESS THE PINK PASSION One Of The World's Rarest Diamonds, An Exquisite 10.09Ct. Internally Flawless, Natural Fancy Intense Pink Diamond, Mounted In 18k Rose Gold & Highlighted With a Pave' Set White Diamonds On A Platinum Shank. P27
  28. 28. THE VIBRANT PINK SOLITAIRE RADIANT CUT 12.95 CARAT FANCY PURPLE PINK INTERNALLY FLAWLESS THE VIBRANT PINK SOLITAIRE A Breathtaking Fancy Purple Pink Diamond Solitaire, Featuring: GIA Certified 12.95 Ct Fancy Purple Pink Internally Flawless Radiant Cut Diamond, Highlighted With 1.48 Ct Pave' Set White Diamonds Mounted on Platinum And Rose Gold. P28
  29. 29. THE LIGHT PINK SOLITAIRE PEAR SHAPED CUT 5.01 CARAT FANCY VERY LIGHT PINK SI1 THE LIGHT PINK SOLITAIRE Pink Diamond Solitaire, Featuring a GIA Certified 5.01 carat Very Light Pink, SI1 Pear-Shaped Diamond, highlighted with 0.60 Total Carats Pave set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Mounted in Platinum and 18K Rose Gold. P29
  30. 30. THE ORANGY PINK RING OVAL CUT 18.03 CARAT FANCY INTENSE ORANGY PINK VS2 THE ORANGY PINK RING Diamond Ring with GIA Certified 18.03cts Fancy Intense Orangy Pink Oval Cut Diamond (VS2 Clarity, GIA Report 10665007), Surrounded by 31.00cts Oval Cut Diamonds (30 Stones) and 1.07cts Round Cut Diamonds (236 Stones) on Gallery and Shank, Mounted in 18K White Gold P30
  31. 31. THE LIGHT PINK NECKLACE PEAR SHAPE 70.93 CARAT + 53.33 CARAT FANCY LIGHT PINK INTERNALLY FLAWLESS THE LIGHT PINK NECKLACE Diamond Necklace with GIA Certified 70.93cts Fancy Light Pink Internally Flawless Pear Shape Diamond on 53.33cts Pear Shape Diamonds (49 Stones), Mounted in 18K White & Yellow Gold P31
  32. 32. THE DOUBLE STRAND PINK NECKLACE MULTI SHAPE 11.42 CARAT FANCY PINK & WHITE THE DOUBLE STRAND PINK NECKLACE Double Strand Diamond Necklace, composed 11.42 ct multishape pink white diamonds, mounted in 18k white rose gold. P32
  33. 33. THE COUER NECKLACE HEART BRILLIANT CUT 1.02 CARAT FANCY INTENSE ORANGE PINK THE COUER NECKLACE Three Heart Diamond Necklace, Featuring: GIA Certified 1.02 Ct Fancy Intense Orange Pink Heart Shape Brilliant Cut Diamond Surmounted by 0.98 Ct Heart Shape Diamonds Highlighted With Two Line 0.88 Ct Micro-Pave' Set Diamonds, 2.88 Ct Round Cut Diamonds on the Chain, Mounted in 18K White & Rose Gold. P33
  34. 34. THE FLOWER LYLI 6.76 CARAT Natural Fancy Intense Pink 1.11 CARAT Natural Fancy Intense Blue Green 6 Pear Shape, D, Internally Flawless Diamonds Totaling 6.48 Ct THE FLOWER LYLI Ring Featuring GIA Certified 6.76 Ct Natural Fancy Intense Pink VS2 Cushion Cut Diamond (Center Stone) , 1.11 Ct Natural Fancy Intense Blue Green VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond (1 Stone), 6 Pear Shape, D Internally Flawless Diamonds Totaling 6.48 Ct. and 0.60 Ct Tapered Baguette Diamonds (2 Stones). Mounted in Platinum. P34
  35. 35. THE NATURE SPLENDORS 18.07 Carat, D, Internally Flawless 3.94 Carat, Fancy Vivid Yellow 5.00 Carat, Rich Vivid Blue 10.09 Carat, Fancy Vivid Purple Pink 44.09 Carat, D Color, Flawless, Type IIA THE NATURE SPLENDORS This Breathtaking Master Piece Contains Some Of The Rarest Colored Diamonds Ever Found In Nature. The Top Diamond Is A One Of A Kind 18.07Ct. D Internally Flawless Cushion Cut, Followed By A Magnificent 3.94Ct. Fancy Vivid Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Then A stunning 5.00Ct. Rich Vivid Blue Emerald cut diamond, followed by a Unique 10.09Ct. Fancy Vivid Purple Pink Cushion Cut Diamond. All That Topped With A Mesmerizing 44.09Ct D Color, Flawless, Type IIA Emerald Cut Diamond, hanging From 72.03 Total Ct Weight D-F Color Alternating Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds And Emerald Cut Diamonds Mounted In Platinum. P35
  36. 36. IB PRIME - DIAMONDS * 45/1 TRIQ L-ISQOF F.S. CARUNA - MSIDA MSD 1412 - MALTA REPUBLIC East Mandate: ProGroup & Renaissance Consulting Alex Zarkhov Email: / Contact: +380 936138298 The information contained herein is taken by us as good. While we do not doubt its accuracy we have not verified and no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. It is your responsibility to independently confirm its accuracy and completeness. Any projections, opinions, assumptions or estimates are used solely as an example and do not represent the current or future performance of the property. The value of this transaction will depend on tax and other factors which should be evaluated by your tax advisors, financial and legal. Together with your consultants will conduct a careful and independent property in order to determine, in a manner which I is satisfactory, the ability of the same face to your needs. This document has no character or bond contract. This document and presentation are CONFIDENTIAL. IMPORTANT: Images and others, are for illustrative purposes only and remain the rights of their respective owners. Информация, содержащаяся в данном документе, принята нами как действительная. Хоть мы и не сомневаемся в точности данной информации, мы не проверяли ее и у нас нет гарантии или представленных сведений о ней. Это ваша обязанность, самостоятельно подтвердить ее точность и полноту. Любые прогнозы, заключения, допущения или оценки используются исключительно в качестве примера и не отражают текущего или будущего качества собственности. Значение этой сделки будет зависеть от налоговых и других факторов, которые должны быть оценены вашими налоговыми, финансовыми и юридическими консультантами. Вместе с Вашими консультантами будет проведена тщательная и независимая оценка, чтобы определить возможности и максимально удовлетворить потребности обеих сторон. Этот документ не имеет характера или обязательств контракта. Этот документ и презентация являются КОНФИДЕНЦИАЛЬНЫМИ. ВАЖНО: Изображения и другое использованы только в целях иллюстрирования, сохраняя права их собственников.