SMICS Conference Amsterdam 2012


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Introducing current research about digital business and social media

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SMICS Conference Amsterdam 2012

  1. 1. The NEXT Survey Effective Strategies for a Social Media World Dr. Alexander Rossmann
  2. 2. Marketing & Social Media: Where are we on the Hype Cycle?
  3. 3. The NEXT Survey: Longitudinal Qualitative Research The NEXT Survey is an Initiative at the Institute of Marketing at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). Research Platform based on a strong Cooperation between Research Organisations and Business Corporations. Business Partners: ABB, Allianz, BMW, CreditSuisse, Daimler, EnBW, IBM, Migros, Roland Berger, SwissCom, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Lufthansa, etc. Longitudinal Exploration of Key Aspects for the Implementation of Social Media in different Industries and Business Models.
  4. 4. Through of Disillusionment? Follow the Rules for User Engagement Most corporations in Europe penetrate the Web with a Marketing 1.0 approach. One Way Communication and Broadcasting leads to the Trough of Disillusionment. User Engagement follows two Essential Rules: Value & Trust
  5. 5. The NEXT Big Idea: Integration in the Corporate Value Chain … … …
  6. 6. Thought Leaders: MIGROS MIGIPEDIA is an Online Platform hosted by the largest retailer in Switzerland, MIGROS ( MIGROS presents the whole current product line on the Website. Users of MIGIPEDIA post their product and service ideas to the Category Management. The discussion on the corporate social media site is also linked to an own Twitter Account, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Fansite. The key objective of MIGROS is to improve products and services along the specific needs of their customers.
  7. 7. Researching the Return on User Engagement : MIGROS What about offering Vanilla Coke in Switzerland?
  8. 8. Thought Leaders: Telekom “Telekom hilft“ is an online service offering for customers and experts ( Customers are able to post their questions and problems to an online service team. The service runs also an own fan site and channel on facebook and twitter, services are also avaible by mobile devices. The key objective of Telekom is to deliver customer services on prefered channels. Moreover, Telekom ist interested in supporting communication about positive service experiences.
  9. 9. Researching the Return on User Engagement: Telekom Customer Effort Customer Satisfaction Customer LoyaltySolution Quality Individuality Reaction Rate Resolution Rate Cross Sell / Up Sell Preferences Word of Mouth Willingness to Pay Reach User Value Conversion Mechanism Corporate Value
  10. 10. Join the NEXT Survey: Research Questions in 2012 Which strategic options are available for corporations in a social media world? How might firms create user value by integrating social media in the corporate value chain? General: How might firms enhance the trust of social media users in order to engage along the value chain? Specific: How might firms enhance the trust of Facebook users in order to obtain permission to access user data? Which kind of competitive advantage is created by effective social media strategies?
  11. 11. The NEXT Survey Effective Strategies for a Social Media World Dr. Alexander Rossmann