2013 Alexander - Jackson


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Bringing us all together.

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2013 Alexander - Jackson

  1. 1. Family Reunion 2013ALEXANDER – JACKSONYour offspring shall be like the dust of the earth, and you shallspread abroad to the west and to the east and to the north and to thesouth, and in you and your offspring shall all the families of the earthbe blessed. - Genesis 28:14
  2. 2. Greetings Alexander and Jackson Family Members,The grandchildren and great grandchildren of the late Sidney (Jackson) Alexander andJack Alexander from Quitman, GA cordially welcome you to our family reunioncelebration for 2013.We would like to continue our efforts in embracing our family by keeping in touch onthis unique journey through life. We are extremely excited about taking on this eventand will make sure you enjoy every fun-filled moment. The success of this event beginswith each and every one of us doing our share, by participating and we are half waythere. Our aim as always is to get to know our family members and where they live. Ourfamily is very large and we come from a proud, strong family on both sides. Knowingwho is a part of your family is very important. “Knowledge is power and strength,”with this we can do many great things. So please enjoy yourself and take this time toembrace, get to know & pay homage to our family and loved ones who are no longerwith us. We believe this is the beginning of something great! If you know of anyone wehaven’t reached out to please advise them to reach out to us or share the informationwith them. We love you, appreciate you and look forward to continuing this traditionthroughout the years to come.Thank you,The CommitteeWELCOMESo we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. – Romans 12:5
  3. 3. SIDNEY MARIE JACKSONSidney Marie Jackson was born to Pollie and Andrew Jackson. He motherPollie was a mid-wife who delivered many babies in Brooks County, GA.Sidney was the sister of Simmie Frank, Pollie “Evelyn”, wife of JackAlexander Sr. and mother to Jack “Bob”, Kirby, Willie James, Ernestine, andJerry Alexander
  4. 4. SIDNEY’S SIBLINGSThis cotton is farmed byJamal Jackson ofMorven, GA on Jacksonland.Simmie Jacksons children andgrandchildren.Simmie Frank JacksonPollie Evelyn Denson(Sister)
  5. 5. JACK BOB ALEXANDERSon of Jack & Sidney AlexanderHusband of Martha AlexanderFather to Ronald, Margret, Greg, Daryl, Kirby, Ann, Mike,Verwayne, Timothy, Norman, Fred, Hope, and Jacqueline
  7. 7. MARGRETAnthony Schuler• Jhoma (Wife)• Ariya (Daughter)Michelle Ervin• Sherrick Ervin (Husband)• Dominique Ervin (Daughter)• Alex Ervin (Son)Lichelle Hollie• Danny Hollie (Husband)• Jill Hollie (Daughter)• Daniel Hollie (Son)Dominique Schuler• Jasmine Schuler (Daughter)• Dominique (Daughter)
  8. 8. GREGORYTamara• Travis (Fiancé)• Dernell (Son)• Travis Jr. (Son)• Travisha (Step Daughter)Gregory Jr.
  9. 9. DARYLTracey• Tatiyana• JasonDestin• Daughter
  10. 10. KIRBYRonda (Wife)• Cherell (Daughter)
  11. 11. ANNTiffany• Jaylen(Daughter)• Jamaal(Son)Shannon• James (Husband)• Jahiem (Son)• Ka’rellSade• James Hatcher (Fiance)• Janaei(Daughter)• Jazaria(Daughter)• SemajSon• Demonte• James Jr.
  12. 12. MIKE(DECEASED)LatoyaBernae
  13. 13. VERWAYNETamicaLacraig• Jasmen (Wife)LorenzoCandice
  14. 14. TIMOTHYTimothy Jr.TaraKimberlyTyrellJamaalJade
  15. 15. NORMANEdwardIrisMehkii Jerome-ThomusSakoyaSatoriaAlyssa
  16. 16. FREDERICKMatthew• DaughterFrederick• SonJalisiaDenzelDion
  17. 17. HOPEMaurice (Husband)• Terrence• Monica• Maurice
  18. 18. JACQUELINEDennis (Husband)• Zhane• Malik• Alex
  20. 20. KIRBY ALEXANDER SR.Son of Jack & Sidney Jackson AlexanderFather to Dee, KirbyJr, Kurt, Cheryl, Terrence, Cornette
  21. 21. DEEJasmine• Jadia (Daughter)Kirby
  22. 22. KIRBY JR.
  23. 23. KURTMatthew (Son)
  24. 24. CHERYLDemetra• Ariel• Myeshia• Ayanna• Mikya• Michael• AaronJessicaColetteAyindehiettCheryl has 13 grandchildren, one on the way, and one great grandchild on the way as well
  25. 25. TERRENCETammy (Wife)• Terrence (Son)• Shirley (Daughter)
  26. 26. CORNETTEDaughter• Chalet
  27. 27. WILLIE JAMESSon of Jack & Sidney Jackson-Alexander
  28. 28. JERRY ALEXANDERSon of Jack & Sidney AlexanderHusband of Maxine AlexanderFather to Frederick, Derrick, Natashia, Telia& Jasmine Alexander.
  29. 29. JERRYMaxine (Wife)Derik• Angie (Wife)• Josh (Son)• Sierra (Daughter)FrederickNatashia• Shawn (Husband)• Ryan (Son)• Amaya Sidney (Daughter)• Alexandra (Daughter)TeliaJasmine
  30. 30. ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERSShirleyFarita Davis
  31. 31. Family Reunion2013THE ALEXANDER – JACKSON"Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people whobelong to us, we see the past, present and future. We makediscoveries about ourselves.“-Gail Lumet Buckley"Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in differentdirections yet our roots remain as one." -Author Unknown