Kane County Business Summit


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Kane County Business Summit - 4/18/12

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Kane County Business Summit

  1. 1. Using Social Media To Build A Businessand Your BrandAlex Lawrence: Vice Provost – Weber State UniversityTwitter: @_AlexLawrence (underscore before my name)LinkedIn: /AlexOnLinkedInFacebook: /AlexLawrenceBlog: StartupFlavor.comhttp://www.slideshare.net/alexanderlaw/kane-county
  2. 2. Street Cred Founder/Partner -- 9 companies (Sold 8) including #34 (USA) and #1 (Utah) on the Inc. 500 Raised $20m+ from banks, angels and VC‟s 51,000+ Twitter Followers (#7 in Utah) 5,000+ Facebook Friends (public account) 50,000+ Blog Readers/Subscribers (active again in 2011) 3,000+ LinkedIn Connections 1,000+ mobile apps downloaded Average 1,300+ clicks per link and 100K+ views per post
  3. 3. Which Networks and Profiles?LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & FourSquare
  4. 4. 50M Users Put In Perspective Radio Internet iPod YearsFacebook 0 5 10 15
  5. 5. Twitter Stats 500M registered users Adding 500,000 new accounts per day 300 million unique visitors per month 200 million tweets per day 1.2 billion tweets per week Largest VC raise in history = $800M
  6. 6. Facebook Stats 850+ million active users (log on once a month) 50% of all users log on once per day (est. 500m+) Average user =130 friends 350 million active mobile users per month 1 billion people logged in at same time 30 billion pieces of content/mo. (links, news, photos) 70% of Facebook users are outside of the United States
  7. 7. Instagram Stats Photos only – social network 15 million users & 400 million photos uploaded in first 18 months 80% of all users applied filters Took Flickr 2 years to get to 100 million photos Was only on iOS! Just recently Android Just now up to 14 employees Sold last week to Facebook for $1 Billion (with a „B‟)
  8. 8. Mobile Market Stats Average teen sends 1500 texts per month 76% of all phone subscribers use texting 8 trillion texts sent in 2011 USA -- 18% smartphone market In 2009, 44% in 2011 Over 500,000 iPhone apps, 37% are free 5 years (or less), mobile internet access > desktop access
  9. 9. 23% of Time Online (US) = Social Twitter and Facebook Users:  27% check status and post updates 10+ times per day  40% post updates while driving  30% use while on dates  64% post updates at work
  10. 10. Advertising $ Follow Eyeballs 1999 2009Global Internet Ad $55MM $106BRevenueAd Revenue Per User $9 $86Global Internet Users 6MM 2.2B
  11. 11. How Do I Use Social For Business? Be yourself Don‟t do or say something you wouldn‟t mind sharing with an employer, partner or investor Customers talk to each other online – a lot It‟s not a commercial Real photos, custom backgrounds, detailed info Be yourself
  12. 12. Control Your Brand Or Someone Else Will Due diligence on you via social – billboard worthy? Can you connect with customers? Talk to people you wouldn‟t normally have access to  Mark Suster (iActionable intro)  Hank Haney (golf tips from Tiger Woods coach)  Robert Scoble (introduction to potential partner)  Chad OchoCinco (cell phone number)  CBR Venture Capitalist ($20M raise)  Scott Anderson (Zion‟s Bank CEO)
  13. 13. Convinced? Ok, At Least Try… LinkedIn is a MUST  100% profile complete  Use current photo  Make sure everything is accurate  Get recommendations  Actively seek out connections in areas related to interests  Investors, employers and partners will check you out here  Paid account shows you who looks at your profile  Keep it up to date  IT IS YOUR RESUME
  14. 14. Activity Equals Influence Either in or out Insincerity is obvious Listen to and talk about/with others Time – no quick fix, no quick results Social Signals  SEO value  Rankings  Clicks  Customers
  15. 15. Suggestions and Tools Send out using a scheduling tool like Bufferapp.com **Connect other networks (Twitter to LinkedIn, etc.) Be sure to reply to people where they replied to you Use a mobile application to share “live” updates Setup keyword searches and join conversations It‟s not all about you
  16. 16. Suggestions and Tools Tweetdeck (multi-network) NutshellMail (daily email summary) Google+ (many leaving to focus solely on this network) Twentyfeet.com (analytics) Crowdbooster (analytics/suggestions) Tweetlogix and Tweetbot for mobile
  17. 17. Where and What? Which networks don‟t you like, know of or understand?  FourSquare  Facebook  Twitter  Youtube  Instagram  Tumblr  Google+  Klout  Others?
  18. 18. Takeaways Social media is not a toy for kids It is not a fad If you aren‟t actively engaged now, you are behind Partners, investors, employees & customers are there The great equalizer – influencers can be you You will need to use it for most businesses
  19. 19. Thank You! @_AlexLawrence on Twitter Email: alexanderlawrence @ weber.edu Facebook.com/AlexLawrence Linkedin.com/in/AlexOnLinkedIn Blog: StartupFlavor.com