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  • 1. COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT SUCCESS STORYCOMPETITIVE BENCHMARKING Ontonix WorldwideIn a turbulent economy complexity Ontonix establishes new and Via Lega Insurrezionale 7 22100 Como,holistic business metrics which help Italy Tel:+39-031-3100059to pinpoint the sources of fragility in www.ontonix.comsystems of companies and banks. Ontonix South Africa 920 Duncan Street, BrooklynProblem Statement Pretoria, South Africa Tel: +27-012-997-3791In the wake of global financial Customer: Retail Bank, a retail bank wishes tointroduce complexity metrics inorder to gain a global picture of thesustainability of its business model Competitor 1 Ontonix Brasiland to identify the main barriers to Rua Madre Rita Amada deprofitability in order to improve the Jesus, 72 - cj.31boverall competitive position. São Paulo 04721-050 Brazil Competitor 2 Tel: +55-11-8335-6300 www.ontonix-brasil.comSolutionOntoSpace™ was used to analyze Competitor 3the client’s business in conjunctionwith his four major competitors.Publicly available information,available from the respective web OUR CLIENTsites, has been used for thepurpose. Competitor 4 Our Software ProductsResultAn objective star rating has been Information conveyed by a Complexity Profile is of strategic value as OntoSpace™provided showing the complexity of it helps a company pinpoint sources of complexity (vulnerability). One The World’s first complexity management systemall the competitors involved. The may for example observe, as in the case below, how fluctuations inevolution of the client’s complexity the number of employees and commissions account for 20% of thehistory indicated challenging times total complexity of the company in question. IT and communicationsand potentially reduced profitability technology contributes an additional 12% of the total complexity.ahead. The key drivers of client’s OntoDyn™ A system for measuring thecomplexity have been identified. stability of client portfoliosCustomer’s Benefit OntoNet™ An on-line system for on-With the insight on key complexity demand complexity analysisdrivers from Ontonix’ solution (see and self-ratingthe Corporate Complexity Profileon right) our client was able toexplain loss of profitability for thelast 3 quarters. Actions wereinitiated to reduce complexity inorder to improve future profitability. Complexity X Uncertainty = Fragility This equation, established by Ontonix, explains why it is so important to measure and manage complexity. Since excessive business complexity in an uncertain economy increases fragility, and given that fragility is the prelude to risk, it is necessary to take complexity into account in decision-making, risk management and corporate strategy in order to achieve sustainability and lower exposure. This is particularly true in the ONTONIX COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT case of a turbulent economy. Copyright © Ontonix S.r.l., 2009. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without written consent. OntoSpace, OntoDyn and OntoNet are trademarks of Ontonix S.r.l.