Green Personal Finance - Green Investment Bonds


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Green Personal Finance - Green Investment Bonds

  1. 1. Green Personal Finance | Green Investment Bonds |TheGreeno.Com TheGreenO is an organic Green Community that aspires to educate, organize and present world’s green or Eco Friendly Information and contribute to green economy’s growth. It is a self sustaining society offering news, articles, forums, jobs, shopping and many more focused on growing Green/Eco-Friendly Community needs. Every citizen in this world is having tremendous responsibility towards environment. Even a small step like saving house hold water or planting trees by an individual is a giant leap towards promoting global green movement. Our portal is built in merits of such green thoughts, to contribute the Global Environmental Community by offering all the Green Information available in this planet in one place called “TheGreenO” - The Greenest Place On Earth. was founded with a mission to collect, organize and present world's green or eco-friendly information and contribute to green economy's growth. About Us is a premier green community portal offering news, tips, events, Jobs, shopping and many more services with distinctive focus on our growing green/eco- friendly community needs. This unsurpassed focus on community, it's secure and trustworthy online platform makes theGreenO unique and first in class compared to other portals.
  2. 2. Green Personal Finance - Green Investment Bonds We all know that going green is good to Mother Nature. It’s good to conserve energy and help save the dying planet. Yes, the planet is slowly dying because of our deeds. Men have been polluting the atmosphere like never before and cutting trees that are extremely important for ecological balance. If things are continue to go awry, scientists
  3. 3. predict that in a few decades there will be a catastrophic change in climate which may lead to warmer climate, unpredictable weather etc. Men don’t seem to care about all things they do, but keep on doing it. It’s only in the last couple of decades, the awareness about why we have to go green and conserve energy to save the earth from any damage. To this end many companies are launching green products to their customers in a bid to promote energy conservation and environmentalism. It’s good to produce, market and use renewable products so that they are not wasted once they are used. Renewable products can be recycled and used many times. The advantage of using green products don’t only lie on their renewability; they also provide more value to the buyer. Renewable products are often cheap to produce and hence cheaper in the market. They don’t pose any threat to the environment and not poisonous. Most of the green products are bio-degradable meaning, they will naturally get degraded and won’t just sit on land field for thousands of years. These days, more and more number of people are aware of the fact that using green products and conserving energy is the only way to a safer planet apart from planting more number of trees. Now finding green products is very much easier than it used to be. A decade ago when less number of people were interested in green products, it was difficult for one to find green products. But these days almost everything is becoming green, even financial products are in green. Banks and financial companies are competing to attract their green customers by providing green credit cards, green mutual funds, green investments options green investment bonds etc. In financial world, the list even extends to green real estate, green tax rebates, green investment loans, green funds, green franchises and much more. Green investments is become the hot topic of the day. May companies are trying to attract more green customers by providing opportunities in green investments. There are millions of green activists that are only interested in buying or investing in green products. It’s good that companies are also providing them with the opportunity to invest in green products by offering discounts which will encourage non- conservationists to adopt greenism. TheGreenO is an active and one of the largest online green communities where you can promote your green products. Please visit to list your green product.