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High level overview of the Kendo UI framework and upcoming plans. See for current status and for online demos.

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  • THE CURRENT PROCESSBuilding projects today requires:Self-assembling a “complete” frameworkTrying to maintain the versioning of many different librariesTrying to vet the quality and commitment to many different projectsManaging the licensing for many different librariesKeeping up with the different APIs of each libraryIN SHORT: The approach introduces lots of extra effort to the JS app building process.(Problems summarized on next slide.)
  • THE PROBLEMS THAT WE’RE TRYING TO SOLVEDetail the challenges with many of today’s JavaScript frameworks:Un-Unified – Many frameworks only solve part of the problem, requiring developers to “mash-up” many framework to build a “complete” platformRoad Maps – Many projects/frameworks are “labors of love”- built by talented individuals, but not for on-going up keep and improvement. Want new features? You may have to add them yourself.Unsupported – Find a bug in your favorite JS library? You’re probably going to have to fix it on your own, or wait for the next unscheduled project update.Bottom Line: These are all problems that can be tolerated by individuals and smart developers, but they are less appropriate for building professional software that needs to evolve over time.
  • “Go from this to…(next slide)”
  • “…this.” (con’t from previous slide).
  • TRANSITION TO KENDONow that the stage has been set describing the NEED for Kendo UI, let’s expand on Kendo UI specifics.Ask the question: What is Kendo UI?
  • TECHNICALLY SPEAKINGKendo UI uses the best of HTML5, CSS3, and evolving JavaScript APIs to deliver a modern framework for JS/HTML development. Only external dependency is jQuery.Build for the jQuery developer. Very familiar API for jQuery developers.(Make sure it’s clear this is NOT a jQueryUI clone. Only dependency is jQuery “core”.)
  • In short, Kendo UI is everything you need to do modern, professional JavaScript and HTML5 app and site development.Points to Make:Kendo UI is designed to make it easier to get started building sites & apps
  • Highlight the 4 key “components” of current Kendo UI:UI Widgets (13, at this time) – Including Grid and Charts! (important point)Data SourceTemplates – built for speed (many times faster than jQuery Templates)D&DWORTH NOTING – This is just the beginning. Kendo UI will continue to grow and add more components. We’ll talk about a few of these at the end of the presentation.
  • Demo:Framework essentials (JS + CSS config)Using UI widgets – Essential to highlight the GRID and CHARTBasic intro to Kendo Data SourceBasic Intro to Kendo Templates
  • Opportunity to talk about some of Kendo UI’s future plans, including:Kendo UI MobileTheme BuilderAdditional UI WidgetsBinding/ModelsEtc.
  • FORWARD LOOKINGIntroduce the idea of Kendo UI Mobile. Mention the beta timeline.
  • FORWARD LOOKINGTheme builder for easy creation of themes
  • CALLS TO ACTION:Download the Kendo UI betaShare Kendo UI feedback on UserVoice
  • Kendo UI presentation at

    1. alex_gyoshev<br />kendoUI<br />
    2. Summary<br />Why?<br />Present<br />Demo<br />Future<br />Questions<br />
    3. Why Kendo UI?<br />
    4. Backbone<br />Mustache<br />Lawnchair<br />jQuery UI<br />jqGrid<br />Highcharts<br />jQuery plug-ins<br />Underscore<br />jQuery Mobile<br />...<br />0.5.3<br />0.4.0<br />0.6.1<br />1.8.16<br />4.1.2<br />2.1.6<br />[misc]<br />1.1.7<br />1.0b3<br />...<br />
    5. Un-unified frameworks<br />Unpredictable road maps<br />Unsupported code<br />What do professional projects need?<br />Less Risk. Less Wasted Time. <br />
    6. Backbone<br />Mustache<br />Lawnchair<br />jQuery UI<br />jqGrid<br />Highcharts<br />jQuery plug-ins<br />Underscore<br />jQuery Mobile<br />...<br />0.5.3<br />0.4.0<br />0.6.1<br />1.8.16<br />4.1.2<br />2.1.6<br />[misc]<br />1.1.7<br />1.0b3<br />...<br />
    7. with Support<br />Kendo UI<br />1.0b<br />Version 1.0 shipping Q4<br />3 Major Releases in 2012<br />
    8. What is Kendo UI?<br />
    9. Everything you need for professional<br />HTML5 & JavaScript development<br />
    10. Data Source<br />UI Widgets<br />Templates<br />Drag & Drop<br />
    11. Benefits<br />Unified (less glue code)<br />Built for speed<br />Familiar to jQuery devs<br />Aggressive Road Map<br />Supported<br />
    12. DEMO<br />Binding a Kendo grid to Twitter<br />Source code at<br /><br />
    13. What’s Next?<br />
    14. Coming Soon<br />Kendo UI Mobile<br />Native UI for Every Device. Automagically.<br />
    15. Download Beta Today!<br />Official release in November<br />Share your feedback!<br /><br />
    16. Questions?<br /><br />kendoUI<br />alex_gyoshev<br />