Nef Insight Renewable Energy Package 2009 09 21


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Nef Insight Renewable Energy Package 2009 09 21

  1. 1. Energy Insight Package – Renewable Energy The world’s energy system is undergoing a profound transformation: from high-carbon, centralized and insecure to low-carbon, distributed and robust. With a strong foundation of news and industry data, New Energy Finance’s Renewable Energy Insight package is the ultimate research and information service for investors, executives and policy-makers. Service Components & Features The Renewable Energy package pulls together each of our Renewable Energy Insight sectors: - Wind: Onshore and offshore. - Solar: PV: crystalline silicon (all chemistries), thin- film, and concentrator, Solar Thermal Electricity Generation “STEG” and solar passive. - Biofuels: First-generation ethanol, biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol, biobutanol, algae, jatropha. - Biomass and Waste to Energy (WtE): Incineration, co-firing, gasification, anaerobic digestion and landfill gas power. - Geothermal: Low temperature turbines, Cost reducing drilling technologies, EGS. - Hydro: Small hydro, projects under 50MW, low- head hydro projects. - Marine: Wave and tide, via tidal barrages, tidal fences, tidal flow generators or wave devices. Service Overview Subscribers enjoy the full range of Insight benefits for the sectors covered, including regular Research Notes, Analyst Reactions, Quarterly Outlooks, Conference Calls and Analyst Access. In addition, subscribers receive three accounts to access Industry Intelligence, and receive daily NewsWatch and Monthly Briefings. Our Renewable Energy Insight package contains a variety of sector specific models. - Demand forecast: Wind capacity, Solar market, EU gasoline/diesel demand, Next generation biofuels production, Electric vehicle penetration, Biomass and WtE pipeline - Price: Turbine price index, Silicon and Wafer Forward Price Index, Short term silicon, Solar cells and module pricing, US ethanol pricing - Finance: US Production tax equity structures, Solar discounted cash flow - LCOE: Wind, Solar, Biomass, Geothermal, Marine - Margins: Ethanol, Biodiesel - Import cost: Brazilian ethanol © new energy finance 2004-2009
  2. 2. - Supply: Global turbine supply, Solar manufacturing capacity, Biofuels and biomass capacity, Wood pellet supply/demand - Cost: Geothermal drilling cost - Proprietary data sets - Each Insight teams has developed proprietary models to forecast markets. Data derived from the research and models is included in our Renewable Energy Insight package. These include: Wind turbine manufacturing capacity, Turbine models and contracts, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) data, PV manufacturing capacity, Solar thermal project database, Brazilian ethanol plants and value drivers, Next generation bioenergy companies, Bioenergy pathways conversion costs, Bioenergy pathways tariffs and transport costs, Biomass supply database, Geothermal power plant types and manufacturers, and Geothermal field resource temperature. Who Should Subscribe This package is designed for those deeply involved in renewable energy and the carbon markets through the supply chain, energy markets and regulatory arenas. This includes financial players such as investment bankers, buy side analysts and asset managers; market players such as IPPs, petrochemical and transmission companies; ministries, multilateral agencies and NGOs as well as engineering firms, technology manufacturers and O & M providers. The package is ideal for the government relations and strategic planning teams at a utility, carbon and energy traders, private equity investors who are investing principally in a variety of renewable energy technologies, policy-makers working on the roll-out of renewable energy legislation, project developers, the natural resource or energy team at an IPP, the project finance desk at a bank, the managing partner of an energy hedge fund, and renewable energy infrastructure funds. Why Subscribe From the analyst to the board-room, our service is the first port of call for anyone seeking to understand these markets and is a must-have service for anyone looking to build a leadership position. Utilities and generators will find key data they need in order to model their projects, run sensitivity analyses, prepare for supply negotiations and fulfill RPS obligations. It will also aid with long-term resource planning and help them in remaining one step ahead of regulatory changes. For corporations, it is essential to understand how their technology will fit into a growing industry. Our research and data are an essential resource in planning capacity additions, manufacturing expansions and making pricing decisions. Executives and their teams will find the key data they need to understand the economics of production and the upstream and downstream risk as well as model their projects and run sensitivity analyses. Providers of capital, whether venture, debt, equity or tax equity, will find that the Renewable Energy Insight package provides high quality inputs for investors looking to create their own valuation metrics and is the first port of call for investors looking to stay ahead of deal activity. It draws on the industry’s largest repository of comparable values to provide comprehensive analysis of risks and returns at project and company level. Financiers will also find the key data they need to understand regional product costs and revenues, as well as activities of competitors. For traders, it is an essential resource for supply and demand analysis and assisting with long term planning and pricing decisions. Policy-makers are under increasing pressure to ensure that funds continue to flow to the renewable sector in a capital-constrained world. Our Renewable Energy Insight package allows easy analysis of the impact of incentive programs on the development of renewable energy capacity. It gives entrée to the complete ecosystem of suppliers, utilities and project developers that make up the industry. Policy makers will also © new energy finance 2004-2009
  3. 3. gain vital insight into how to make the sector viable for financial investors, many of whom are recovering from their involvement in the sector over the past few years. Our models and metrics are being used by policy-makers around the world to help design the most rewarding regulatory regimes. Typical Questions Answered - What are the true levelized costs for wind, solar and geothermal power and to what are they sensitive? - Will marine energy ever address serious renewable energy concerns or contribute substantially to 2020 targets? - What factors drive the price of PV modules, and which strategies for commanding a premium are likely to be effective? What price should you pay for modules? - What technologies will impact the true cost of geothermal? - Which next generation technologies will change the biofuels landscape? - Explain the economics of the next generation feedstocks, jatropha and algae? - What are typical PPA terms in the UK and how are they changing over time? - How many successful gasification projects do exist and where are they? - What impact has the PTC/ITC on biomass projects? - What is the current levelised cost of generation for mature solar technology? - What is the cost of production for sugar based ethanol in Brazil? - Is EGS fully mature or can we expect further technological improvements? - What are the greatest obstacles facing small hydro and how are they being overcome? Additional Services or Packages As a stand-alone service, our Renewable Energy Insight Package is perfect for investors, executives or policy-makers involved in multiple renewable energy sectors. If your interests extend to cover the technologies that will be required in order to integrate large volumes of wind power into the electricity distribution system, add our Energy Efficiency, Digitisation and Storage (EEDS) Insight package. Developers of renewable energy projects in the developing world might also consider adding the Global Carbon Insight Service in order to stay up-to-date on the value of any carbon credits they might generate. If you’re at a utility and need stay focused on the renewable energy and carbon markets, you will want to look to our Utility Package. Sound Interesting? Our goal is to be useful to you – to provide research, analysis and the underlying data that meet your needs precisely. To learn more, we encourage you to contact our sales staff. They understand our products and services from your perspective. See for yourself why New Energy Finance clients renew at an extraordinarily high rate. For further information, please contact us at or at one of the following locations: EMEA Americas Asia Pacific +44 20 7092 8800 +1 212 744 1988 +86 10 8454 9195 © new energy finance 2004-2009