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Apo Apo Presentation Transcript

  • Alpha Psi Omegaof Coastal Carolina University presents…the 2012-2013OPA Awards
  • 2Leading Actorin a musical...
  • Taylor Wrightas Frank-n-Furter
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Leading Actressin a musical...
  • Miquela Riversas LeadingPlayer
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Leading Actorin a play...
  • Daniel Wiltas Lysander
  • Connor Kendallas Bill Lewis
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Leading Actressin a play...
  • Jackie Irvingas HermiaEmily Dixonas MaryMirandaFrederickas EstherColleenKerriganas Helena
  • Anna Saundersas The GirlJennifer Paganoas April GreenShannon Burkeas FannyAlexa Doggettas Alexandra
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Supporting Actorin a musical...
  • Drew Tayloras LewisJacksonBartelmeas CharlemagneCharlie Tingenas Riff RaffAaron Burras Rocky
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Supporting Actressin a musical...
  • Katherine Brownas Fastrada
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Supporting Actorin a play...
  • Justin Ablesas BottomNate Quetelas Mr. KatzNathan Smithas Mr MarksNate Quetelas Oberon
  • Charlie Tingenas Paul Granger
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Supporting Actressin a play...
  • Justina Adornoas Titania
  • Jessica Bryantas Suzy
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Featured Actorin a play or musical…
  • Drew Hardyas Egeus
  • Justin McBrideas The Cab Driver
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Featured Actressin a play or musical...
  • Korinny SanchezAs Indian Votress
  • Korinny Sanchezas Mrs Oxenham
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Best Performancein a Second Stage piece...
  • CharlesArmstrongEddie in PizzaMan
  • 2And the winner is…
  • 2Ensemble ofThe Year…
  • The Mechanicalsin MidsummerThe Playersin PippinThe Phantomsin Rocky HorrorThe Fairysin Midsummer
  • 2And the winners are…
  • 2Best Stage Manager…
  • 2And the winner is…Brian Marshall for “The Hot L Baltimore”
  • 2Best AssistantStage ManagementTeam…
  • 2And the winner is…Brian Marshall and Jordan Sharp for “On theVerge”
  • 2Best StudentAsst Lighting Design...
  • 2And the winner is…Will Dameron for “On the Verge”
  • 2Best StudentSound Design...
  • 2And the winner is…Taylor Dankovich for “The Rocky Horror Show”
  • 2Best StudentCostume Design...
  • 2And the winner is…Charles Armstrong for “The Rocky HorrorShow”
  • 2Best StudentMake Up Design...
  • 2And the winner is…Rachael White for “The Rocky Horror Show”
  • 2Best PropsCoordination...
  • 2And the winner…Taylor Dankovich for “On the Verge”and Sarah Davidson for “Pippin”
  • 2Honorary StudentScenic Design Award
  • 2And the winner is…Jennifer Hebda
  • 2Best in Blacks...
  • 2And the winner…Brian Marshall and Sammy Papp
  • 2Best Kiss…
  • 2And the winner is…Alexa Doggett and Charlie Tingenas Magenta and Riff Raff
  • 2Best Line Reading…
  • 2And the winner is…Taylor Wright as Frank-n-Furter:“Silly Bitch”
  • 2The LifetimeAchievement Awardfor Onstage Disasters
  • 2And the winner is…Charles ArmstrongFreshman Year: Spring AwakeningSophomore Year: Music ManJunior Year: Anything GoesSenior Year: Pippin
  • 2Biggest OnstageDisaster…
  • 2And the winner is…The Sex Bed Breaking
  • 2Biggest OffstageDisaster…
  • 2And the winner is…The pole that impaled itself in the“Midsummer” stage
  • 2The 2nd Annual ArmstrongPurple Heart Award…Presented by last year’s recipient,Shannon Burke
  • 2And the winner is…Hannah Zilber’s meniscus
  • 2The“Thanks for SavingMy Ass”Understudy Award…Presented by Daniel Wilt
  • 2And the winner is…Nathan Smith’’s OTV Understudy Surprise
  • 2Now on to…The 2013Senior Awards
  • 2Emily Dixon
  • 2Justin Ables
  • 2Charles Armstrong
  • 2Drew Taylor
  • 2The Boys
  • 2Elyse Brown
  • 2Shannon Burke
  • 2Sarah Burton
  • 2Jamie Forestiere
  • 2Colleen KerriganAnd Cat Marshall
  • 2Kimberlee Ward
  • 2Now on to…The 2013Faculty Awards
  • 2A quick“Thanks!”to…
  • 2The Team atSoho 544
  • 2APO faculty advisorSteve Earnest
  • 2Ken Martin, Kay Hungerford,and theCCU TheatreFacuty
  • 2President Emily Dixon,Vice-President Michael Lawrence,Treasurer Hannah ZilberAnd to the rest of theMembers of Alpha Psi Omega
  • 2Now announcing…Your APO 2013-2014Executive Board
  • 2President: Taylor DankovichVice President: Michael LawrenceBusiness Manager: Hannah Zilber
  • 22012-2013OPA Awards
  • 2Thank you for coming!Be Safe!Have a fun night!
  • 22012-2013OPA Awards