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My individual documentary presentation2
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My individual documentary presentation2






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    My individual documentary presentation2 My individual documentary presentation2 Presentation Transcript

    • My individual documentary presentation
    • What is a documentary
      The term ‘documentary’ stems from the verb ‘to document’ – to convey information on the basis of proof and evidence to support it
      Another way of defining documentary is the necessity to capture life as it isThe film must have a given purpose, whether it is to inform, teach or entertain. Furthermore, this purpose should be presented in a manner that makes it dramatic and attractive, so it stands out from any written debate on the subject
    • Institutions for documentaries
      Real stories, political docs e.g.-dispatches, Osama bin laden
      More celeb, media documentaries based on celebs such as the story of Cheryl Cole and also stories relating family issues such as obesity
      Debates extreme topics such as true story
    • Brainstorming 1
      Growing generations
      The importance of saving tradition
      Social groups
      Gay or lesbianism
      Which is the right social group: emos, rocker’s, modern, urban
      Consumer culture
      Religious beliefs
      How to dress
    • Brainstorming 2
      Peer pressure
      Cyber bullying
      Social networks
    • Brainstorming 3
      Less sociable with people
      Low grades at school
      Ruined our imagination
      How it helped the communication of biggest youth outburst e.g.: bbm, facebook
      People are less sociable face to face because of media platforms
      Taken over our life's?
      Do we need it?
    • My initial ideas
      does racism still exist
      Causes of London riots
      Influences of musicians on fans eg- lady gaga, rihanna- red hair, nicki minaj bum
      This developed into identity and image
      Addiction to technology
    • My 3 ideas
      Addiction to technology
      Can beauty be defined
      Abortion is it right?
    • Addiction to new technology
    • Internet life
    • Addiction to buying and using New Technology
      They cant bare to be without it
      How people of today have been influenced by advertisements
      The research, titled The world Unplugged, found students’ used “virtually the same words to describe their reactions” when they didn’t have their mobile phones or laptops with them .
      -included emotions such as confused, anxious, irritable, insecure, nervous, restless, lonely, dependent, depressed, and paranoid.
      Billboards, radio, TV, internet, magazines, leaflets,
      The need to have the latest technology out even when its not necessary
      Makes you feel like your part of a group and so accepted in society
    • 3 series
      Addiction to buying new technolgy
      What will we do without tech
      The evolution of technology
      Could you go a day without it
    • Can we define Beauty
      Can beauty be defined by age, gender, colour, body shape or size? Who gets to decide?
    • Inspiration for my idea
      Katie: my beautiful face
      Bums, Boobs and Botox
      Embarrassing body
      Jessica Simpson- the price of beauty
    • History of beauty
      There is evidence that a preference for beautiful faces emerges early in child development, and that the standards of attractiveness are similar across different genders and cultures.[
      Symmetry is also important because it suggests the absence of genetic or acquired defects.
      The secret of beauty and attractiveness has been a quest of humans for as long as we have been civilized. Many women (and some "metrosexual" men) spend up to one-third of their income on looking good. Why?
      The idea of beauty has been developed through art and poetry.
    • It appears that people from different cultures share the same standards of beauty because they are innate; we are born with the knowledge of who’s beautiful and who’s not.
      Two studies conducted in the mid-1980s demonstrate that infants as young as two and three months old gaze longer at a face that adults judge to be more attractive than at a face that adults judge to be less attractive.
      Babies are wonderfully hedonistic and have no manners, so they stare at objects that they consider to be pleasing. When babies stare at some faces longer than others, it indicates that they prefer to look at them and find them attractive.
    • Series 1
      Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
      Explore the stereotyped image of beauty, people who are beautiful in different ways and different cultures – what we may see as beautiful another culture wont such as china . So is it right that now a computer can scan your face and give you a percentage of how beautiful you are
    • Which is beauty to you
    • In some parts of Africa big is beautiful and being slim means that your unhealthy
    • Series 2
      Can beauty be measured?
      Discuss the idea is it fair that beauty should be measured as they have said if your face is symmetrical than it makes you beautiful
    • There are three main features that characterize beautiful faces:
      the geometric feature of bilateral symmetry,
      the mathematical feature of averages
      the biological feature of secondary sexual characteristics.
      They all indicate genetic and developmental health of beautiful people.
    • Series 3
      Why do we try so hard to look “beautiful”
      The use of surgery, makeup, clothing to try and look our best and why we do this . Its been said that the more beautiful you are the more likely hood that you will get a job. Does the media influence us. We try so hard to loose weight, as what we see is slim is better although this has started to change...
    • Abortion. Do we have the right?
    • What is abortion
      Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy at any stage that does not result in birth
      The law states that abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks in a pregnancy otherwise it is illegal unless the child or mother will be at risk.
    • The Finland researchers found that compared to women who carried to term, women who aborted in the year prior to their deaths were 60 percent more likely to die of natural causes, seven times more likely to die of suicide, four times more likely to die of injuries related to accidents, and 14 times more likely to die from homicide. Researchers believe the higher rate of deaths related to accidents and homicide may be linked to higher rates of suicidal or risk-taking behaviour.
    • Pro-choice
      This is the view that women have the choice whether they have an abortion or not.
      The argument is that the woman has the right to control her pregnancy.
    • Pro-life
      This is the view that human life should be valued from fertilisation until natural death.
      They argue that any actions that destroys a foetus is killing a human being. Many Christians are pro-life as they believe God is the only one who can take life away.
    • Risks of abortion
      Most risks of early abortion are minor, including incomplete abortion, continuing pregnancy, excessive bleeding, or mild infections, and can be treated in a doctor's office.
      Risk of breast cancer
      Risk of death- abortion pill though it works 90percent of the time
    • Abortion in my documentarywhat I will do
      I would like to explore the views on abortion in this modern society
      In my document I would like to include the views of abortion in the past and how it has changed.
    • 3 series
      Is abortion right
      Religious views on religion- thou shall not kill
      Should abortion limit be decreased
    • Is abortion right
      REALLY :O
    • Religious views on Abortion
    • Should limit to abort be decreased
    • Final Idea
      Purpose: inform and persuade
      Target audience: gender: female
      Age: 16+
      sexuality: heterosexual
      social class: all
      Genre: society
    • Structure of documentary
      Facts about abortion