Draft2 part 3


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Draft2 part 3

  1. 1. PART F
  2. 2. redWhat is a documentary? Documentaries focus on and question people and real life events by placing the audience in a position to create a point of view about what or who they are seeing. Creates reality
  3. 3. purpleREALITY TV This is real people in an unreal situation, reality television is now a combination of many different programme types as its often referred to as "infotainment". Programmes such as; Emergency 999 and Police, Camera, Action. Reality TV is a mix of raw and authentic material with the seriousness of an information programme and the commercial success of tabloid content.
  4. 4. redCONVENTIONS  "Talking head" interviews and "vox pop" interviews.  Interviewee placed on the right/left of the camera looking off camera (looking space).  Cutaways.  Images/footage relating to text/voice including archive material.  Backing music to tell the audience what to feel and also matches genre and audience.  Narrator or presenter.  All documentaries have a narrative structure and most are closed narrative (conclusion).  Straight cuts to the next shot to make it seem more believable.  Graphics - names/charts/information.  Documentary type suits the TV channel and audience.  Handheld camera work for drama and involvement.  Factual and informative.
  5. 5. purpleCONVENTIONS OF TV DOCUMENTARIES The Documentary Genre 1.Expository Thisis defined by the "voice of God" narration which addresses the viewer and anchors the meaning of the images to make it seem more objective and honest.
  6. 6. purpleDOCUSOAPS popular combination of documentary series that follows a group of characters that are entertaining and quirky, like soaps.• What sets Docusoaps apart from their predecessors is their prioritisation of entertainment over social commentary. E.g. Airport, Driving School. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4glD w_mOKE4
  7. 7. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3Films Music(videos) News/tv• Stereotypes of females • Violence • Video games- and males • Use of language influencing, hypo-• Style of clothing • Male stream reality• Stereotyped • Power • Riots Subcultures • Woman are Inferior • Youth crime• Rebellious behaviour • Whores • Rebellious teens • Body language • News stories put into games• Use • Use1. Black Gangs 1. Violence2. Style of clothing 2. Male stream• Develop • Challenge1. Statistics 1. Woman inferior 2. Interviewing how• Challenge different they are back1. Interviews stage2. Media positive influences
  8. 8. Introduction •Put images Presenter talking about After of statistics facts whilst showing up breakPresenter will introduce of how on screen What willtalking the show and title – negative happenedchannel 4 you are now view on Talking about how afterwatching…… youths in youths are portrayed break this modern through music vids andWhen that is done we’ll have a society news/t.vinstrumental playing low in Fastthe background whilst •Voice over Example of videos and forwardpresenter is talking about the whilst this shotstopics that will be discussed is Then slow happening Interview people to see down with what they think and if youths •We will they agree that this is sayingWe will Show what is going to have case how youths really arehappened in this episode studies on youth Challenge the view that were not portrayal youths are rebellious as bad asHave music playing in the you thinkbackground whilst forward of •Begin our Have voice over ofthe 5mins is being showed own presenter talking whilst experiment shots of positive things with having that youths do come up a youth
  9. 9. TRANSCRIPT#Voice overNow coming up on channel 4 is a documentaryabout youths representation. You surelydon’t want to miss this, so don’t move.Ext:Presenter: Hi Im…. Throughout thisdocumentary we will be talking about theportrayal of youths through different mediaplatforms we will be specifically talkingabout the negativity/ positivity of howpeople perceive youths through differentmedia platforms which are music TV/filmsand news.
  10. 10. Storyboard BLUE
  11. 11. EPISODE 2started ? – why gangs protect each other (brother hood) – Riots – how it influence Gun crime rates and knife crime ratesStereotypes – mentality ? Education ? young girls getting pregnant ?Video footage of gang membersInterviewing older gang members( research, decide what to put in episode over weekend) Episode 2
  12. 12. EPISODE 3 PositiveInformation, footage, images of youths form ages 13 – 18 doing something positive, school grades, league tables, images of certificates, boys going to college. Girls going to uni. (graduating)Why do the media continuously disregard positivity about the youth ? Is it deliberate ? Or are the majority of us bringing the small minority down ?Good things youths do in society to challenge the negative stereotype that the media communicates to people Episode 3