Draft 3 part 3
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Draft 3 part 3






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Draft 3 part 3 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Storyboard Voiceover-”previously on..” Channel 4 advert Establishing shot-audience will be able to know where it is takin place Establishing shot is used again Close up shot- able toOver shoulder shot to see the-presenters perspective Establish where around London Interviewees facial we filming expression clearly
  • 2. Two shot of fast clip montage Zoom on alcohol and drugs on tableSaying what were going toshow explore doc Montage-statistics Close-up shot-franki cocozaa Riots-wide shot
  • 3. News reporter Images of news reports –Shot of him drinking London riots clips
  • 4. Long shot-able to see whatthe youths are wearing and Weather shotwhat they holding-alcohol, -title will be clear presenter appears on screensmoking cigarette etc enough to read Long shot is used to introduce presenter The audience is able to see what clothes shes wearing etc Panning Presenter talking to Presenter walking to convent public
  • 5. Voice over summarizing whatpublic and experts have said
  • 6. Close-up shot of conventof Jesus and Mary Two shot of expert Cut in shot talking with presenter Two shot of presenter Shot of harlesden Voiceover used to talking to expert high street explain statistics
  • 7. Voice over explainingstatistics Montage-statistics Mid hots of parents and children interview Two shot of presenter Mid shot of talking to youth presenter talking to Mid shot of presenter talking about representation about how youths do well youths t
  • 8. Positive ofyouths Students opening Archival footage grade results of youth talentPresenter- mid shot on show High angle of Youths helping youths saying we community are not who you think we are
  • 9. 1 2
  • 10. 3 4
  • 11. Shot list
  • 12. Camera shot Reason Image Establishing shot Used at the beginning of the documentary-For the audience to see where the documentary is taking place- (England, London)- will also be used for the different areas of London. Close-up shot Used in some interviews-clear to see interviewees facial expression when being asked a question. Audience is able to see the presenter clearer -what kind of Mid-shot expressions they are using. Not to far and not too closeOver the shoulder shot Behind the presenter shoulder- audience will be able to see presenter perspective. -This shot will be used in some of the interviews High angle shot At the end of the documentary, youth will say: "were not who we think we are”- Decided to use a high angle shot – show that not all youth are as intimidating. Long shot First used to introduce the
  • 13. Camera Reason Imageshot/movementPanning Need a variety of shots- Used to track presenter when she is walking (when she first appears on screen)Zoom Will be used at the beginning of the documentary (montage)-focusing on drugs, alcohol-topic of documentaryCut in Used in interviews- hand movements can show enthusiasm, nervousness, etc.Weather shot used for the title