Sources of Web Design Inspiration


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Sources of Web Design Inspiration

  1. 1. It’s not just web design that should inspire us to create great websites. You can also be inspired by almost anything in the world around you. You never know when something will strike that creative spark in you, and I am constantly finding that some of the most common things will get me thinking about a project in a new or different way. Here are 10 of my favorite sources of design inspiration outside of the web.
  2. 2. Nature One of the best places to think about design is outside. Look at all the great shapes and color combinations found in nature. Personally, I love flowers for color palette inspiration. This fall pansies will be the basis for new project palettes, with flowers that combine great pops of bright (and contrasting) color.
  3. 3. Music While many designers will agree that listening to a few tunes are a great way to get the design juices flowing, there are other benefits to music as well. Think of the mixed range of emotions you can feel when listening to different styles of music. Tune in to a vibe that matches the tone of your project for a little added inspiration. Let your mind float while listening and use some of the visuals that your mind creates during a song as the basis for a project outline.
  4. 4. Art Design really is just another form of art or creative expression and looking at other art forms can really help you get a project moving. But don’t stick to the obvious idea of just looking at paintings. Sculpture can be a fantastic source of inspiration. Look closely at shapes and the way objects connect and interact with each other to brainstorm new ways of planning your site.
  5. 5. Photography While photography can be a somewhat obvious source of inspiration for websites, it’s not used as commonly as you might expect. If you have a great image that works for a project, don’t just be inspired by it. Use it. Go big with the design and focus on the great image. On the flip side, if you don’t have any images, look to the world of photography for ideas. Places like National Geographic, Jill Greenberg and Levon Biss are always great to turn to when you are feeling a touch of designer’s block. (And these sites are designed well around photos.)
  6. 6. Fashion Runways, fashion shows and magazines are a wonderful place to look at emerging trends from color to scale to texture. Then you can apply some of those same concepts to web design. While the scale a fashion designer uses for a show can help you think about building things in a big (or small) way, color choices and textures are some of the best trendy things to look at. (Just think of the whole Chevron craze happening now.) Many of the background textures that we see on websites also started as fabrics or clothing patterns. The one thing to be aware of when it comes to using fashion for inspiration is that sometimes it takes web designers a little while to catch up with high-fashion trends. But it can be a great way to get ahead of the curve and start thinking about what might happen next.
  7. 7. Food While there are plenty of naysayers out there that absolutely hate all the Instagram photos of meals, these simple images can be inspiring. The color and shape combinations can be pretty awesome. For some reason, sushi photos really make me think. (Maybe it’s the the color and round objects.) Looking at food can help you create a website that is food related … or something totally different.
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