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  • 1. Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat Image via
  • 2. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Image via
  • 3. Confidence | Creativity | Divergent Thinking Image via
  • 4. Why Collaborate? Improve your work and skills Improve relationships with other creatives Learn about yourself
  • 5. Image via Alexandria Rivera
  • 6. Collaboration offers you an opportunity to GROW. Image via
  • 7. Collaborative partnerships... Foster relationships Encourage divergent thinking Build confidence
  • 8. Fostering Relationships Image via
  • 9. “Collaboration also gives artist the ability to learn from others and forge lasting friendships.” - David McPherson Image via
  • 10. “They say being an artist can be lonely, we suppose we feel together-alone, or alone-together.” - Ms&Mr Image via
  • 11. Encouraging Divergent Thinking Image via
  • 12. “Every time I work with someone I learn something about myself and another way to do things.” - Emm Cryner
  • 13. “Collaboration is a means of disrupting the closed economy of production. It short circuits the linear trajectory between idea and execution, and instead opens a space of improvisation and uncertainty.” - Soda_Jerk
  • 14. Building Confidence Image via
  • 15. You are capable of MORE than you thought.
  • 16. “The collaborative process ... has allowed me to try different styles of music that I’ve watched from a distance, but never really felt I could play with any authority or conviction.” - Stephen Fearing Image via
  • 17. Now it’s YOUR turn... Image via
  • 18. Benefits of collaborating Strengthen existing relationships and create new ones Gets you thinking outside of the box Helps you to become more comfortable
  • 19. Take your art to the next level Strengthen your relationships Open your eyes to new ways of doing and thinking Image via
  • 20. Imagine what you could accomplish. Image via