How Social Media is Transforming South Florida


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How South Florida's tech community has organized itself through meetups, conferences, and continuous networking online.

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How Social Media is Transforming South Florida

  1. Innovation and Community: How Social Media is Transforming South Florida March 19, 2010 Alex de Carvalho
  2. I’m just a social media user ... and not a guru, expert, or swami*! (*The only Suomi in me is from my Finnish heritage)
  3. Alex de Carvalho @alexdc @alexdcRx
  4. RefreshMiami: new media community - South Florida’s largest web and new media community - Established March 2006 - Over 2,500 members - Monthly meetups average 150 participants
  5. @brianbreslin @robertmurray @cwsaylor @alexdc
  6. BarCamp Miami: new media conference - Web and new media “un”conference - Over 1,160 have attended four events - Supported by over 50 company sponsorships
  7. Social Media Club of South Florida Established September 2008 - Over 1,500 members - Monthly meetups average 100 participants - Expand media literacy - Share lessons learned - Adopt industry standards - Promote ethical practices
  8. Mobile Monday Miami Established June 2008 - Over 300 members - Monthly meetups average 60 participants
  9. Existing community models ✤ RefreshMiami ✤ BarCamp Miami ✤ Social Media Club South Florida ✤ Mobile Monday Miami ✤ Crisis Camp Haiti ✤ Tech Tuesday ✤ Tweetups ✤ Coworking Miami - Brikolodge ✤ Ruby Brigade ✤ iPhone Lovers Meetup ✤ Wordpress Meetup ✤ and then some ...
  10. Many other models exist ✤ The Hatchery / Are You Serious? ✤ TechCocktail ✤ OpenCoffee ✤ World Café ✤ Ignite ✤ First Tuesday ✤ Twiistup ✤ Potrepreneur (Beertrepreneur) ✤ etc.
  11. Text Text “So ... what’s the scuttlebutt?”
  12. We have shared interests It’s the reason we speak to each other and not someone else
  13. Why is tech important to Miami? "The digital economy is absolutely central to the future of wealth creation. Although we are living in an increasingly globalised world, it is local communities rather than nations that are becoming more important" Chris Clark, BT Chief Executive, February 18, 2010
  14. Why is tech important to Miami? “The key to economic growth lies not just in the ability to attract the creative class, but to translate that underlying advantage into creative economic outcomes in the form of new ideas, new high-tech businesses and regional growth.” Richard Florida
  15. Why is tech important to Miami? • White collar, well-paid, culturally curious • Driver of economic development • Attracts innovation, talent, and money • South Florida’s “legacy” industries need tech to remain competitive • Real Estate • Tourism & Hospitality • Healthcare • Banking • Journalism / Media
  16. What have we learned? ✤ Community management ✤ The right meeting venue ✤ Consistent date and location ✤ Coordination with other event organizers ✤ “Open-source” culture and ethics ✤ Low-stress, informal, “Beer and Pizza” ✤ Networking should be free ✤ Quality presenters ✤ Sponsorship ✤ Executive committees ✤ Proximity to bar or restaurant ✤ Use of social networks: Google groups, LinkedIn, Facebook ✤ Eventbrite registrations
  17. Challenges remain Attention from: • Media • Local government Attract more: • Business development • Investment
  18. How can we use social media to forward resolution of pressing global issues such as … ✤ Healthcare? ✤ Economic stimulus? ✤ Education and Knowledge Transfer? ✤ Peace? ✤ Population control? ✤ Infrastructure Improvement? ✤ Access to Technology?
  19. We can leverage social media to build real bridges between communities, by: ✤ Engaging people around topics of interest and encouraging them to collaborate and to develop communities ✤ Empowering people to use technologies to assist in improving their lives ✤ Open sharing of experiences, information and knowledge ✤ Developing cultures of transparency, inclusiveness, and innovation ✤ Localisation; local content creation, local resource distribution, local awareness development, local knowledge transfer, local solution development thru global communication
  20. @gapingvoid
  21. Image attribution* ✤ Beach image purchased from iStockPhoto ✤ Swami ✤ Islamorada images by Alex de Carvalho ✤ RefreshMiami Inaugural Meeting 143785905/ ✤ Scuttlebutt ✤ Pickup game ✤ Soccer ✤ Events in the Sky ✤ 4th Street Basketball ✤ Brickell image by Alex de Carvalho ✤ Watercooler conversations 2118369604/ ✤ “Good ideas have lonely childhoods” cartoon by @gapingvoid http:// ✤ Social media avatars photos/luc/1824234195/ *All images are licensed under Creative Commons
  22. Innovation and community organizing, through Social Media Alex de Carvalho