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Im Mature
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My family means the world to me.

My family means the world to me.

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  • 1. I’m Mature
    By: Alex Smith
  • 2. Friends
    The People in my life have made me who I am today.
  • 3. Grandfathers Funeral
    Death of coach Sperline
    The events the I’ve experienced have made me who I am today.
  • 4. Living with my mom alone until I was 4, she’s amazing.
  • 5. My mom marrying my stepdad when I was 4, we are a family.
  • 6. My stepdad is not my stepdad, he is my DAD.
  • 7. Growing up with my uncle, he is awesome.
  • 8. Growing up with my godfather, he is inspiring.
  • 9. I have three father figures, I couldn’t ask for more. They are all my heroes.
  • 10. Growing up with my grandmas and grandfather. They mean the world to me.
  • 11. Started playing football in middle school, I found my dream.
  • 12. My parents have been to every game.
  • 13. I want to give back to them someday.
  • 14. The death of my grandpa, I will always miss and love him.
  • 15. My little cousin being diagnosed with cancer, I love him so much and hope he stays strong.
  • 16. My other grandpa dying in the summer of 2009, we were so close.
  • 17. It was the hardest thing I have ever experienced. I am going to make him proud.
  • 18. My grandma diagnosed with dementia in 2009.
  • 19. I love her so much, she does not deserve that.
  • 20. Having grandpa around
    The whole family together
    I miss how things used to be in the family.
  • 21. I cant see my grandpa and grandma together anymore.
  • 22. My goal is to give back to everyone in my family.
  • 23. My goal is to make everyone proud in my family.
  • 24. In my grandpas coffin lies a note in his hand.
  • 25. The note is all my promises I’m making to him. I will not break them.
  • 26. My family is amazing, and they have made me what I am today…..
  • 27. MATURE.
  • 28. THE END
    Written by: Alex Smith
    Song: Secret Crowds by Angels & Airwaves