Cuadro de verbos de la odisea


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Cuadro de verbos de la odisea

  1. 1. PRESENTE TO-BE PASADO TO-BE CONTINUO FUTURO CONTINUO PRESENTE PASADO SIMPLE. PRESENTE SIMPLE. PRESENTE PERFECTO. MEANING _________ Was / were Going Will go Is/are/am going went go have / has gone Ir _________ Was / were Saying Will Say Is/are/am Saying Said Say have / has Said Decir _________ Was / were Seeing Will See Is/are/am Seeing Saw See have / has Seen Mirar _________ Was / were Doing Will Do Is/are/am Doing Did DO have / has Done Hacer _________ Was / were Helping Will Help Is/are/am Helping Helped Help have / has Helped Ayudar
  2. 2. _________ Was / were Having Will Help Is/are/am Having Had Have have / has Had Tener _________ Was / were Fotting Will Forget Is/are/am Forgetting Forgot Forget have / has Forgot. Olvidar _________ Was / were Replying Will Reply Is/are/am Replying Replied Reply have / has Replied Contestar _________ Was / were Continuing Will continue Is/are/am Continuing Continued Continue have / has Continued Continuar _________ Was / were Bringing Will Bring Is/are/am Bringing Brought Bring have / has Brougt Traer _________ Was / were Talking Will Talk Is/are/am Talking Told Talk have / has Told Hablar
  3. 3. _________ Was / were Making Will Make Is/are/are Making Made Make have / has Made Fabricar _________ Was / were Returning Will Return Is/are/are Returning Returned Return have / has Returned Volver _________ Was / were Putting Will Put Is/are/are Putting Put Put have / has Returned Poner _________ Was / were Thinking Will Think Is/are/are Thinking Though Think have / has Thought Pensar _________ Was / were Getting Will Get Is/are/are Getting Got Get have / has Gotten Conseguir _________ Was / were Starting Will Start Is/are/are Starting Started Start have / has Started Empezar Comenzar
  4. 4. _________ Was / were Staying Will Stay Is/are/are Straying Stayed Stay have / has Stayed Permanecer Was / were Drinking Will Drink Is/are/are Drinking Drank Drink have / has Drunk Beber _________ Was / were Waiting Will Wait Is/are/are Waiting Waited Wait have / has Waited Esperar _________ Was / were Wanting Will Want Is/are/are Wanting Wanted Want have / has Wanted Querer _________ Was / were Hoping Will Hope Is/are/are Hoping Hoped Hope have / has Hoped Esperar _________ Was / were Liking Will Like Is/are/are Liking Liked Like have / has Liked Gustar
  5. 5. _________ Was / were Celebrating Will celebrate Is/are/are Celebrating celebrated celebrate have / has Celebrated Celebrar _________ Was / were Living Will Live Is/are/are Living Lived Live have / has Lived Vivir _________ Was / were Growing Will Grow Is/are/are Gwing Grew Grow have / has Grown Crecer _________ Was / were Caming Will Came Is/are/are Coming Came Come have / has Comed Venir _________ Was / were Telling Will Tell Is/are/are Telling Told Tell have / has Told Decir _________ Was / were Pouring Will Pour Is/are/are Pouring Poured Pour have / has Poured Vaciar _________ Was / were Washing Will Wash Is/are/are Washing Washed Wash have / has Washed Lavar
  6. 6. _________ Was / were Filling Will Fill Is/are/are Filling Filled Fill have / has Filled Llenar _________ Was / were Singing Will Sing Is/are/are sining Sang Sing have / has Song Cantar _________ Was / were Beginning Will Begin Is/are/are Beginning Began Begin have / has Begun Comenzar _________ Was / were Being Will Be Is/are/are Being Was/were Be have / has Benn Ser o Estar _________ Was / were Raining Will Rain Is/are/are Raining Rained Rain have / has Rained Correr _________ Was / were Giving Will Give Is/are/are Giving Gave Give have / has Given Dar _________ Was / were Answering Will Answer Is/are/are Answering Answered Answer have / has Answered Responder
  7. 7. _________ Was / were Hearding Will Hear Is/are/are Hearding Heard Hear have / has Heard Escuchar _________ Was / were Carrying Will Carry Is/are/are Carrying Carried Carry have / has Carried Llevar _________ Was / were Arriving Will Arrive Is/are/are Arriving Arrived Arrive have / has Arrived Llegar _________ Was / were Disguising Will Disguise Is/are/are Disguising Disguised Disguise have / has Disguised Disfrazar _________ Was / were Finding Will Find Is/are/are Finding Foud Find have / has Found Encontrar _________ Was / were Mixing Will Mix Is/are/are Mixing Mixed Mix have / has Mixed Mezclar _________ Was / were Preparing Will Prepare Is/are/are Preparing Prepared Prepare have / has Prepared Preparar
  8. 8. _________ Was / were sitting Will Sit Is/are/are sitting Sat Sit have / has Sat Sentarse _________ Was / were Dreaming Will Dream Is/are/are Dreaming Dreamed Dream have / has Dreamed Soñar _________ Was / were Feeling Will Feel Is/are/are Feeling Felt Feel have / has Felt Sentir _________ Was / were Greeting Will Greet Is/are/are Greeting Greeted Greet have / has Greeted Saludar _________ Was / were Hurrying Will Hurry Is/are/are Hurrying Hurried Hurry have / has Hurried Apresurar _________ Was / were Proving Will Prove Is/are/are Proving Proved Prove have / has Proved Provar _________ Was / were Reaching Will Reach Is/are/are Reaching Reached Reach have / has Reached Seguir
  9. 9. _________ Was / were Finishing Will Finish Is/are/are Finishing Finished Finish have / has Finished Finalizar _________ Was / were Speaking Will Speak Is/are/are Speaking Spoke Speak have / has Spoken Hablar _________ Was / were Realising Will Realise Is/are/are Realising Realised Realise have / has Realised Realizar _________ Was / were Rejoning Will Rejoin Is/are/are Rejoning Rejoined Rejoin have / has Rejoined Reunirse _________ Was / were Listening Will Listen Is/are/are Listening Listened Listen have / has Listened Escuchar _________ Was / were Singing Will Sing Is/are/are Singing Sang Sing have / has Song Cantar _________ Was / were Choosing Will Choose Is/are/are Choosing Chosen Choose have / has Chosen Escoger
  10. 10. _________ Was / were Visiting Will Is/are/are Visiting Visited Listen have / has Visited Visitar _________ Was / were Singing Will Love Is/are/are Loving Loved Love have / has Loved Amar _________ Was / were Choosing Will Fale Is/are/are Fating Fated Fale have / has Fated Odiar
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