The role of listening in social media marketing


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Alexander is talking about the importance of listening in social media marketing efforts. He also goes over a few practical example of social media monitoring tools.

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The role of listening in social media marketing

  1. 1. The role of listening in social media marketing. And ways to do it. Alexander Zagoumenov.
  2. 2. business is business Being profitable is still the key. Social media is not changing the fundamentals. Let's not get distracted by new tools, social networks, and social measurements.
  3. 3. listening / selling relationship You sell by solving people's problems. You find what the problem is through engaging into conversations. And every good conversation starts with good listening .
  4. 4. social media monitoring : Listen Analyze Engage Measure
  5. 5. what are they saying about me ? Or brand monitoring . Bought “your product”, it's not working, does anyone have a solution? OR Got “your product”, works awesome, where do I send the $?
  6. 6. what’s competition up to? Or competitive intelligence . “ your competitor” is doing a promotion, getting into troubles, or solving people's problems.
  7. 7. what's the industry saying? Influencers, industry associations, publications, portals, networks. I follow Gary Vaynarchuk, Rand Fishkin. I read SEOmoz, Google Blog, etc.
  8. 8. blogs are great sources to: read articles, listen to problems people have, etc. A lot of them are writing articles about problems and solutions they've found.
  9. 9. forum are still going Mostly about question and answer action OR problems and solutions.
  10. 10. micro-blogs is a great source To pick on real time conversations as well as historical topics. is a good resource to find thematic links on current articles.
  11. 11. traditional media is important New York Times is a good example of the website to tune into for specific topic. So as Calgary Herald. Especially useful to monitor industry and influencers.
  12. 12. free tools + Google Reader: + Social Mention: + WorkStreamer:
  13. 14. Paid tools to look into + Radian6: + BuzzStream: + HeartBeat:
  14. 15. Best practices + Make it a habit, listen regularly + You won't get it right the first time + Don't overdo it + Filter the buzz, identify triggers + Monitor opportunities and threats
  15. 16. Thank you !
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